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  • A chainset, also known as a crankset, is the name for a group of components including the chainrings, crank arms and the bottom bracket axle. Chainsets are available in three main configurations - with one ring, two rings (double chainset) or three rings (triple chainset), and the more chainrings there are, the more gears you have. Imagine you have a 10 speed cassette on your bike - with a single ring chainset you will have 10 gears, with a double you will have 20 gears and with a triple it will be 30 gears! There are also different options available to you in respect of the number of teeth the front chain rings have. The most popular configuration for road cycling is the double chainset, and then the two most popular options are 'standard' 39 x 53 teeth and the 'compact' 34 x50 teeth. By this, it means that there are 39 teeth on the little ring and 53 teeth on the big ring on a standard chainset. The number of teeth on the ring dictates the amount of effort needed to turn the pedals r