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Bike Sizing Guide - Ribble Cycles

Choosing the correct size bicycle can be a minefield. It is going to depend on the type of bike, your height, and riding style.
Our experts though are here to help

Frame Geometry

A bicycle that is fitted to you correctly will be more comfortable than one that is not, as well as being more efficient and you will want to ride it more. Each of our bikes has a ‘Size & Geometry’ guide to help you make a choice as to what is best, we have experts available on phone, email and ‘live chat’ and we also offer a ’30 Day Test Ride’.

Frame Sizing

All of our Ribble frames are measured as a ‘centre to top’ size. This is simply determined by measuring the distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. (This is shown by ‘A’ in the diagram above.

Getting Your Frame Size Right

The first thing to decide is what frame you wish to purchase. This is because each frame has its own unique geometry, and the ‘centre to top’ measurement can vary between them. We then advise the following process as a guide to get your inside leg measurement;

  1. Stand up straight with bare feet
  2. Position your feet approximately 200mm apart
  3. Pull a tube with a diameter of approx. 35mm (or the back of a book) firmly to your crutch until you can feel it against the bone.
  4. Measure the distance in cm from the feet to the top of the tube both in front of you as well as behind you. Add these two sizes together and divide the result by two. The result is your inside leg measurement.

Sloping Geometry Bicycles – eg Gran Fondo

Take your inside leg measurement and times it by 0.64. The answer will give your frame size. If you are in between sizes, we recommend you go for the smaller size.

Horizontal Geometry bicycles – eg 7005 Winter

Take your inside leg measurement and time it by 0.69. This will give you your frame size, which may need to be rounded to the nearest size. Again, if you are in between sizes, we recommend going for the smaller size.

Sportiva Carbon

Women’s Specific Bikes

While riding a unisex bike is in most cases no means a problem for women, there are a few instances where it is harder to get the fit right.  From fitting a large number of customers over the years – we still do so in our Preston shop – we typically find women have a shorter reach than men – especially in the arm length. It is for this reason we offer a range of women’s bikes with a tweaked geometry. And of course, if using our Bikebuilder, you can specify other key things such as handlebar width and saddle choice.

Measuring Shoulders

Handlebar Sizing

Another key component for sizing is the handlebar. These want to be as wide as your shoulders to help with comfort, especially over longer distances. To get the correct measurement, it is simply a case of measuring the width of your shoulders, and selecting the correct sizing. For example, if your shoulders are 42cm wide, select a 42c handlebar in all brands except Deda. Deda measure their handlebars slightly differently, and a 44c would be required.

30 Day Test Ride

We appreciate that sizing is the biggest hurdle for anyone purchasing a bicycle online. It is for this reason we offer a ‘30 Day Test Ride’ allowing you to purchase in confidence that the bike you purchase will fit you perfectly. Speak to our Cycling Experts for further information.

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