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Choose from millions of colour combinations, with CustomColour, available on this bike.
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Choose from millions of colour combinations, with CustomColour, available on this bike. Find the configurator under the 'Customise' button after you have selected your size.

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    Not sure which E-Bike is right for you?

    E-Bikes are an exciting new part of the cycling market, and our range of E-Bikes has a model to suit all riders. However, most people still haven’t ridden an E-Bike, so its natural to have questions about them. You can contact our Ribble Live team HERE to speak to our friendly experts right away. Alternatively, we offer free demo rides from our flagship Clitheroe showroom, and you can find out how to book HERE. We have also written a blog to answer the most common questions HERE.


    The perfect blend of style, comfort and efficiency, the Hybrid AL e combines features and technology with classic British styling.  Fully equipped for fun on city cruises, commutes and day trips, it features a rear rack for your favourite luggage, mudguards to keep the spray away and lights to announce your presence.

    At home in the city and on the trails, this cycle scheme-approved bike is the choice for those who want to enjoy riding without being limited by terrain or distance.

    TO YOU

    A rear rack and mudguards provide you with the versatility of being able to zip around town carrying those everyday essentials while remaining cleaner and drier when the weather is less than perfect.  Perfect for the daily commute, popping to the local store for groceries or fun-filled multi-day bikepacking adventures.

    Using our famous BikeBuilder, you can customise and accessorise your bike. So, changing your tyres and saddle preferences is a breeze.


    A lightweight hub-drive motor provides smooth, reliable power assistance and near-zero drag in off mode, ensuring your ride feels as natural as a traditional bike. The slimline and lightweight Panasonic 36V/250Wh battery fits discreetly within the frame's downtube, reaches maximum capacity from fully depleted in only 3.5 hours and is capable of providing up to 60 miles of assistance over variable terrain.

    * average dependant on riding style, rider and terrain.

    A lightweight and robust aluminium frame makes the Hybrid AL e just as good for putting on the car for a fun weekend away as it is for the morning commute.

    As the MAHLE SmartBike System weighs just 3.5kg, you get all the benefits of a smart e-bike system with none of the typical compromises.


    From the classically styled paintwork to the matched handlebar grips and cushioned saddle, every aspect of the Hybrid AL e has been carefully curated to deliver the perfect blend of style and comfort.


    The MAHLE SmartBike Systems smartphone app can help you keep track of all you need with journeys, locations, speeds, maps and much more.

    Should you have a problem with the system and you have the app connected, our experts can run remote diagnostics from wherever you are to help get you back on your journey.


    Download the brochure below to get started with the MAHLE SmartBike System.


    Custom Colour


    We create the bike, you decide the design. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

    Just select customise after choosing your size.

    Your Bike. Your Way

    If you want to look stylish around town and arrive where you’re going sweat-free, it’s definitely one to consider.
       - ebiketips.
    eBike of the year 2020
    With its road-inspired design and super smooth ride, the Ribble Hybrid AL e is our tip for the best electric bike available right now.
       - techradar.

    We really didn't want to hand this one back. Its fun to ride, comfortable and looks great

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    Classy urban e-bike with an enjoyable ride and a good motor system. Ribble’s Hybrid Al e is a very well-rounded entry into the assisted urban bike market

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    Offering a smooth level of assistance from the Ebikemotion system, coupled with decent range and a fully loaded spec the Ribble Hybrid AL e can handle the daily commute as well as anything

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    Frequently Asked
    Do I need to pedal to ride this e-bike?

    Yes, our e-bikes are pedal-assisted models which require rider input at all times.

    I’m worried I won’t have full control over the bike.

    Don't worry; being a pedal-assisted model means you are always in full control. When a power assist level is selected, the motor simply provides a little extra boost whilst you pedal and does not take over.

    Do I need tax, insurance or a licence to ride the e-bikes?

    No, pedal-assisted electric bikes do not require you to hold a valid driver’s licence, pay tax or take out insurance.

    How do I charge the battery?

    To charge the battery, simply plug the bike into a household socket using the supplied charger and cable. (The optional range extender can also charge the main battery whilst you are on the move).

    Can I ride this in the wet?

    The electric components used on our e-bikes are IP54 rated. They can be used in inclement weather conditions and are protected against splashing, but not against full immersion or when subjected to pressurised water from a hose pipe or jet wash. When transporting the bike outside of a vehicle, a waterproof cover should be utilised to protect the electronic components from water damage during such transportation. As with any bike, we would recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the bike after wet weather rides to maintain the peak performance of your bike.

    Can this bike be purchased on a Cycle to Work scheme?

    Yes, all e-bikes can be purchased through all the major Cycle to Work scheme providers. The government have even adjusted the £1000 limit, making obtaining an e-bike on cycle to work more beneficial than ever.

    Is it possible to test ride the bike?

    You can test-ride any of our e-bikes and receive expert buying advice at our flagship Clitheroe showroom. Please contact the showroom. in advance so that we can ensure that any bikes that you wish to test ride are available for your visit. During the summer months, we also host demo events across the UK. For further details of upcoming events, please refer to our events page. We will also share the details of future events via our social channels.

    Alternatively, you can hire the e-bike from E-Venture Bikes in Keswick, and the rental cost will be deducted from your purchase should you decide to buy one of our e-bikes.

    How much does the Hybrid AL e weigh?

    Builds start at just 12.5kgs and this includes the motor system at 3.5kgs.

    What electronic drive system does the ALe use?

    The Hybrid AL e is built around the MAHLE X35+ hub drive electric motor system.

    Can I alter the assistance levels of the motor system?

    Yes, you can cycle through three different assistance modes (which can be configured further in the app) or choose to have the motor turned off completely, all at the press of a single button.

    How does the motor work?

    The AL e’s motor system is pedal assist, which means the motor supports you when you pedal the bike.

    How fast can I go on the AL e?

    The Hybrid AL e’s motor system will power you until you reach 15mph, at which point (by law, and as with all e-bikes in the UK) the assistance will cut out. If you drop below 15mph, the system will automatically re-engage and provide assistance until turned off.

    What is the range of the AL e?

    The battery range of the Endurance SL e depends on a number of factors, including rider weight, route profile and temperature. A rider of 90kg on a varied route, including climbs, descents and flats using the low power setting, can expect an average range of up to 60 miles. An optional range extender is also available for all of our e-bikes, effectively doubling the bike's available range.

    Can I go faster than 15mph?

    Yes, the motor will only assist you up to 15mph. Above this threshold, it's all you.

    What if I get a puncture in the rear wheel?

    It is simple to disconnect the rear wheel from the frame by unclipping the connector on the chainstay and releasing the nuts on the rear axle. To reconnect, reverse the process and tighten the nuts.

    What is the warranty on the frame?

    The frame is warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years. The manufacturer's standard warranty covers all other parts. The MAHLE X35 system is covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 2-years.

    Can I fit mudguards?

    Yes, the frame is compatible with full mudguards thanks to its integrated mudguard mounts.

    What is the maximum tyre width the frame can accommodate?

    The Hybrid ALe offers compatibility with tyre widths up to 650x48mm or 700x45mm without mudguards and 40mm with guards fitted.

    What type of riding is this bike best suited for?

    The relaxed geometry of this frame is best suited to comfortable and leisurely rides on paved surfaces or moderate off-road terrains such as bridleways and towpaths.

    How many bottle cage mounts are there?

    Each frame has two bottle cage mounts on the seat tube and the down tube.

    Does the frame have fittings to allow a rack to be mounted?

    Yes, the frame does have mounting points for a rear pannier rack, and if you opt for the Fully Loaded Edition, a Ribble Urban Alloy pannier rack forms part of the specification.

    Is it Di2 compatible?

    No, it doesn't have the required cable routing to offer compatibility with electronic groupsets.

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    From flat the battery takes 3.5 hours to reach full charge.

    Do I need to remove the battery to charge?

    No, the charging port is easily accessible atop the bottom bracket shell.

    How will I know how much battery I have left?

    The button mounted on the top tube indicates the remaining battery life at a glance using a simple traffic light system. White= 75% capacity or more remaining, Green= 50-75%, Amber= 25-50%, Red= 15-25%, Slow Red Flash=10-15% and Rapid Red Flash= 10% or less remaining. You can also keep track of the remaining battery life using the Ebikemotion companion app.

    Is there an app to use with the system?

    Yes, the motor system’s app is compatible with both Apple and Android OS and offers a full suite of functionality, from monitoring your exact battery life to pairing the system with a heart rate monitor and having the motor kick in at a specific BPM limit.

    How does the ALe’s weight compare to other E-Road bikes?

    The Hybrid AL e is one of the lightest e-Bikes of its type currently available.

    Is the battery and /or motor replaceable?

    The battery is accessible by removing the bottom bracket. The motor is also easy to replace.

    Are the brakes flat mount or post mount?

    The brakes are the most current flat mount variant.

    What plug sockets are supplied for international orders?

    Our AL e bike is supplied with a 3-pin UK adaptor.

    How do you charge the battery?

    You charge the system via the charging port that is easily accessible atop the bottom bracket shell.

    What is the life expectancy of the battery?

    The battery can reach up to 500 charging cycles while still retaining up to 90% of its capacity as long as its care and maintenance are adequate. Please refer to our battery care blog for our top tips and recommendations for ensuring maximum battery life. Use only the original MAHLE charger supplied with your bike.

    What BB does it take?

    The Hybrid AL e takes a press-fit bottom bracket; Shimano builds require a BB72-41B 86.5x41 bottom bracket and SRAM a BB86.

    Where does the additional battery mount/plugin?

    The additional battery comes in the form of a bottle and is supplied with its own bottle cage. This replaces the seat tube bottle cage mount (it cannot be mounted on the down tube), and a cable then runs from the extender into the charging port atop the bottom bracket shell.

    Is the bike supplied with pedals?

    Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes but you can find a great array of pedals here.

    Expert Reviews

    Despite having its 250Wh eBikeMotion battery hidden in the downtube, the Ribble Hybrid AL e delivers a surprising amount of pedal assistance and a range of up to 62 miles. Plus it’s a real looker.

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