Customise your bike from our award winning range

Ribble bikes have been raced and ridden by some of the biggest stars of British cycling. We love to ride and want you to join us. The fantastic new Ribble BikeBuilder offers you unmatched customisation of your new bike. Build the bike you want, the way you want it, in a series of simple steps.

Here we present you our multi award winning frames and bikes and our new and exciting range of 2017 models all designed and built in the UK. Our famous BikeBuilder has given countless cyclists their exact and individual choice of bike.

The BikeBuilder is where you can make your own decisions about your new bike – choose your perfect frame, choose your ideal groupset and wheels, then personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - or alternatively select one of our recommended builds. The choice is yours.

Our range includes everything from road, carbon fibre, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain bikes. Each one of our bikes is assembled by hand, in Preston, England, to the precise specification that you choose resulting in a bike that is just right for you.

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