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Any helmet you buy needs to conform to safety standards, but with a huge choice on the market what is best for you?

It’s all about the fit

The most important thing when choosing a helmet is getting a good fit. You could spend a few hundred pounds on our most expensive helmet, but if the fit is not good then if you do have a tumble it is simply not going to do the job it was designed for.

To ensure you get the correct size helmet, use a measuring tape around your head, approximately 2cm above your eyebrows. Ensure that the tape is relatively tight, and measure a couple of times to make sure you’ve got the correct measurement. This can then be compared against the manufacturers size guide which is on all our helmets.

Road Helmets

Mainly designed for road riding, with no peak to get in the way when your head is down. Can however be used across all disciplines. Top end helmets are light, well ventilated and look fantastic.

Kask Mojito Road HelmetKask Mojito Road Helmet

Aero Road Helmets

An increasingly popular catageory, these helmets are a mix of a time trial helmet and a traditional road helmet. Not as well ventilated, but much more aerodynamic.

Giro Synthe Aero Road HelmetGiro Synthe Aero Road Helmet

Time Trial Helmets

Designed for one purprose in mind, they are built to be as aerodynamic as possible to achieve the fastest times possible whilst out riding. Not an ‘everyday’ helmet, they are for when racing against the clock.

Giro Advantage 2 Time Trial HelmetGiro Advantage 2 Time Trial Helmet

Mountain Bike Helmets

A little ‘chunkier’ than other styles, these have more coverage across the rear and sides and are designed to meet the rougher demands of riding off-road.

Uvex Quatro Mountian Bike HelmetUvex Quatro Mountain Bike Helmet


MIPS - The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is becoming increasingly used by most helmet manufacturers. It is designed to provide an additional measure of protection in some impacts, and is a clever system where the helmet body moves independently to the inner skin, allowing the energy from the crash to be transferred through the helmet.

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