Ribble Gran Fondo Disc

Endurance comfort and stopping power – the new Gran Fondo Disc

The brand new Gran Fondo Disc raises the bar for lightweight carbon disc bikes for longer endurance riding. It has been designed with sporting geometry with your perfect position on the bike the upmost priority. Gran Fondo is an Italian term which loosely translates to “Big Ride” - we want you to be comfortable whatever you call a big ride, whether that is 10 miles or 110 miles.

“Slackening the head tube should add a little more stability to the handling with s-bend seat stays introduced to add a little more comfort into the frame.” RoadCyclingUK

Ideally suited to Fondo or Sportive riding the versatile Ribble Gran Fondo Disc has a more relaxed head tube angle and a longer wheelbase or trail. This makes your position on the bike more comfortable and so less tiring and the bike even easier to handle.

The addition of the very latest Flat mount disc brakes makes the Gran Fondo Disc future-proof and ideally suited to wet or extreme riding conditions such as those found in the hills and high mountains. This disc-equipped bike will give greater confidence and safety when descending or riding in big groups.

The change to a slightly taller head tube and improved tube shaping also helps provide better handling, additional comfort and increased torsional stiffness, making the Gran Fondo Disc perfectly suited for longer rides.

The Gran Fondo Disc is a frame that will quite happily go along at a steady pace, but when you want to ride a little harder, is stiff enough to transfer full power through the pedals. A dose of classic Italian styling and fully internal cable routing complete the looks of this beautiful looking bicycle.

The Ribble Gran Fondo Disc is a bike for every scenario. With clearance for 30mm wide tyres, it becomes even more comfortable and suitable for long rides and those that incorporate rougher road sections or cobbles.

Also available with rim brakes, this is a bike designed for a more comfortable ride that is still lightweight, fast and nimble - go far and go fast with ease on the Gran Fondo Disc.


1. Di2 ready and internal cable routing
Compatible with all electronic groupsets from Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM
2. Latest Flat mount disc calipers
The very latest flat mount disc brakes for greater confidence and safety
3. 30mm tyre clearance
For increased comfort over rougher roads
4. Tapered head tube
Increases steering positivity and confidence
5. S-shaped seat stays for improved comfort
Extra flex reduces road vibrations through the frame
6. 27.2mm seat post
To further enhance the comfort, the slender seat post keeps the back end comfortable

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Start Advanced Bike Builder

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc
Size A B C D E F G H I
S 500 513 364 123 524 70.8 975 408 74.1
M 530 533 373 147.6 548 71.1 990 408 73.7
L 555 554 382 173.9 572 71.4 1005 408 73.3
XL 580 574 391 198 596 71.7 1019 408 72.9
2XL 605 595 400 224 620 72 1034 408 72.5

Our available frame sizes

S 5' 2" - 5' 5"

In Stock

M 5' 6" - 5' 9"

In Stock

L 5' 10" - 6' 0"


Available from w/c 3rd July

XL 6' 1" - 6' 3"

In Stock

2XL 6' 4" - 6' 6"

In Stock

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc Customer Reviews

For many years, I've been thrashing around on my mountain bike. I had a road bike once given me, but it did not fit and therefore I couldn't get on with it, which put me off. However, with the time to go out again and after being overtaken umpteen times by road bikes, I decided to buy one. Months of research, cheeky emails and a healthy budget pointed me to the Gran Fondo Disc. I really love the discs on my mountain bike so that's why I went for discs. Regarding wheels I know nothing, but decided to go for cool Mavic pro carbon. Then the gears. Ultegra DI2 was the only option for me. So the whole lot came to a lot of money, but no other competitor could deliver this spec for the price.

So was it worth it? Well, although not experienced in road biking, as an engineer I know quality, and this bike is superb. Ok, I did a little remodelling of the cable routing from the bars to the frame to avoid a rub, but I am really happy with the bike. The DI2 is amazing, and only on day 2 I had it plugged into the laptop, updated the firmware and started to understand the customisation options. After a very short time, I don't think I will move away from Synchro Shift, where you up and down in the gears, and DI2 takes care of both derailleurs as one system.

During the delivery time I changed my mind on frame size, handlebar width and cassette build, and Ribble delivered all the changes flawlessly.

Overall, a great bike, tremendous value which is unmatched by the big boys and I'm very impressed.

Good job Ribble.
I purchased this bike after a lot of research on the internet, the great thing about Ribble is that you can alter the spec of the bike up or down as suits your needs and budget. I am very pleased with the bike so far, it is smooth to ride and easy to handle, basically, it does what it is advertised to do.
Dusty Gus

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