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Tacx T1980 Bushido Ergotrainer

SKU: TACXTRAI789000000000
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Out of stock 456.76
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    Tacx Bushido T1980 Ergotrainer This is the favourite machine of all the professionals who only want the best of the best. The Bushido is the world's first completely wireless ergotrainer. You do not need to plug it in, you can train wherever you want, inside and outside. The Bushido has a powerful brake system with a flywheel that is fully incorporated in the housing. The menus are arranged to enable you to start at once. The graphic display of the handlebar computer shows all the relevant information (power, heart rate, pedaling frequency, speed, time, etc). The ergotrainer can also be combined with external power meters from other brands, if they also work with the wireless ANT technology. The Bushido includes the Skyliner front wheel support, that also functions as a carrier. The Tacx Bushido is an entirely wireless ergotrainer. It does not even require to be hooked up to the power mains. Bushido uses the ANT protocol for data transfer. With help of the handlebar mounted computer you can adjust the braking resistance of a pre-programmed training program. You can do so in power (watt) or slope (%). The braking unit also generates the energy it needs by means of a dynamo. When you start cycling the braking unit is activated and starts working. That is why you always need a minimum cycling speed for this system to work, there is no battery. But because energy is generated, the brake can be fully wireless. No mains voltage is needed. The braking unit supplies the training information such as speed, power output (in watt) and pedalling frequency (the number of strokes per minute) wirelessly to the handlebar mounted computer. The cyclist can read this information on the LCD display. Bushido wireless connection to the PC If you want to read this information on a bigger display you can establish a wireless link from the handlebar mounted computer to a PC (T1990 Upgrade PC Bushido). The Tacx Trainer software will then take over the functions of the handlebar mounted computer, this has another advantage namely the fact that there is sufficient memory for the storage of data and that the training program can become extremely interesting. Cadence and balance With the Bushido cadence is measured without the help of a cadence sensor. There also is the function that measures balance. This function shows the difference in power output between the left and right leg. Underneath and in the illustrations we will try and explain how this works. When you are cycling there is always a variation in power that is applied to the pedals. Without a fixed connection between shoe and pedal this variation in power is quite big and when pushing with one leg, you will end up pushing the other pedal against your foot. When there is a fixed connection between pedal and shoe you will be able to pull the pedals as well. Thus a more efficient transmission of power comes about. When we look at trained cyclists who are capable of "turning the pedals" smoothly, this difference in power is very small, but a difference nevertheless and therefore measurable. This difference in power will ultimately lead to a variation in speed which is measured in the Bushido's braking unit. Cadence By looking at variations with regard to an average it is possible to analyse if there is a cycle in the push off. During a full revolution of the left and right crank the lapse of time between the points as indicated in the graph is measured and used to calculate cadence. Balance For a cadence cycle it is checked what the amount of power per leg with regard to the average is. These values are compared in relation to the total power output and then displayed in a balance indicator on the Bushido computer. It is not possible to detect which leg is supplying the power at that moment in time and a measurement cannot be wrapped up before a cycle is completed. This indicator can help you balance your power output while cycling so that you can develop a calm and efficient pedal stroke.

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