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Ribble Cycles Bike Builder

Ribble Carbon Road Bikes

Our carbon bikes when tested by leading cycling magazines have all received universal acclaim. Cycling Plus said of our Sportive Racing bike "It wowed everybody who rode it" "it feels like you're climbing on a pro bike".

Triathlon Plus awarded our Nero RC bike the best of test Gold Award and they said "Cue rock solid power transfer underfoot, snap fast shifts and a dramatic drop in weight compared to the..." "...Every time we rode them head to head, though, whoever was on the Ribble had the upper hand as soon as things turned competitive. In fact, its combination of sharp responsiveness, accuracy and addictive appetite to ride further and faster every time would match price-no-object superbikes"

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Ribble Alloy Road Bikes

Ribble alloy bikes have enjoyed unequalled success in the UK. 25, 50, 100 mile and 12 hour National Championships, B.B.A.R., National Criterium Championship and the National Road Race Championship have all been won on our alloy bikes.

That famous Liverpudlian trained and raced on a Ribble before his Olympic Gold. We supplied frames to members of the British squad at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and our bikes were chosen by the leading lady British triathlete at the Sydney Olympics. In 2001 the World Duathlon Championship was won on a Ribble and the overall winner and second placed rider in the UK's season long Premier Series were on Ribble alloy bikes.

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Ribble Winter Training/Audax Road Bikes

Our best selling 7005 winter bike was designed over 30 years ago by our current Managing Director to provide a winter training frame for serious race cyclists who were looking to build a "winter bike with full mudguards" that had the racier feel of their "best bike".

It is now purchased as a winter training bike, go to work bike, and more recently as a fast Audax bike. The bike has been chosen by all disciplines of cyclists from complete amateurs to Olympic gold medallists and World Champions. We are constantly complemented on the excellence of the ride and build quality.

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Ribble Carbon Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Plus awarded our Aero TT the best of test Gold Award and said ""The Ribble offers wheels and componentry that smashes others tested" The Verdict: "The surprise, though, is the Ribble. You just can't ignore its incredible value. The frame stands up to comparison with the others here and it boasts wheels and componentry that drops the others off the pace. But make sure you can live with the aggressive ride position. If you can, you'll get yourself a sparkling, super-quick bike that keeps on giving. We were left scratching our heads, looking for the catch. But there isn't one."

Richard Stannard - Four Time World Champion and Former British Triathlon Champion said "This is the lightest most responsive aero frame I have ever ridden. It corners amazingly well, I have used it in a draft legal triathlon on a crit circuit bike course and could not believe how well this time trial frame corners and then accelerates. As TT frames go you get a lot of bike for your money."

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Ribble Alloy Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes

A complete range of alloy TT bikes all developed from our award winning alloy road frames. All the frames in this alloy range are created to ensure the ultimate in aerodynamics and power transfer. We have matched these powerful frames with high quality branded componentry ensuring the very best value that money can buy.

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