Schwalbe Marathon Plus Rigid Tyre

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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Rigid Tyre;
    • An entry level touring tyre with Schwalbe's flat-less tyre technology
    • The 5mm thick SmartGuard layer can even protect against tacks
    • Although the weight of the Marathon Plus is a little greater than other tyres it still has a low rolling resistance
    • Weight; 28x1.0 - 595g, 28x1.25 - 810g, 28x1.40 - 900g, 26x1.75 - 995g, 26x2.0 - 1100g
    Brand Schwalbe
    Discipline Road
    Colour Blk/Reflex
    Size 28x1.0(700x25), 28x1.1(700x28), 28x1.25(700x32), 28x1.40(700x35), 28x1.75 (700x47)
      Reviews (6)
      • Does the job nicely
        I have been using Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres on my hybrid for many years on a 10-mile daily commute on road cycle and park paths. Puncture resistance is the big positive and the main reason I use these. I haven't really tried other tyres so don't know how they compare. The disadvantage is that they are almost 1kg in weight and can be very difficult to take off although some of my cycling friends don't have any problems with removing them.
        John, 17 December 2016
      • Best on the market
        Living in Canada has its benefits but also big disadvantages.
        The roads are so bad that it would be an improvement to replace the entire network with gravel.
        About 90% of city roads in Montreal are filled with potholes and decently sized cracks every few foot. So as you would've guessed, local bike shops are making bank replacing everyone's flat tires.
        I love cycling but having a flat every week isn't something that compels me to continue riding so I jumped on the Marathon Plus 28 after reading reviews on the internet.
        So far I rode them for 500 km and they still look brand new. I tested them off-road in segments made of big sharp rocks. Rode them under the rain for 2 hours straight as well as dirt and they held well on sharp turns. Cobblestone roads were also tested. Along the way I've hit countless sizable road debris (branches, glass, rocks) and potholes.
        I even had to inflate the tires 4 times during a 100 km ride due to the PSI loss from bad road conditions. Yet haven't had any puncture or blow-out.

        All in all, these are simply the best tires if you want to ride carefree on bad city roads. At 750g each for the 28 model they are a bit heavy compared to average slim tires (200g), but the puncture resistance is a good trade-off for me.
        Yan, 03 October 2016
      • Great product at a fantastic price!
        Delivered quickly and for super price. Don't think you'll find anywhere else on the internet cheaper. Good quality product that looks durable and should work well on my commute.
        NICHOLAS, 25 September 2016
      • Flatless........nonsense
        So far this year I have had 6 punctures, all on Marathon Plus tyres. They are also heavy, can be hard to fit, and don't grip very well on wet tarmac.
        In their favour they do roll well, normally last a good while, and are probably less puncture-prone than other bicycle tyres. Reasonable price too.
        I will probably continue to use them for now [what alterative?], but get really annoyed with the "Flatless" hype from Schwalbe.
        Mission to Mars? We can't even produce puncture- proof tyres.
        Steve, 23 September 2016
      • Tough as nails
        I've been using Schwalbe Marathon Plus for 4 years now and I've never had a puncture despite the poor state of our roads & my penchant for going off road whenever the opportunity arises. Excellent grip on road in particular.
        SteveInLondon, 04 September 2016

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