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    Ribble Cycles

    Established in 1897, Ribble Cycles is one of the longest established bicycle manufacturers in the world. Our range represents value without sacrificing quality. We now offer next day delivery on most orders. Our bikes offer arguably the best value on the market and often receive rave reviews in the cycling press.

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          • Knog Milkman Combo Lock

            "This is the perfect lock for when you pop in for that cake and coffee stop, but only when you have sight of your bike, but then any lock that fits so easily into jersey pocket, would never be that secure...."

          • Park GP-2 Glueless Patches

            "I always carry glueless patches - run out of tubes and these save you!..."

          • Vittoria Rubino G+ Isotech Rigid Tyre

            "I've purchased 6 of these tyres in varying widths. I've put a couple of the 28mm variants on a tandem and we were so impressed with the comfort and performance that I bought another couple as spares, and I'm glad I did because (as of writing this review), they have gone out of stock! I really hope Vittoria carry on making the 28's. I also purchased a couple of the 23mm's for my road bike and (going off feel), they seem to be a significant improvement on the "standard" rigid 23mm Rubino's I normally use; maybe I was having a good day? It's early days, so I can't really comment on their durability, but if they can last on a tandem, then they must be good! One downer was that of the 6 of these I've purchased, I had to return 1 with a faulty beading that looked like a manufacturing defect - hence my slightly reduced "Quality" score. On the plus side, Ribble replaced it without question, although the replacement process was a bit slow...."

          • Knog Blinder Mob Four Eyes Light Twinpack

            "Knog have been making lights that stand out for a while now, and these are a great set of lights if you live in a city or want a back up set of lights to your main ones. Light output is good, they are a 'be seen, not to see' set of lights, so are good to be used next to a main beam on flashing mode for extra visibility. Easy to add/remove from the bike. Only downside I have found is that I can't charge them on laptop at work due to position of the USB plug which is integrated to the unit. Have to use a wall plug. Used in some heavy rain and have had no problems. All in all though, very impressed with the quality and light output from such a small light unit...."

          • Shimano MT15 Wheelset

            "Bought another set of these wheels to build up a bike as i have them on another bike and so far have proven to be a very strong and true wheelset that as long as the bearings are maintained (easy) have lasted many years of abuse. They look good but not like the image above (the decals are different) not too bad on weight but they make up for that with their strength and stiffness. And for the price you really can't complain...."

          • Continental GP4000S II Twinpack

            "It wasn't boxed and was a nude condition, but because it was inexpensive, it's good. ..."

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