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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Father’s Day is just another excuse for Chrissy Hinton to ride with her son, Tom and granddaughter, Maddison. Riding together as a family gives her a great sense of pride, and Father’s Day will be no different. Though this time Chrissy will be paying for the cakes! Read about the cycling family that spans 3 generations in our latest Real.Bike.People story – The Generation Game.

An enthusiastic character, Chrissy has always been into fitness and is more of a converted runner these days. “Although I do enjoy running, I do have a few creaky bits now, so I decided to get a bike. I found one in the sale, and whilst it’s done a good job, as I find myself riding more and more, I thought it would be great to get a new bike!”

Just before lockdown hit, Chrissy visited our Bluewater store (which has recently reopened in accordance with Government guidelines) and spoke with our staff; Kate, Martin and Joe. “Tom has been riding a Ribble for a few years now having got himself a Ribble R872 Stealth Edition in 2017. He’s been really pleased with the longevity of the bike and the components it came with and the price he paid. He had no hesitation in recommending Ribble to me and this prompted a visit to the nearest Showroom to see what was what”.

“I bought my first bike in 2016 and I’ve completed Ride London 3 times since then. Amongst other charity and long-distance events, I ride 3-5 days a week, around 150 miles in total. I think it was definitely time to invest in something more worthy as I’m really making the most of it.”

Our showrooms are a great place for you to be able to take a look at the various models of bikes that we have to offer. From mountain bike to gravel and road to time trial, we have up to date examples of our frames built up for you to view. Our friendly staff are on hand to offer expert advice to help you decide which bike is the best fit for you, both physically and practically.

“The staff were so helpful in advising me on the most suitable options for me and made the whole design experience really fun and worthwhile, I’m glad I went in.”

Choosing a bike isn’t easy, however, here at Ribble, we aim to make the experience as simple as possible. Our highly knowledgable staff will ensure that you get the right bike. Chrissy opted for a CustomColour Endurance SL disc for a truly personalised experience.

“I took delivery of my Ribble Endurance SL disc on April 30th, exactly on time and well packaged when it arrived. Setting it up was straightforward and didn’t take too long. My first ride out was so much fun, I couldn’t stop smiling! It’s much lighter and more responsive than my old bike and beautifully balanced. It just eats up the miles with ease and it’s far more comfortable. I am glad I went for Di2 build as the gear change is super smooth and the Mavic Ksyrium wheels are quiet and fairly bombproof on the rougher roads.”

A Family Affair

“I really love riding my bike, as does my son, he competes in triathlons and time trials too. Not only that, but my granddaughter also wants to be just like her dad too, so we managed to find her a bike that fits her. Which means we can all ride around together as a family! We’re lucky to live in an area where there are such quiet and peaceful roads to be able to do this. Tom sits on the front, with Maddison in the middle whilst I bring up the rear. She also rides with her dad on other days too as he trains on the turbo. She’s really enthusiastic about it and makes us all incredibly happy that we can share something special together.”

It’s great to be able to enjoy cycling as a family and its something we love being able to facilitate here at Ribble Cycles. Bicycles can help you do so much, from learning to site-seeing and this is not lost on Chrissy and her family.

“I know that my son, Tom, wants Maddison to understand the importance of exercise and fitness as a way of life. Cycling as a family is an enjoyable and fun way to do this. She has achieved so much already; our last ride was 33 miles including some tricky hills that would challenge any cyclists. Long term, I can see her competing in triathlon as she is already an amazing swimmer and very keen to learn and improve.”

Thanks to Chrissy, Tom and Maddison for sharing their story with us!

You can now visit our Bluewater and MailBox showrooms. Both have reopened with strict government social distancing measures in place to help protect both staff and customers. See the full details of what you can expect instore here.

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