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Mens Hybrid Bikes

Versatile, Fun, Easy-Riding men's hybrid bikes.

The Men's Ribble hybrid range is a highly versatile family of hybrid bikes that are first and foremost fun to ride. From the simplicity of ... Read more
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    TA men’s hybrid bike combines the speed and efficiency of a road bike with the comfort and off-road capability of a mountain bike. If you want a bike that is more than capable of holding its own when riding a cross a variety of surfaces off-road and can be ridden at pace when a ride meets tarmac then the men’s hybrid bike is a great choice.

    A men’s hybrid bike will typically have the wheels, frame and tyres of a road bike but combines this with the flat, riding posture of an MTB. The flat handlebars and upright position of the MTB provide more stability and control and many riders find them to be more comfortable and intuitive.


    There are 4 types of women's hybrid bike including hybrid electric bike, step-through hybrid bike, urban hybrid and hybrid commuter bike.

    The women’s hybrid electric bike provides an extra boost of assistance to each pedal stroke up to a set speed at which point it will disengage. This is to remain within limits laid down by government law regarding motorised vehicles. The step-through model features a dramatically sloping top tube that allows riders wearing a long skirt to ride the bike. The women’s urban hybrid has fixed or singlespeed gears and is will popular with cycle couriers or commuters who prefer the dependable mix of low maintenance components. A women’s hybrid commuter bike will have derailleurs for shifting across a range of gears and compatibility with mudguards for improved all-weather protection and a pannier rack for carrying luggage.


    Men’s hybrid bikes provide a great entry-point into the world of cycling and their unique combination of comfort, efficiency, and control across a variety of terrains makes them an extremely popular choice for both novice and fitness riders. Anyone looking for a lightweight leisure bike to embark upon many different types of ride can benefit from this type of bike. Typically such bikes will be used for casual day trips out with friends or family, spontaneous after work rides, the commute into work or even a spot of light touring.


    They can range in price from anywhere between a couple of hundred pounds and a couple of thousand. How much you spend affects the quality of the components used to make up the bike. Higher quality components result in much improved performance, longevity, reliability, durability, and a lighter bike. For instance, a bike that costs a couple of hundred pounds will be manufactured using cheaper materials which will impact upon the bike’s performance and durability.

    A mid-ranged men’s hybrid bike will cost somewhere in the region of £700 to £1000. At this price point you can expect a good quality, lightweight aluminium frame, reliable entry-level wheelset and dependable groupset. We have chosen to equip our men’s hybrid bikes with Shimano’s Claris groupset due to its combination of value and performance.