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Ribble Endurance SL e
Previously unimaginable mountain passes, not keeping up on hilly group rides and the rides that take you way outside your comfort zone are now in the past with the new Ribble Endurance SLe. Super stealth smooth and controlled power assistance with 3 power settings all in a superlight high-end carbon road platform. With builds ranging from 11kg the Ribble Endurance SLe is the World’s lightest e-road bike range.




Previously unimaginable mountain passes, not keeping up on hilly group rides and the rides that take you way outside your comfort zone are now in the past with the new Ribble Endurance SLe. Super stealth smooth and controlled power assistance with 3 power settings all in a superlight high-end carbon road platform. With builds ranging from 11kg the Ribble Endurance SLe is the World’s lightest e-road bike range.

  • Electric The ebikemotion X35 motor hub drive system with 3 power settings up to 250W and easy to use integrated button, no handlebar accessories required
  • Battery 250Wh internal battery, with the option to increase to 750Wh with additional batteries
  • Internal cabling Full internal cabling routing between switch, battery and motor
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity with system specific APP for system, ride, GPS, performance functionality and information

Road riding has been defined by physical challenge, glory, passion, style and panache through a long history of the greatest athletes to have ever graced our planet, sacrificing everything and giving their all to conquer the terrain ahead of them for victory. This has forged what the modern-day road bike not only looks like but crucially feels like, being at one with the bike, the exhilaration and satisfaction gained from emulating heroes past and present as you ride to your personal victory.

This was paramount in our minds as we embarked on our e-road bike project. Our brief was to develop a product that would enhance the experience and essence of road riding by providing smooth and controlled power assistance when the rider needs it, whilst crucially ensuring that when power assistance is not required the product looks and feels like a normal high-end road bike.

The Ribble Endurance SLe has exceeded this brief and set a new benchmark for e-road bike design. Weighing as little as 11kg the SLe has positioned itself as the lightest e-road bike range in the World. Working with our partners at ebikemotion to offer the rider up to 250W of smooth and controlled power assistance on climbs and up to 26km/h through 3 power settings combined with a 250Wh internal battery (or up to 750Wh with the additional external battery packs) all of this is built into a superlight chassis that has all the attributes of a cutting edge high-end road bike.


Pair your phone and smartwatch to the Ebikemotion system to unlock a multitude of additional features.

  • Available range
  • Navigation information
  • GPS Tracking
  • Speedometer
  • Battery capacity check
  • Diagnostic info
  • Heart rate compatible
  • ... and much more!

eBikeMotion Starter Kit

Download the brochure and user guides to get started with the eBikeMotion system.

With the SLe we have created a stealth e-bike that rides, looks and feels like a high end road bike with the performance enhancing advantage of smooth and controlled power assistance at a market leading weight.


The Fitness rider looking to ride further with significantly less fatigue, make light work of hills, go from not keeping up with the group to leading the group over the summit and experience longer rides over more challenging terrain that wouldn’t previously have been possible.

The Leisure rider looking to enjoy the road cycling experience whilst staying within their physical comfort zone.

The competitive rider, just set the power setting to Red and you have 250W of additional power boosting you up to an Elite level climber.

Whatever your level of riding the SLe will give you a significant performance boost to get you over previously unimaginable mountain passes, keep up on hilly group rides and smash the ride that took you way outside your comfort zone.

Make it Possible with the SLe!

  • Charged External charge, diagnosis and additional battery point
  • Lightweight Lightweight and compact rear hub motor enables all standard chainset options
  • Fast charge 3.5 hour full charge time
  • Efficient Zero drag motor for maximum efficiency when riding without power assist

Based on the new superlight Ribble Endurance SL frame platform the SLe has been designed around a carefully considered geometry resulting in a frameset that offers stability, comfort and great handling with enough adjustability to suit both endurance riders and those looking for a more performance optimised riding position.

The SLe frameset is manufactured from a carefully selected blend of Toray’s T1000 and T800 carbon layered to an exacting specification using an advanced monocoque mould technology incorporating an EPS inner core system which ensures complete consistency of the structural integrity of the fibres and resin throughout the frame. This system also eliminates excess material on the inside of the frame.

The profiles and shapes designed into the frame are all there for a specific performance reason, from the box section down tube and chain-stays enhancing torsional stiffness to the seat post and seat stays designed for vertical compliance and vibration absorption, this frame is the epitome of design and attention to detail.

With a multitude of component, wheel and finishing kit specification options the SLe can be built into your dream bike tailored to your style and level of riding.

Finance Calculator

Total amount repayable .
APR representative.

Finance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.


1. Optional carbon integrated cockpit with full internal cable routing

2. Tyre size compatibility – Up to 32mm (25mm with guards)

3. Bolt through front axle for improved stiffness

4. Disc brake compatible – Powerful, controlled braking in all conditions

5. Internal cable routing and Di2 compatibility

6. Mudguard fitments and clearance – For all weather riding

7. Seat stay profiles designed for vertical compliance and vibration absorption enhancing comfort

8. Oversize box section down tube and chainstays for torsional stiffness and power transfer

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Endurance SL e
Size XS S M L XL
Rider Height 5'3" - 5'5"
160 - 165cm
5'5" - 5'7"
165 - 170cm
5'7" - 5'10"
170 - 178cm
5'10" - 6'1"
178 - 185cm
6'1" - 6'3"
185 - 191cm
Wheel Size 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C
A 74.5° 74.0° 73.6° 73.3° 73.0°
B (mm) 520 535 550 570 585
C 71.0° 72.0° 72.5° 73.0° 73.3°
D (mm) 53 45 45 45 45
E (mm) 110 130 150 170 190
F (mm) 68 68 68 68 68
RC (mm) 415 415 415 415 415
FC (mm) 591 591 591 598 610
Stack (mm) 495 521 541 562 582
Reach (mm) 382 385 390 396 400
WB (mm) 996 996 997 1004 1012
G (mm) 470 490 510 530 550


How much does the Endurance SLe weigh?

Builds start at 11kgs. This includes the motor system at 3.5kgs.

How much does the Endurance SLe 105 (R7000) spec weigh?

The SLe 105 spec weigh approximately 11.6kgs

What electronic drive system does the SLe use?

The SLe has been built around the Ebikemotion X35 system.

Can I alter the assistance levels of the motor system?

Yes, you can cycle through 3 different assistance modes, or choose to have the motor turned off completely; all at the press of a button.

How does the motor work?

The SLe’s motor system is ‘pedal assist’, which means that the motor supports you when you pedal the bike.

How fast can I go on the SLe?

The SLe’s motor system will power you until you reach 15mph, at which point (by law, and as with all ebikes in the UK) the assistance will cut out. If you drop below 15mph the system will automatically kick back in with assistance if required.

What is the range of the SLe?

The range of the SLe depends on a number of factors including rider weight, route profile and temperature. A rider of 90kg, on a varied route including climbs, descents and flats can expect an average distance of 60-80 miles when using maximum assistance mode.

Can I go faster than 15mph?

Yes, and with builds from only 11kgs you may find yourself above this speed a lot of the time. The motor will only assist you up to 15mph, and for speeds above this you will be relying on your legs.

What if I get a puncture in the rear wheel?

It is simple to disconnect the rear wheel from the frame by unclipping the connector on the chainstay and releasing the nuts on the rear axle. The reconnect, simply click back in and tighten the nuts.

What is the warranty on the frame?

The frame has a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts are covered by the manufacturers standard warranty

Can I fit mudguards?

Yes the frame is compatible with full mudguards thanks to its integrated mudguard mounts.

What is the maximum tyre width that the frame can accommodate?

The Endurance SLe is suitable for tyre widths up to 28c without mudguards and 25c with mudguards.

What type of riding is this bike best suited for?

The Endurance geometry of this frame is best suited to comfort and efficiency over longer distances as well as an aid to climbing.

How many bottle cage mounts are there?

Each frame size has mountings for 2 bottles.

Does the frame have fittings to allow a rack to be mounted?

No, the frame does not have rack mounts incorporated.

Is it Di2 compatible?

Yes, thanks to its fully internal cable routing the frame is fully compatible with electronic groupsets.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

From flat the battery takes 3.5 hours to reach full charge.

Do I need to remove the battery to charge?

No, the charging port is accessible easily on the outside of the frame.

How will I know how much battery I have left?

The top-tube button indicates battery life at a glance with a simple colour-code. White means you’re at full battery; progressing down through Green, Amber and finally Red to indicate 25% remaining.

Is there an app to use with the system?

Yes, the motor system’s app is compatible with both Apple and Android OS’s and offers a full suite of functionality; from monitoring your exact battery life, to pairing the system with a heart rate monitor and having the motor kick in at a specific BPM limit.

How does the SLe’s weight compare to other E-Road bikes?

The SLe is one of the lightest e-Bikes currently available. As reference points, the Pinarello Nytro is 13kgs; and the Orbea Gain is 11.3kgs.

Is the battery and /or motor replaceable?

Yes, the battery is accessible by removing the bottom bracket. The motor is also easy to replace.

Are the brakes Flat mount or post mount?

The brakes are the most current flat mount variant.

What plug sockets are supplied for international customers?

Our SLe bike is supplied with a 3-pin UK adaptor.

Will the battery be chargeable in the USA as a different voltage is used? (also applied to other countries)

Yes, with the use of a plug-adaptor you will be able to charge from a USA socket, although charge times may vary to those stated for the UK.

How do you charge the battery?

You charge the system via the charging point that is easily accessible on the top of the bottom bracket shell.

What is the life expectancy of the battery?

Battery has a live expectancy of around 500 charging cycles.

What BB does it take?

The Endurance SLe takes a BB72 on Shimano builds and BB86 on SRAM builds.

Where does the additional battery mount/plug in?

The additional battery comes in the form of a bottle and is mounted via a standard bottle cage, the charger then plugs into the charge point on top of the bottom bracket shell.

Is the bike supplied with pedals?

Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes but you can find a great array of pedals here.


We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our BikeBuilder. The BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Ribble Endurance SL e Customer Reviews

Ribble endurance SLE -used my bike for the first time last Sunday on the Yeovil sportive. Lovely to ride. Didn’t really notice the additional weight compared to my Azzuro. Only used low power mode to assist me up the hills and on a very windy stretch. Having been injured to a few months I am now able to ride again. Worth every penny!!
Fantastic bike. I am a 74 Lady cyclist with a dodgy knee. I have been struggling on my rides and decided that I did not have many cycling years left so opted for an ebike. First ride 20 miles easiest ride I have ever had. Never felt the hills or the head wind home. Should have bought an ebike years ago, but didn't want to be seen giving in.

The bike itself is a Ribble SLe small carbon frame. Ultegra group set. Only a couple of minor alterations needed. The seat post needed shortening, flat pedals were too heavy, so bought lightweight ones with toe clips. The saddle options didn't suit so I opted for a one that suited my husband and bought my usual ladies saddle. Any one my age who is hesitating about buying an ebike should just do it. You will be amazed how easy cycling can be.

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