Ribble Cycles Bloghttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk A home for all things Ribble and cyclingTue, 03 Aug 2021 14:08:23 +0000en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.7.2https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/[email protected]Ribble Cycles Bloghttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk 3232162544540Cycle to Work Day – The UK’s biggest cycle commutehttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/cycle-to-work-day-the-uks-biggest-cycle-commute/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/cycle-to-work-day-the-uks-biggest-cycle-commute/#respondWed, 04 Aug 2021 22:59:00 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=6225Why not switch up your daily commute and reap the benefits of cycling to work? Whether you’ve not ridden a bike in years or have never cycled at all, Cycle to Work Day day is all about giving it a go. The advantages of riding to work are many and well documented; you save money,…

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The Hell of the North West – A riders talehttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/the-hell-of-the-north-west-a-riders-tale/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/the-hell-of-the-north-west-a-riders-tale/#respondFri, 30 Jul 2021 11:06:08 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=6224Renowned for his own epic rides, Ribble Bike Mechanic, Brad heard about a new challenge – the Hell of the North West. A solo, unsupported 840km ride that travels through some of the North West’s finest parks and up some of its cruellest climbs. Here, he tells all. “That’s mad”, “You must be crazy” I…

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Thrills on the hills – Travel on Gravelhttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/thrills-on-the-hills-travel-on-gravel/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/thrills-on-the-hills-travel-on-gravel/#respondThu, 22 Jul 2021 15:54:25 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=6140Clitheroe store assistant Tom Warman recently put a Ribble CGR AL e through its paces on a back-to-back forest trail and road test. To see if it delivers on its promise of thrills on the hills and travel on the gravel. Since Ribble’s new flagship Clitheroe store opened in mid-April I’ve noticed two types of…

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Why you should upgrade your wheels.https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/why-you-should-upgrade-your-wheels/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/why-you-should-upgrade-your-wheels/#commentsWed, 14 Jul 2021 14:20:08 +0000http://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=4582When looking to purchase your new Ribble bike, one area that should never be overlooked is the wheels. Aside from the frameset, no other component is as important in contributing to your ride enjoyment as the wheels. Let’s take a look at why you should upgrade your wheels. Wheels There’s a school of thought in…

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Commuting to work by bike: Top Tipshttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/commuting-to-work-by-bike-top-tips/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/commuting-to-work-by-bike-top-tips/#commentsWed, 30 Jun 2021 11:39:50 +0000http://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=4769As so many more of us are taking up cycling and commuting to work we wanted to share some of our top tips with you. Our staff and pro team riders share their tips for how to make your cycle commute more fun and enjoyable. Commuting to work by bike definitely has its benefits. It…

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Ribble Rides – Trough of Bowlandhttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-rides-trough-of-bowland/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-rides-trough-of-bowland/#respondTue, 22 Jun 2021 15:37:17 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=6051Ribble Rides – Trough of Bowland is the latest instalment of our Ribble Rides series. This latest route takes in the quiet country lanes of the picturesque Forest Of Bowland. An area of outstanding natural beauty that also happens to include the iconic climb of the Trough of Bowland. ‘The Trough’ as it is known…

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Ribble Weldtite Race Results Updatehttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-race-results-update/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-weldtite-race-results-update/#respondMon, 21 Jun 2021 12:28:33 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=5911Ribble’s passion for competition and racing is steeped in history. Ever since Ribble sponsored race teams began to appear on the UK racing scene back in the ’60’s and ’70s. Our continued support of the UK’s number one ranked cycling team further emphasizes our commitment to UK cycle sport. Partnering with the Ribble Weldtite Pro…

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DROPS-Le Col Pro Team Updatehttps://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/drops-le-col-pro-team-update/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/drops-le-col-pro-team-update/#respondMon, 21 Jun 2021 12:27:56 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=5874Our passion for competition and racing remains undiminished and is woven into the very fabric of Ribble. This continues today in no small part with our continued involvement of the Drops-Le Col Women’s Pro Continental racing team. Supporting upcoming and world-class athletes from the UK and beyond allows us to continue to design and innovate.…

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Teal is Real – Real.Bike.People.https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/real-bike-people-teal-is-real/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/real-bike-people-teal-is-real/#respondThu, 10 Jun 2021 09:09:10 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=6023Here at Ribble, we love to hear from the people who ride our bikes. To find out why they ride, where they ride, and what they love so much about this great sport that we all love so much. That’s why we created ‘Real.Bike.People.’ A series dedicated to the people that matter the most, you!…

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Which frame material should you choose?https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/which-frame-material-should-you-choose-cgr/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/which-frame-material-should-you-choose-cgr/#respondTue, 08 Jun 2021 10:28:48 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=5936Which frame material should you choose? Whether you’re looking for your first proper bike in years or a replacement for an existing bike, you will be faced with this age-old question. But why should you choose one over the other? How does the choice of material affect the ride? Who better to provide the answers…

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Endurance SL R & SL – What’s the difference?https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/endurance-sl-r-sl-whats-the-difference/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/endurance-sl-r-sl-whats-the-difference/#commentsThu, 03 Jun 2021 11:06:44 +0000https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=5970One of the most frequently asked questions that we hear is; ‘I’m looking at the Endurance SL R & SL frames. What’s the difference between the two models?’ If you are torn between the two, our in-depth guide should help you decide which best suits your cycling needs. Endurance & Performance Designed to offer an…

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R872 vs Endurance SL- which should I choose?https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/r872-vs-endurance-sl-which-bike-should-i-choose/ https://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/r872-vs-endurance-sl-which-bike-should-i-choose/#commentsTue, 01 Jun 2021 14:26:06 +0000http://blog.ribblecycles.co.uk/?p=2638Our R&D team of bike experts have been through a significant phase of road bike design, innovation, development, and testing. Taking advantage of the very latest advances in manufacturing technology and processes to produce our most exciting range of carbon road bikes to date. The Endurance SL and R872 are both high-performance frame platforms with…

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