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Electric Hybrid Bike

Power Your Adventures

These electric hybrid bikes amplify your pedalling power, enabling you to ride further and explore more of the world around you in comfort ... Read more
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    The electric hybrid bike is faster on the road than an MTB and more comfortable to ride than an out and out road bike. It perfectly blends the speed and efficiency of a road bike with the multi-terrain versatility and comfortable riding position of an MTB. Plus, there is the additional benefit of having an electric propulsion system to provide a welcome boost of power to every pedal stroke.

    A compact yet powerful motor is located within the rear hub or bottom bracket shell and is connected to a battery situated within the downtube of the bike. Together they are capable are propelling the bike up to a maximum speed of 15mph (though this may be higher in certain countries) to comply with local laws and regulations. Once the bike exceeds this speed the motor disengages and the rider then takes over, once the speed falls below the set limit the motor re-engages. At no time will the motor simply take over, so rider input and control is required at all times.

    The motor system will have several pre-set levels of assistance and it is possible to vary the amount of assistance that is provided to suit the immediate terrain or to conserve battery life. A control button is normally mounted on the top tube or handlebars and at the push of a button, you can select the assistance level you require while on the move.