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  • Our bikes were designed to be superfast, following an extensive and ground-breaking R&D process of market-leading CFD, Wind Tunnel testing and Real World Analysis, where every aspect of the bike and rider performing in perfect aerodynamic harmony has been considered to create bikes which have been optimised to give maximum aero advantage.

    Shaped for speed and perfected for performance our bikes are engineered to deliver the optimal blend of speed, aerodynamics and ride quality.

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  • Ribble Ultra SL R

    Our flagship Ultra SL R is the result of extensive testing and pushing aero to its limits to realise performance gains through patented innovation. It breaks apart from old traditions and is optimised to make your rides even faster.

  • Ribble Ultra SL

    Built for all-out speed, the Ultra SL offers everyone from the everyday road hero to serious pro racer unrivalled aero capability. Exceed your performance goals, with the design, handling and speed of the SL R.

  • Ribble Ultra Tri Disc

    The Ultra Tri Disc is an uncompromising, speed-centric platform that allows you to reach your full potential. Innovative and tech-loaded, it’s a speed machine that delivers a clear competitive advantage.

  • Ribble Endurance SL R Disc

    Our flagship carbon endurance bike has a proven race-winning pedigree at the highest level. This high-performance frameset is superlight (frame sub 900g) and the truncated aerofoil profile of the tubes makes it the lightest and one of the fastest builds that we offer.


  • 23.2-seconds faster

  • Experience Performance, Unleashed

    Our performance gains are accessible to everyone, not just the pros. Our bikes are tested under real-world conditions, at two speeds: everyday rider (22mph) and pro rider (29mph). We conduct comprehensive tests using CFD analysis across a full YAW sweep of 0-20°, both positive and negative.

    Whilst some bike brands test bikes in isolation, we include both bike and rider in our design and testing process. Using a variety of body profiles in our testing we ensure that riders of all levels, shapes, and sizes enjoy the thrilling performance advantages our bikes are engineered to deliver.


    Raced to Victory by Ribble Rebellion

    The Ultra SL R is the bike of choice of the Ribble Rebellion Team, with one goal in mind – to shake up the global crit racing scene, going toe-to-toe with the world's premiere teams.

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    • Ribble Rebellion: Armed Forces Cycling Classic

      The Ribble Rebellion squadron is racing two distinctive machines that pay homage to two iconic WWII fighter planes.

    • Marginal Gains: Project TT With Joe Laverick

      Time Trialing. The aim of the game is simple, how fast can you get from A to B?