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Electric Road Bike

Make it Possible With The World's Lightest E-Road Bike Range!

Everything you love about cycling - These cutting-edge electric road bikes are amongst the lightest of their type available worldwide and ... Read more
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    An electric road bike (or e-road bike for short) is a normal road going bicycle that has been designed from the outset to accept some form of electric propulsion system. An electric motor is most commonly mounted within the rear hub axle or bottom bracket shell. This is linked to a battery either mounted within the downtube or attached to the underside of the downtube. A control button is often installed on the top tube or handlebars which allows the rider to control the assistance when on the move. Each system has several levels of power assistance which provides a boost of power to each revolution of the pedals.

    The power assistance will cut out at a set speed in line with local government laws and regulations concerning powered transport. Once this limit is reached the system automatically cuts out and it is then down to the rider to people the bike like any other modern road bike. There are various type of electric road bikes for road riding to suit different riders, so you can choose one that is designed for pure high-speed performance or one that suits a more leisurely sit in the saddle all day style of riding or a mixture of both.