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Lightweight Performance Carbon

Stiff to offer maximum power transfer and light in weight for better acceleration and agility you can be sure that these carbon bikes are fast, responsive and fun to ride. Their vibration absorbing qualities translate into a more comfortable ride without compromising their performance edge.

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Since the end of the 20th century steel bikes have given way to the new kid on the blog the carbon road bike. The most obvious benefit of Carbon is that it allows the manufacturer to build a lightweight bike. But the carbon material also offers better torsional stiffness which results in better power transfer. This has a dual effect, firstly the bike is faster and secondly the rider retains more energy for longer which increases their output and performance. Hence the carbon bike is the choice of professional world tour racing teams who are always seeking the additional performance advantage. Carbon road bikes are ever evolving, today’s top-tier frames are manufactured as a monocoque from the finest grades of material. Take our very own Endurance SL R Series for instance which is constructed from Toray T800 and T1000. Carbon fibres are formed around a central mould to produce a 1-piece carbon frame. A higher grade of carbon like the T1000 allows the frame builders to build a lighter frame but with no compromise of the structural integrity. An entry level carbon frame will be built using less strands of carbon and will be assembled in sections rather than as a single construction. They do not offer the same level of torsional stiffness as a monocoque construction so will not be as afst and are more often than not heavier to boot. Most bike manufacturer’s will offer a whole host of bikes for a variety of disciplines. For instance we have the Endurance Carbon road range, CGR Carbon gravel bike, CS SL cross bike, Ultra TT time trial bikes and Endurance SL e electric bike.



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