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Electric Gravel Bike

Re-Define Your Limits

Ride faster, further and for longer on road, gravel or trail with these electric gravel bikes. With a generous tyre clearance and 3 levels ... Read more
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    The gravel bike’s extreme popularity stems from its ability to tackle a variety of surfaces, from tarmac, towpath, gravel to trail, there are few places it cannot go. The electric gravel bike takes it one step further, for mounted within the frame is a powerful electric drive system which offers a welcome boost of power to assist with extricating yourself from a tricky situation or to power up a climb.

    Like most e-bikes the e-gravel bike is fitted with an electric propulsion system mounted either within the rear hub or bottom bracket shell. At the push of a button the motor kicks in and provides a boost to each pedal revolution up to a set speed (this speed will be limited by local government laws and regulations). Each system employs several assistance levels so you can select the level of assistance you require for a certain terrain and it can then be dialled back to conserve battery or when it is not required. At a set speed, the motor automatically disengages and it is down to the rider to propel the bike like any ordinary gravel bike. A powerful battery located within the downtube provides on average approximately 100km of range on a single charge depending upon certain factors such as route profile, temperature, rider weight etc. The electric gravel bike allows the rider to ride further, faster and for longer with less fatigue than a normal gravel bike.