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Tacx T2000 i-Genius Multiplayer VR Trainer

SKU: TACXTRAI840000000000
Out of stock
Out of stock 904.81
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    Tacx i-Genius T2000 Multiplayer VR Trainer with TTS 4 Advanced Software, for your home computer of laptop Play the leading role in your own race and ride the Tour of Flanders at home like a real pro. Includes Multiplayer license The Genius Multiplayer, Tacx's new top model, is unique. The combination of the sturdy frame and the advanced Tacx Trainer software 4.0 makes riding through the virtual worlds a lifelike experience. The Genius Multiplayer has a wireless motor brake with a computer-driven flywheel that generates high power at low speeds. This makes climbing of hills and mountains even more realistic. The communication between brake, interface and PC is wireless; the trainer itself has to be plugged into an electric point. The Genius Multiplayer includes the new BlackTrack steering frame. Multiplayer enables you to race real-time against real opponents anywhere in the world. Famous mountains can be climbed live together with different persons at the same moment. Arrange an appointment with your cycling pals or join one of the races on the calendar. Before you know it, you will be sprinting through the Tacx Virtual Reality terrains, chased by Malaya from Paris, Marissa from Venice and Phil from New York. Or you give all you have and try to overtake Odwin from Amsterdam during the almost true-to-life climb of the Col du Galibier. If you pick up this challenge, you will have the whole world at your pedals. Thanks to Multiplayer you can create boundless ties with people who are just as obsessed with cycling as you are. BlackTrack This stylish new steering frame is very user- friendly and compact. The front wheel is put into a turnable plate and doesn't have to be removed from the bicycle.This makes the steering feel better. Thanks to ANT the communication with the PC is wireless. The trainer frame has to be connected to two brackets on the last plate. The steering frame is length adjustable. Rubber at the bottom side prevents the rider from moving and muffles noise. Foldable The BlackTrack steering frame is foldable into a small package and can therefore be stored easily. It fits perfectly into a trainer bag, together with the trainer! The powerful motor brake in the trainer simulates a realistic gradient that varies between -20% and +20%. On a downhill run the trainer will actually drive the rear wheel. On steep climbs and/or at high speeds, the trainer is capable of generating over 1,000 watts. Powerback The motor brake of the Genius and the Fortius features the Powerback system. This system converts the heat that is generated in the brake and released during the ride, into electricity that is then fed back into the power grid. This means that you are generating your own electricity. When you ride on the Genius, your PC shows the exact amount of energy that is fed back into the power grid. The Tacx Trainer software 4.0 is unique. With this ultra modern software you enter virtual worlds which are even more real than real while riding on your Tacx trainer. You can't tell the world on your screen apart anymore from the real world. Once you have been overwhelmed, you never want to go back. In the Tacx Trainer software 4.0 the VR terrains, the VR riders, the bicycles and the outfits are completely redesigned. With an eye for the smallest details. You can see the spokes blinking in your wheel and when it's dark, the shadows glide with the riders under the lantern light alongside the road. Atmospheric surroundings The new VR riders are sharper and more detailed than ever and the new VR terrains each have their own typical atmosphere. Cycle through Italy and let yourself glide through the buzzing silence of the countryside, past a deserted water mill and an antique church. Conquer a winding rocky road. Enjoy the sunset over the sloping olive groves. Or lose yourself in the rough American nature, past pine trees and log cabins. And ride a criterium race through the broad streets of an exciting metropolis. The possibilities are unlimited. Never before has cycling through the virtual worlds been so realistic and never so addictive. Due to a decision by Google, Tacx is no longer allowed to offer the Google Earth application as a free feature. From September 2012 on, a Google license needs to be purchased to keep access to Google Earth in the Tacx Trainer software. The Google license costs 30 euro for one year and is available in the shop and through the Tacx online shop. The article number is T1990.75.

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