Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit

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    A handy way to keep all of your cleaning parts in one handy container. The kit has all the items needed for a thoroughly clean, ready bicycle. The container also duals up as a parts washer/storage tub.

    Our unique Muc-Off cleaning formula makes life easy, regardless of the weather conditions or time of year. Muc-Off has an incredibly effective cleaning formula that also cares for your bikes delicate finishes. It contains no harmful acids, CFC's or solvents and is fully biodegradable. It's completely safe on anodising, paintwork, suspension seals, rubber, disc brake pads and more importantly to the user too! It cuts through dirt, oil and grime quickly and safely leaving your whole bike sparkling clean.

    Make life easy......try Muc-Off after your next dirty ride!

    Protect with Bike Spray's incredible water dispersing action! Bike Spray has a high oil content so is a perfect after-clean corrosion inhibitor which can also penetrate seized parts. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling non-sticky protective layer on frame, drive chain, metal parts, plastics, rubber and paint. It also contains PTFE which helps to prevent dirt adhesion between washes and reduce future maintenance time.

    Protects, preserves and freshens your bike!

    - 1 x 1Ltr Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaner
    - 1 x 500ml Bike Spray
    - 1 x Detailing Brush
    - 1 x Soft Washing Brush
    - 1 x Claw Brush and 1 x Two Prong Brush
    - 1 x Large Microcell Sponge
    - 1 x Parts Washer / Storage Tub

    - Brush 1: The Two Prong is ideal for spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, linkages and pedals etc.
    - Brush 2: The Claw Brush has a high quality construction with nylon bristles. Ideal for chain, cassette and sprockets.
    - Brush 3: The 35mm is ideal for hubs, sprockets and tight areas i.e. suspension mounts or fork crowns.
    - Brush 4: The 55mm has a bristle compound designed to clean your bike frame, components and equipment while caring for delicate finishes.

    Not available to customers outside the UK - item subject to customs prohibition
    Brand Muc-Off
    Discipline Road, Mountain Bike, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Track
    Gender Unisex

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