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Home Accessories Workshop Lubes, Oils & Degreasers Ribble Cleaning Bundle

Ribble Cleaning Bundle

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    Ribble Cleaning Bundle

    Bike Cleaner Spray and Bike Protector Spray


    Ribble Bike Protector Spray 750ml
    Ribble Bike Cleaner Spray 750ml

    Ribble Bike Protector

    A high performance protection fluid in a convenient spray bottle scientifically formulated to protect your bike from all cycling environments. Designed for use after cleaning your bike it will leave your bike shining like new, protected from dirt and corrosion, and working at its best, all of the time.

    Safe to use all over the bike and on any materials including carbon, aluminium, steel, titanium and on all paintwork.

    We also recommend the Ribble Bike Cleaner to use before applying this protector.

    Next Day and Tracked Delivery options available.


      • 750ml.
      • Integral spray nozzle.
      • Perfect for all bikes.

    Ribble workshop tip

    Ribble workshop tip from Head Mechanic Mark: “When cleaning your bike it’s best to tackle the chain first, before the rest of the bike, as it’s usually the dirtiest job but a proper chain cleaner and degreaser makes things much easier.”

    Tackle your chain first with the Ribble Chain Cleaner.

    Ribble Bike Cleaner

    A high performance bike cleaner in a convenient spray bottle specifically formulated for the rigours of all year cycling. It provides your entire bike with a deep clean and is effective on dirt, sand, oil, grease and insects.

    With a unique scented formula it offers the complete cleaning solution, ensuring all components are kept in peak condition. The unique formula is biodegradable.

    Safe to use on all materials including carbon, aluminium, steel, titanium and all paintwork. Once you have cleaned your bike, use the Ribble Bike Protector to keep it looking its best.

    Next Day and Tracked Delivery options available.


    • 750ml.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Integral spray nozzle.
    • Perfect for all bikes.

    Ribble Chain Cleaner

    Durable, easy-to-use with Degreaser to get your chain clean quickly

    This is one of those essential pieces of kit for any cyclist. To keep your chain in top condition – clean and running smoothly and efficiently – this convenient and easy-to-use Ribble chain cleaner kit consists of a durable plastic cleaning cage and a 75 ml bottle of Citrus Degreaser.

    Inside the ultra-tough plastic casing are chain driven cleaning brushes which exert a four-sided cleaning action. The upper part of the case is a controlled reservoir dispenser which feeds the degreaser onto your chain from above. A handy anchor arm hooks conveniently around the jockey wheels to make this cleaning job easier. It’s as simple as clamping the cage around your chain, pouring the degreasing fluid in and moving the pedals backwards. The dirty fluid is collected in the base of the cage, away from the clean chain, for easy disposal.

    Including Citrus Degreaser

    The high quality Citrus Degreaser attacks the grease and grime on your chain and the tough brushes give it a thorough deep clean and get even the dirtiest chains sparkling and shiny again.

    Keeping your chain clean and well lubricated will ensure it runs smoothly, quietly and correctly and will save you money in the long run by lessening wear and tear on the other drivetrain components.

    Key features

    • Easy to use, self-contained chain cleaner.
    • Durable, ultra-tough construction.
    • Cleans your chain quickly and efficiently.
    • Includes 75ml of Citrus Degreaser.
    • Perfect for all bikes.

    Mint 365 Lube

     Biodegradeable lubricant 

     Additives for year round use

    Bike Degreaser

    A robust formulation which is extremely effective at dissolving and washing away grease and oily residues that have dried and set over time. Slow-Evaporating solvents remain on the surface for longer, in order to dissolve more dirt; more effective if allowed to soak for a few minutes before being wiped off. An emulsifying formula allows the product to be washed off after use. 

     Mint Degreaser removes built up oil and grease 
     Allow moving parts to move freely 
     Deep penetrating action

    Great For:
     Engine blocks 
     Frame parts 

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