Ribble Cycles Bloghttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk A home for all things Ribble and cyclingFri, 20 May 2022 16:18:16 +0000en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.9.2https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/[email protected]Ribble Cycles Bloghttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk 3232162544540From D-Day to Present Day – Cycling into Historyhttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/from-d-day-to-present-day-cycling-into-history/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/from-d-day-to-present-day-cycling-into-history/#commentsMon, 16 May 2022 11:55:50 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7748The date of the 5th of June resonates with Richard on a personal level. On this date, he will be cycling into history aboard his CGR SL. Embarking on an 1800-mile ride through Europe to honour the memory of his father. We’ll let Richard describe what inspired him to take on this incredible challenge. When…

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Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling – 2022 Race Resultshttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-pro-cycling-2022-race-results/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-pro-cycling-2022-race-results/#respondFri, 13 May 2022 09:32:14 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7422Since 2017, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling has been the UK’s number one ranked domestic cycling team. Competing on the UCI European Continental Tour, they regularly compete in leading races on the calendar. Stay up to date with all of the latest racing action from a packed 2022 schedule with our dedicated race results blog. Sportsbreak.com…

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MAHLE SmartBike app for e-bikes – The Ribble guidehttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-ebikemotion-app/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-ebikemotion-app/#commentsFri, 29 Apr 2022 13:39:47 +0000http://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=2824The MAHLE SmartBike System App for e-bikes is a must-have for all Ribble e-bike owners. This invaluable tool raises the interaction between bike and rider to a whole new level. Letting you keep track of everything from charge status to training data and performance analysis. Read on to find out how to turn your smart…

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Gearing Explained – How to choose what you needhttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/gearing-explained-a-ribble-guide/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/gearing-explained-a-ribble-guide/#commentsThu, 14 Apr 2022 11:44:01 +0000http://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=2394Picking the right gears has a dramatic effect on how your bike rides and how much (or little) you wish to suffer when the road heads upwards. Our gearing explained guide will hopefully make you a little more gear savvy when it comes to your bikes spinny bits. GEARING EXPLAINED We can well understand the…

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Ribble at The Cycle Show 2022https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-at-the-cycle-show-2022/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-at-the-cycle-show-2022/#respondWed, 06 Apr 2022 13:33:21 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7496Are you coming to see Ribble at the Cycle Show 2022? If the answer is yes (and why wouldn’t it be) then we have some important information to share. Read on to find out what Ribble bikes you can see and test ride at this year’s show. Ribble at The Cycle Show After 10 fantastic…

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A beginner’s guide to cyclinghttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/a-beginners-guide-to-cycling/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/a-beginners-guide-to-cycling/#respondThu, 24 Mar 2022 12:04:26 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7434Are you looking to take up cycling? Our beginner’s guide to cycling contains all of the advice we would have liked to receive when we first started out. There’s no denying that cycling has experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years. The reasons are many and varied, But we can certainly attribute the…

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Endurance Bikes vs All-Road Bikes vs Gravel Bikeshttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/endurance-bikes-vs-all-road-bikes-vs-gravel-bikes/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/endurance-bikes-vs-all-road-bikes-vs-gravel-bikes/#commentsThu, 10 Mar 2022 15:02:57 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7390The drop-bar bikes of today come in an array of different options, endurance bikes, all-road bikes, and gravel bikes. But which should you choose and why? In this guide, we explore the key differences between endurance bikes vs all-road bikes vs gravel bikes and how to select the best one for you. Endurance Bikes Endurance…

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Ribble Weldtite Training Camp with Harry Tanfieldhttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-training-camp-with-harry-tanfield/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-training-camp-with-harry-tanfield/#commentsThu, 10 Mar 2022 13:01:29 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7412After 3 seasons of competing at the top tier of the sport at World Tour level, Harry Tanfield will race for Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling in 2022. Harry took some time out from the Ribble Weldtite training camp to speak to our very own Emma Watson. Covering such topics as pre-ride prep, recovery and how…

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Breaking the Bias with Le Col Wahoohttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/breaking-the-bias-with-le-col-wahoo/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/breaking-the-bias-with-le-col-wahoo/#respondTue, 08 Mar 2022 16:40:57 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7392#InternationalWomensDay Professional cycling, like many areas of society, has seen men and women treated very differently – although the situation is improving with each year. Amy Lauren Jones caught up with three riders of Le Col Wahoo ahead of to talk about their experiences, challenges, and achievements within the world of professional women’s racing.

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Le Col – Wahoo Pro Team Race Resultshttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/le-col-wahoo-pro-team-race-results/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/le-col-wahoo-pro-team-race-results/#respondMon, 07 Mar 2022 14:14:51 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7368Keep up to date with all of the latest results from the UK’s most successful women’s pro cycling team Le Col – Wahoo. #Colourtheroad. The 2022 race season is in full flow. Once again Ribble is proud to be the technical partner of the UK’s leading women’s cycling team Le Col-Wahoo. Stay tuned to keep…

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All-road Bikes – What are they?https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/all-road-bikes-what-are-they/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/all-road-bikes-what-are-they/#respondFri, 04 Mar 2022 15:41:18 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7346As recently as the turn of the century buying a bike was a simple matter of deciding between road or Mtb. But as riding habits changed, the demand for bikes that specialised in certain areas increased. Of this new breed of bikes surely the most versatile has to be the all-road bike. Not only is…

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George Goodwin – My hope & ambitions for 2022https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/george-goodwin-my-hope-ambitions-for-2022/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/george-goodwin-my-hope-ambitions-for-2022/#respondWed, 02 Mar 2022 14:47:05 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=7241Leading UK triathlete and Ribble ambassador George Goodwin reflects on the trials and tribulations of 2021 and looks to the future for further success. After the performances of 2020 propelled him into the spotlight, George Goodwin entered 2021 full of confidence and expectations. But with opportunities to race limited by the pandemic, the highs and…

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