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These super-stealthy, pedal-assisted electric bikes will help you keep up with the group, smash that ride when the body is less than ... Read more
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Electric bikes or Electric Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC, Pedelec) are one of the fastest-growing markets in the cycling industry and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. They first rose to popularity in MTB circles where they were used to provide the extra push required for difficult ascents. Proper electric bicycles (e-bikes) are not to be confused with mopeds or other electric motorcycles as they do still require the rider to pedal.

E-bikes are standard bikes that have been fitted with an inbuilt electric motor that provides extra propulsion. They also feature rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries which are normally hidden away within the tubing of the frame. In Ribble bikes, for instance, the battery is located within the downtube. But what do electric bikes offer? As the technology has evolved the batteries and motors have shrunk in size yet retained high levels of power so today’s electric bikes are lighter and more powerful than ever before. Today, as with the Ribble range of e-bikes you would be hard-pressed to ascertain that they are e-bikes at all.


There are predominantly 2 different types of electric bikes available. The first is the power-on-demand system, where the rider does not have to pedal whilst the propulsion is engaged.

The second system is the Pedal Assist, also known as Pedelecs. This system will only provide assistance to the rider and does not simply take over or allow the rider to stop pedalling. All ribble e-bikes fall within this latter category thanks to us choosing to use the superlight, yet powerful MAHLE ebikemotion X35hub drive system.

At only 3.5kgs and with 3 smooth levels of power assistance at the touch of a button this advanced system is incredibly light and powerful.


Electric bikes are subject to the regulations of the country that the bike will be used in. There is normally a national regulation, but in some instances, the final decision can be left to the local province or region. In the EU the bikes have to conform to EU Law EN15194 so must not exceed a maximum speed and the motor cannot exceed 250W.

In terms of how fast they can go they are restricted according to local laws. For instance, in Germany, the most powerful power assist bikes (referred to as S-Pedelecs for Super Pedelecs) are limited to 45kmh (28mph). This is much higher than in the UK where the speed limit for an electric bike is 24.9kmh (15.4mph). If the bike is capable of exceeding 15.5mph in the UK or the motor exceeds 250W then you have to be insured, registered and pay tax on the bike.


Today the popularity of electric bikes has resulted in there being far more choice to suit all manner of rider types and styles of riding.

A hybrid style of e-bike is the popular choice for people looking to take up cycling who do not want a full-on road bike. They generally tend to have flat bars and are a great choice for casual day trips, commuting and family ride outs.

An off-road, gravel style bike is proving to be popular with riders who enjoy taking the bike off the beaten track and prefer that extra assist for ascending those difficult climbs or over difficult terrain.

There is also the electric performance road bike like the Endurance SLe. Like any other high-end road bike it retains the sleek lines and lightness of weight. However, it also offers the rider that added re-assurance of the extra assist for those ascents over challenging terrain.


Spend £350 or more with us, and you can apply to spread the cost with our finance partner V12*. You can choose how much deposit you want to pay - whether it's half the cost or nothing at all.

Classic Finance (14.9% APR Representative) is available over 24 months or 36 months with a minimum spend of £350.

0% APR Interest-free finance is available over six months with a minimum spend of £350 or 12 months with a minimum spend of £2500.

0% APR Interest Finance is available on all Ribble bikes with the exception of Special Offer / Special Edition and Clearance bikes.

*Subject to status. terms and conditions apply.

Electric Bikes

Designed in Lancashire and tested over the hills and roads of Northern England.

Each of our models of electric bicycle enables you to ride faster, further and for longer and are ideal for long-distance endurance rides, road sportives, multi-terrain rides and commuting. Our BikeBuilder allows you to fully customise the build options to suit your riding preferences, allowing you to make the bike truly yours.

Our range of high-performance electric bikes are some of the most advanced e-bikes available. One of the key features of these electric bikes is that they still offer the high-end performance and looks of contemporary road bikes, urban bikes and gravel bikes. However, with the battery hidden within the frame, there are no bulky tubes marring the lines of these stunning machines.

The Best eBikes for Sale

electric bikes

The Ribble e-Bikes have exceeded this brief and set a new benchmark for electric bike design. With weights starting from just 11kgs our range of electric bikes has positioned themselves as being one the lightest ranges of e-bikes available worldwide. Working with our partners at ebikemotion to offer the rider up to 250W of smooth and controlled power assistance on climbs and up to 26km/h through 3 power settings combined with a 250Wh internal battery (or up to 750Wh with the additional external battery packs) all of this is built into superlight framesets that have all the attributes you can expect from any cutting-edge modern bike.