From US Postal Team to Head of Product – Meet Jamie Burrow

Friday, August 3, 2018

We got pretty excited when we saw that  Geraint Thomas started his cycling career on a Ribble. We’ve had a few champs ride a Ribble, Chris Boardman, Bradley Wiggins, Geraint Thomas… what we didn’t know is that our very own ex-US Postal Team Pro turned Head of Product Jamie Burrow also started his journey on a Ribble. From family hand-me-downs to pro-team handouts, we sit down with Jamie to find out a bit more about his cycling history.

He’s a man with a million stories to tell, but Jamie tells us we’ll have to wait for the book on that one!!

How old were you when you first got into Cycling?

I had ridden all my life with club social cycling but started racing at 12 with time trials. This was the youngest age allowed to compete on open roads

What caused you to get started?

I come from a cycling family. Both parents were British champions and British record holders. I grew up around races every weekend, holidays to the Tour de France and youth hostelling with the cycling club when mum and dad weren’t racing. As soon as I was old enough to compete, I jumped at it.

What was your first road bike?

Coming from a cycling family, my dad would build me bikes from recycled hand me downs. My first racing bike was a condor, then my first modern bike was a neon pink Ribble, Columbus SL handed down from my dad when I finally started growing! I’ve still got her today!

My first proper road bike – A Ribble Columbus SL

Who were your childhood heroes?

Bernard Hinault.

Jamie’s childhood hero – Bernard Hinault

How were the early years?

As a skinny little kid (Half the size of my peers) I found it hard going in the first 2 years. Not many results and lots of getting lapped at London’s Eastway circuit. I tried all forms of cycling in the u16 category and started to get National wins around 15 years old in Time trials, track and cyclocross. My road results actually took longer to emerge.

When did Cycling become a career?

I left the UK in 1996 at 19 and raced full time as an amateur in France. This was followed up by 3 years in Italy learning the ropes as a full-time bike rider in the “Dilletante category” (semi-pro). In 1999 I won the under 23 World cup and signed my first Pro contract with Lance Armstrong’s USPS Pro cycling team.

Burrow and Lance for the USPS team
Riding alongside Lance Armstrong for the US Postal Service team

Favourite race / result

Favourite race: Tour De France

Best result was winning the U23 World cup. This included winning on the French climb of Plateau de beille in the Ronde de L’isard stage race, beating Marco Pantani’s record for the climb set in the previous years TDF.

Who were your racing rivals?

Growing up I had some great battles with Cadel Evans, Ivan Basso and Frank Schleck

Any regrets?

Too many to write here, so you will have to wait for my book 😉

What now?

Using years of bike passion and knowledge to develop World class products in the bike industry.

Maybe have another dabble at local cyclocross racing next season if time and old age allows it.

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