Ribble Aero 883 Disc

Gain aero advantage from the bike with motor racing pedigree

The Ribble Aero 883 ‘blew our minds’ at BikesEtc magazine - it won their Aero Bike Challenge group test and won the Gold Award and it’s proved such an amazing bike that we’ve introduced a Disc brake model for 2017. Its short top tube and head tube mean that the Aero 883 is perfect for both road racing and triathlon and offers a lower aerodynamic front position. The Aero 883 Disc is our most aerodynamic disc road frame.

Every inch of the Aero 883 Disc has been optimised to reduce drag, with a Kamm Tail* shaped seat tube and down tube and an integrated seat clamp built into the frame. This not only looks beautiful, but also reduces wind resistance. This disc-equipped frame can accommodate the latest Direct mount disc brake calipers offering the best stopping power possible.

Up front, the specially shaped aero head tube features integrated shrouds to direct air flow around its base and the shorter top tube means you can easily fit a pair of tri-bars to give you that lower tri position for aerodynamics.

The rigorously tested aerodynamic tube profiles of the Aero 883 Disc are shaped to minimise drag and the rear wheel is tucked up behind the partially curved seat tube creating a shorter wheelbase.

A special blend of high-end T1000 and T800 unidirectional carbon composites ensures that the frame is both light yet stiff and has precise handling characteristics. The Aero 883’s impressed BikesEtc “the tubing is an object lesson in oversizing, especially at the keys areas for reducing flex and aiding power transfer – namely the chain stays, head tube and frankly massive bottom bracket area.”

We are excited to work with a cutting edge design partner with this ground breaking bike. The Aero 883 Disc was developed in association with Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) in Sheffield, a company whose core skills have been developed in the Formula 1 and MotoGP motorsport environments. Performance improvements at elite level are, according to PES, about understanding the ‘sum of all parts’.

“That includes understanding that designs should deliver small repeatable gains in many different areas to deliver an overall winning solution. Performance at this level of sport is measured in 100ths of a second and microns. The team also has to work closely with and understand the athletes and support them so as to deliver the optimum performance package,” say our experts in aerodynamic carbon composite design and testing.

Hours of advanced computer simulations have resulted in a frameset of varying aerodynamic profiles - each optimised according to location to reduce turbulence across a wide range of wind directions (yaw angles).

*German physicist Wunibald Kamm discovered that a teardrop shape whose "tail" straight cut reduces air turbulence and thus has very favourable aerodynamic properties. The Kamm-tail shape is widely used in the automotive industry. Legendary models like the Ferrari Dino, the Ford GT40 and the Aston Martin DB6 use this technique to reduce air resistance.

To bring this fast bike to a halt, you can choose between this Direct Mount disc model or the Direct Fit rim braked Aero 883.

All the same award winning features of the Aero 883 are here and now with the very latest flat mount disc brakes if you need that extra stopping power on a cutting-edge bike.


1. Di2 and EPS ready frame
Cutting edge and future-proof frame.
2. Large Kamm-Tail seat tube
Minimises drag and air turbulence.
3. Hidden Seat clamp
Aerodynamic down to the fine details.
4. Press Fit bottom bracket
Increases stiffness and improves power transfer.
5. Aero tubing and internal cables
Class leading aerodynamics.
6. Flat mount Disc brakes
Excellent stopping power and aero efficient.

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble Aero 883 Disc

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

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Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Aero 883 Disc
Size A B C D E F G H I
S 478 527.6 380 118.2 521 72.1 976 412 74.3
M 502 547.4 388 140.3 543 72.4 989.4 413 73.7
L 522 566 396 165.3 565 72.6 1004.7 414 73.3
XL 542 584.6 404 187.5 587 72.8 1019.6 416 72.9

Our available frame sizes

S 5' 5" - 5' 8"


Available from w/c 31st July

M 5' 9" - 5' 11"


L 6' 0" - 6' 1"

In Stock

XL 6' 2" - 6' 4"


Available from w/c 31st July

Ribble Aero 883 Disc Customer Reviews

I've had this bike for just under two weeks now and it is nothing short of amazing. I went for the medium frame, Ultegra Di2 with an 11-28 cassette on a compact chainset, Cosmic Elite WTS and Deda finishing kit. The total price was under £2.5k which is a bargain considering what I've got; a super stiff carbon aero frame and forks, electric shifting, respectable mid-section aero wheels and a finishing kit that turns heads.

Not only does this bike look good, it performs superbly too, which is the main thing when considering a road bike review.

It's extremely responsive and fast, very fast! The Di2 with the auto-trim makes it possible to stay on the 50t chainring even when climbing. I still have to change to the 34t to get up the steepest hills, of which there are plenty in South Wales, but the 50t simply glides over quite a few hills I encounter. Many of which I struggled with due to chain rub/noise on my previous road bike.

I'm yet to discover a notable negative point on the bike. The seatpost adjustment is a little fiddly but once the height is set, it's not as if it will need more tweeking is it? Plus, Ribble provide a rubber seal to prevent moisture and debris collecting in the seat tube. If I'm being super picky, the raw carbon finish isn't the greatest look up close as it looks a little patchy, but that is just an aesthetic point and one you'd generally have to be very close to the bike to notice. The bike as a whole looks absolutely amazing!

Have to say a big thanks to the guys in the Cardiff store too. They helped with sizing prior to purchasing as well as fitting when I collected the bike and were always happy to answer any questions and offer advice along the way. A real credit to Ribble.

The Aero 883: buy it. You won't be disappointed!

Staff at the Cardiff store were very helpful , couldn't do enough for you. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to fellow cyclists and friends.

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