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Home Bikes Hybrid Bikes Womens Hybrid Bikes

Womens Hybrid Bikes

Versatile, Fun, Easy-Riding women's hybrid bikes.

The Women's hybrid range is a highly versatile family of hybrid bikes that are first and foremost fun to ride. From the simplicity of fixed gear or single speed bikes (for the no-nonsense commute) to the trail busting off-road capability of a hybrid trail bike these rugged hybrid bikes are up to the task.

We have 7 Bikes For You

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Ribble Hybrid AL e Bike Builder

Electric Hybrid Bike


Looking to get fit, commute to work or something for the family weekend rides? The Hybrid AL e is our power-assisted electric hybrid.

Ribble Urban AL e Bike Builder


E-BIKE Put the spark back into your daily ride routine with the electrifyingly smooth Urban AL e. Complete with clever design features and natural feeling pedal assistance, the Urban AL e is a stylish and sophisticated way to explore the city and beyond.

Ribble Hybrid AL e Trail Bike Builder

E-BIKE Ready for everything, the Hybrid AL e Trail is a practical and capable e-bike that's destined to explore. It's designed to get you where you need to be, faster, smoother and with a smile on your face. If only everything in life could feel this good.

Ribble Hybrid AL e Step Through Bike Builder

Electric Hybrid Step Through Bike


A hybrid electric step through bike with the range and comfort to open a whole new world of possibilities. The Hybrid AL e Step Through gives you the power to explore and make you fall in love with cycling again.

Ribble Hybrid AL Bike Builder

Lightweight aluminium all season, all terrain versatility - Alloy Commuter Road Bike


The Ribble Hybrid Road build is ideal for the city commuter or road focused leisure rider who is looking for a stylish, high quality, lightweight bike that offers speed, comfort and great handling in all weather conditions.

Ribble Hybrid AL Trail Bike Builder

Lightweight aluminium all season, all terrain with front suspension - Alloy Commuter Road Bike


Perfect for fitness or fun, the Hybrid AL Trail is a stylish and versatile bike that is designed for mixed road and off-road riding. Combining the speed and efficiency of a road bike with the relaxed riding position of an MTB, with front suspension to soak up the bumps, the Hybrid AL Trail injects a sense of adventure into your daily routine.

Ribble Hybrid AL e Bike Builder

Electric Hybrid Bike


E-BIKE Looking to get fit, commute to work or something for the family weekend rides? The Hybrid AL e is our power-assisted electric hybrid.


The top tube of a women’s hybrid bike may differ by a centimetre or 2, but in general it tends to be a difference in some key component areas, the handlebars may be narrower, with the stem and cranks being shorter and of course a women’s specific saddle. This caters to the general trend that female riders are usually smaller than their male counterparts. We like to think of all riders as being individuals and our priority is in making sure that the bike is right for your body shape, size and positional preference. Therefore, we classify all our bikes as being unisex, we offer you a comprehensive choice of components to ensure that the bike is dialled-in just for you… male, female, old or young.


There are 4 types of women's hybrid bike, including the hybrid electric bike, step-through hybrid bike, urban hybrid and hybrid commuter bike. The women’s hybrid electric bike provides an extra boost of assistance to each pedal stroke up to a set speed at which point it will disengage. This is to remain within limits laid down by government law regarding motorised vehicles. The step-through model features a dramatically sloping top tube that allows riders wearing a long skirt to ride the bike. A women’s urban hybrid has fixed or singlespeed gears and is popular with cycle couriers and commuters who prefer the dependable mix of low maintenance components. A women’s hybrid commuter bike will have derailleurs for shifting across a range of gears and compatibility with mudguards for improved all-weather protection and a pannier rack for carrying luggage.


Women’s hybrid bikes are always popular with novice cyclists looking to improve their level of fitness, leisure riders who want a comfortable bike for day trips with friends or family and cycle commuters who prefer to arrive into work at a more leisurely pace.


Like most other types of bike, you can pick up new hybrid bikes for as little as a couple of hundred pounds. However, the quality of the frame, wheels and components will be quite basic and may need replacing in short order. The more you spend the better the quality of componentry the bike will come fitted with and this impacts upon the bike’s durability and performance. Expect to pay in the region of £600 to £1000 for a women’s hybrid bike with a dependable mix of components fitted as standard.


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