Look Keo Compatible (Trivio) Cleats

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    Look Keo Compatible (Trivio) Cleats

    These tough and durable cleats feature Position Memory which allows for quick cleat replacement in the exact same position that your original cleat was set. 

    Complete with metal fixing bolts and washers and are available with two choices of float (Black - 0 degree float and Red - 7 degree float). Float (measured in degrees) refers to the amount your foot can move before it's released from the pedal. The more float, the further you have to twist your foot in order to release it, but if you have zero float cleats their position should be carefully adjusted to avoid potential knee pain.

    Keo are light cleats that offer great pedalling stability, efficiency and easy engagement and disengagement.

    Made by Trivio.

    Key features

    • Tough and durable.
    • Large contact surface area.
    • Position memory.
    • Includes 6 bolts of 5x11mm and 6 washers.

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