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Ribble Hybrid AL e

Ribble Hybrid AL e

The Ribble Hybrid AL e

Looking to get fit, commute to work or something for the family weekend rides? The Hybrid AL e is our power assisted electric hybrid.

Ribble Hybrid AL e

Looking to get fit, commute to work or something for the family weekend rides? The Hybrid AL e is our power assisted electric hybrid.
From only US$2,058.04

Whatever You Need It To Be

The perfect blend of style, comfort and efficiency the Hybrid AL e combines features and technology with classic British styling.

At home in the city and on the trails this cycle scheme approved bike is the choice for those who want to enjoy riding without being limited by terrain or distance.


A lightweight hub driven motor provides smooth, reliable power assistance across 3 levels when you need it most. With a range of up-to 100km* on a single charge and a full charge only taking 3 hours, you can have the assistance when and where you need it.

* average dependant on riding style, rider and terrain.


From the beautiful retro styling of the paintwork to the matched, faux leather handlebar grips and cushioned saddle you can be sure that this bike offers not only head turning good looks but also a very comfortable ride too.


The light and strong aluminum frame makes the Hybrid AL e just as good for putting on the car for a fun weekend away as it is for the morning commute.

As the ebikemotion system weighs just 3.5kg, you get all the benefits of a smart ebike system with none of the typical compromises.


With mudguard and rack mounts built into the frame, you have the option to fit full coverage mudguards and carry luggage. Perfect for those longer days in the saddle.

Using our famous BikeBuilder, you’ll be able to customise and accessorise your bike. So, changing your tyres and saddle preferences are a breeze.

More than just a motor

Ebikemotion's smartphone app can help you keep track of all you need with journeys, locations, speeds, maps and much more.

Should you have a problem with the system and you have the app connected, our experts can run remote diagnostics from wherever you are to help get you back on your journey.

eBikeMotion Starter Kit

Download the brochure and user guides to get started with the eBikeMotion system.

Perfect for Cycle to Work

The Hybrid AL e makes a commute by bike a more attractive proposition and as such, is available to order on Cycle to work schemes.

We accept all major cycle to work scheme vouchers.



To assist you in selecting the correct size simply find you height below. The graphic below illustrates our recommendations so you can be confident that the size you order will be correct.

5'4 - 5'7
160cm - 170cm
31 - 33 inch
5'7 - 5'10
171cm - 178cm
34 - 36 inch
5'10 - 6'1
179cm - 185cm
36 - 38 inch
Extra Large
6'1 - 6'4
186cm - 193cm
39 - 41 inch
Unsure of your inside leg measurement?
Put on your shoes and measure your inside leg all the way to the floor

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Hybrid AL e
Size S M L XL
Rider Height 5'4 - 5'7
163cm - 170cm
5'7 - 5'10
170cm - 178cm
5'10 - 6'1
178cm - 185cm
6'1 - 6'4
185cm - 193cm
Stack (mm) 530 571 591 630
Reach (mm) 390 405 415 430
G - Seat tube c/t (mm) 410 450 490 540
B - Top Tube horizontal (mm) 552 585 600 634
E - Head Tube (mm) 122 165 190 230
A - Seat Angle 73° 72.5° 72.5° 72°
C - Head Angle 71° 71° 71° 71°
RC - Rear Centre RC (mm) 436 436 436 436
FC - Front Centre FC (mm) 608 637 654 682
WB - Wheelbase (mm) 1039 1068 1085 1113
F - BB Drop (mm) 50 50 50 50


Our award-winning bikes have been designed and built to be the best in their class and we are confident that when you receive your Ribble bike you will be suitably impressed by it.

However, we appreciate that sometimes, something just isn't as expected, so we give you the opportunity to make changes to it within the first 30 days. In addition, if you feel that you have the wrong frame size we will rebuild it onto a different size frame (fees apply).

We give a three year warranty on this frame and fork to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects.

Finance Calculator

Total amount repayable .
APR representative.

Finance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Come see us in store

With showrooms in Preston and Birmingham, you can visit us for expert advice on buying and sizing your new Ribble bike.

You can also give us a call on +44 (0)1772 963400 to speak directly with our expert team.


How do I select the power assist level?

There is an easy to use button on the top tube that enables you to set the level of assist that you require and which also displays the battery charge remaining.

How fast can I go on the Hybrid-e?

The ebikemotion X35 power assist system offers assistance up to 15mph, at which point (by law, as with all e bikes in the UK) the assistance cuts out. If you drop back below 15mph then they system will re-engage until such time as you turn the assistance off.

What range can I expect from the bike?

Range is affected by a number of factors including rider weight, terrain and temperature. A rider of 90kgs on a varied route including climbs, descents and flats can expect and average distance of 60-80 miles when using maximum assistance.

Will my pannier rack fit?

The hybrid AL e has it's own custom made pannier rack which is included in the Fully Loaded option of the bike.

What type of pump will I need?

By far the most common type of inner tube valve is the Presta high pressure and this is what you need for these bikes. There are a few options with pumps;

  • A mini pump – these small pumps are by far the most popular and can be attached to a bottle cage mount or if small enough can be carried in a cycling jersey pocket.
  • A frame fit pump – a long pump that is normally carried underneath the crossbar/top tube.
  • CO2 pump – a cartridge allows you to fill the tube almost instantaneously (though these are best utilised) as an emergency puncture repair option.
Is the bike supplied with pedals?

Yes, we supply the bikes with a pair of pedals, but please note we cannot fit these prior to despatch.

How heavy is the bike?

In a size medium the bike weighs in at 13.5kgs making it one of the lightest e bikes in the world. We also make the lightest e road bikes in the world.

How do you adjust the saddle height?

You will need a 4mm allen key to loosen the seat collar and adjust the height. Instructions on how to do so are provided when the bike is shipped to you.

What if I get a puncture?

Simply disconnect the cable to the rear wheel motor by unclipping the connector on the chainstay. Then, using an 8mm allen key to loosen the nuts on the rear axle, then reverse the process when the puncture has been repaired.

Will I be able to fit a basket to the front?

Yes, a basket can be affixed to the handlebars.


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