Torq Ghost Ship Winter Shandy Energy Gel

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    Ghost Ship Winter Shandy Energy Gel (Ltd Ed)

    To celebrate the approaching winter season, TORQ have teamed up with Adnams brewery in Suffolk to launch a limited edition 'Winter Shandy' flavoured gel using their best-selling 'Ghost Ship' ale. Yes, this is a Winter Shandy gel made with real ale!

    Worried about getting drunk? No chance. The TORQ Winter Shandy Gel is formulated using our advanced 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose matrix, which is pasteurised along with genuine Adnams Ghost Ship ale, resulting in a very low alcohol product (less than 1.2% ABV).

    As TORQ gels are pretty small, we've figured out that you'd need to suck down over 20 gels to consume the amount of alcohol you'd get in half a pint of regular Adnams Ghost Ship. At our recommended 2-3 TORQ units per hour, you're going to really struggle to feel any effect other than our usual trademark rapid carbohydrate delivery!

    • Supplied as a box of 15

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