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  • The front derailleur sits just above the chainrings, and lifts and places the chain on to either the small or large chainring. So in essence, when you decide to change gear (on the front rings) and click your shifter to change gear, the front derailleur is the thing that actually changes the gear for you. The front derailleur will be set up (called indexing, so the derailleur will be indexed) so that it will not drop the chain too far either side of the chainrngs - i.e. it won't drop it on to the outside of the big ring and it won't drop it to the inside of the small ring - so basically it will not cause you chain to come off. There are several types of front derailleur - also referred to as a front mech - named differently depending on how the mech is mounted to the frame, the number of cogs in the chainset that it has to move over and the way the cable enters the mech. Mechs that are 'clamped' onto the seat tube are imaginatively called 'clamp on' mechs, and frames that already have