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Home Energy Gel Plus 38g (Box of 20)

Energy Gel Plus 38g (Box of 20)

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    High 5 Energy Gel Plus 38g (Box of 20)
    EnergyGel Plus is a high carbohydrate, ultra concentrated 4th generation gel enhanced with Caffeine & Choline. Each 38gram sachet contains 23 grams of carbohydrate to provide you with instant energy. Caffeine & Choline are added to increase endurance and explosive effort. Easy to open, easy to swallow and easy to digest: EnergyGel is Race proven in the World's toughest competitions providing fast fuel Caffeine kick.

    Each 38g sachet of High5 Energy Gel Plus contains 23g of Carbohydrate, 35 mg of Caffeine and 35 mg of Choline. Over 85% of all studies on the use of caffeine among athletes demonstrate that caffeine offers a significant increase in endurance by stimulating the central nervous system, increasing the release of adrenaline, and aids in the use of body fat as a fuel. The 35 mg of caffeine in each 38-gram sachet of Energy Gel Plus is equal to about 2/3 cup of coffee.

    Nerves cause muscles to contract by pushing small quantities of a chemical called acetylcholine across the neuromuscular space between the muscle and the nerve. Should you run out of acetylcholine then your muscles will not be able to contract no matter how much energy you have left.

    During prolonged exercise Acetylcholine is broken down inside the neuromuscular junctions. Nerve cells then "grab" the Choline floating by in the blood, using it to make new acetylcholine and as a result, your blood Choline levels start decreasing. Naturally, if your exercise period goes on long enough, such as training for and competing in a marathon, your body's Choline levels will fall too low and acetylcholine production will come to a standstill and your nerve cells will simply refuse to stimulate your muscles resulting in you coming to a virtual standstill.

    Choline is available in foods such as: liver, cauliflower, soybeans, spinach, lettuce, nuts, and eggs. However, the bottom line is that even a natural diet made up of Choline rich foods would not prevent the drop in blood Choline levels which happen after 20 miles or so of marathon running or any extended exercise period.

    Therefore to maintain your body's supply of Choline each sachet of High5 Energy Gel Plus contains 35mg of Choline which, when taken every 5 miles or so will provide you with enough Choline to keep you going to the finish at your target pace.

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