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    Ribble Cycles

    Established in 1897, Ribble Cycles is one of the longest established bicycle manufacturers in the world. Our range represents value without sacrificing quality. We now offer next day delivery on most orders. Our bikes offer arguably the best value on the market and often receive rave reviews in the cycling press.

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        • Recent Customer Reviews
          • Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r

            "I have used this after getting samples at an event and its great! very smooth without being greasy and just washes out of your bib short. I would definitely recommend this product for easier days in the saddle!..."

          • Tektro 926AL Mini Vee

            "I've swapped all my drop-lever brakes to these. They are powerful, reliable and smooth. Better than all the 3-point cantis by a wide margin! I'm a Clydesdale and I tax brakes. These do the job in a simpler design. Some of my bikes shuddered with heavy braking before. Not now, not with these. Brakes should work when you need them and you should be able to ride with confidence knowing this. They are not as easy to fine-tune as some, but once they are dialed in, they stay that way. Save your dough, get better braking. Now - get out and ride!..."

          • Sram 11Spd XG1190 Cassette

            "Light, quiet, one piece construction doesn't chew up the freehub body...but you can buy 3 ultegra for same price, and out on the road I can't tell the difference. Shame they don't do it in 12/25, I miss the 18 sprocket...."

          • Northwave Sonic Jacket Selective Protection

            "Good windproof front , lighter material on the back . Pockets are a bit loose otherwise jacket is okay . Ideal for spring time temperatures ...."

          • Stronglight A9 Classic Headset (cartridge bearings)

            "Historically this was one of the better headsets of the '80s. It was known for its use of roller bearings rather than ball bearings and also for its lightness. My original one lasted the life of the bike untouched in all weather, race and training conditions. It has been updated with the use of cartridge. I have now purchased this for a retro restoration being period correct. The only downside is they come with a French lock washer and unusable on most steerer tubes. Alternative is to not use one (most do this) or source a keyed washer from an old headset. ..."

          • Ribble CR3 CX

            "Almost everytime I go out on this bike the same question springs to my mind. Is this the one bike I’d ever need? The answer is quite simple but only because I race time trials and need a TT specific bike to be competitive. If that were not the case it would be a more complex problem. Where the common wisdom among cyclists is that the number of bikes you need is n+1 where n is the number of bikes presently owned it’s relatively easy to justify that next bike to do something slightly different provided of course you can afford it. So is it possible to have just one bike that does all things well? This bike comes as close to that as any I’ve ridden and leaves seriously considering how many of my bikes I could manage without. First Impressions – The bike came in a large bike box almost complete. All that was required was to lift it out, bolt on the bars, fit the saddle and put on the pedals and I was ready to go. As I lifted the bike out I was struck by the negative rake forks and it’s easy to think they are on the wrong way round when you first look at it. However once it’s out all became clear. Once together it was out onto the road. This bike was bought primarily to replace an aging but much loved Principia Gaia that I used as a winter trainer. The difference was quite marked. Initially the handling felt slightly dead compared to its predecessor but once speeds increased a little the bike rode very smoothly and held the road very well. The handling is light and very precise. In fact at higher speeds it is both very stable and feels very planted on the road giving me the confidence to tackle descents and corners at much higher speeds than I have on its predecessor. The brakes bite well from the outset with a progressive feel. I’ve had the bike just over 2 months now and covered nearly 1000 miles on club rides, with friends and solo training runs and my regular commute of five miles across town in wind rain and ice. It’s comfortable, very stable in strong wind and remarkably sure footed in icy conditions. The carbon frame soaks up the harshness of poorer road surfaces very well. The only place I haven’t tried it yet is on trails which was the other thing I bought it for. But I’m sure it will be just as good as that, considering that it was originally conceived as a cross bike. It’s drawn admiring looks from many of those I’ve ridden with and primarily due to the negative rake forks it stands out from the crowd. If you looking for one bike to do everything you want you should really consider one of these...."

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