Why you should upgrade your wheels.

When looking to purchase your new Ribble bike, one area that should never be overlooked is the wheels. There’s an argument to be made that after the frame the wheels make the single biggest difference to the ride quality and performance of a bike. Let’s take a look at why you should upgrade your wheels.


There’s a school of thought in cycling circles that after the frameset the wheels are just as important a factor in maximising your ride enjoyment. But, what advantages does upgrading said set of hoops offer?

  • Weight – You can reasonably expect an entry-level set of alloy wheels to weigh somewhere in the region of approximately 2kg. Upgrading to a pair of lightweight alloy or carbon wheels can save you as much as half a kilo or more!
  • Stiffness – Premium quality wheels will utilise more advanced construction techniques and higher-grade materials to produce wheels with greater structural rigidity. This increased stiffness improves a bikes handling and agility. Especially when cornering, where the forces on the wheels are at their most extreme. It also enables the power to be laid down much more efficiently. This will have a dramatic effect when giving your all on those out of the saddle efforts (climbing and sprinting).
  • Aerodynamics – Wheels with a deeper rim profile carve through the air more efficiently, which translates into less drag and more speed.
  • Durability – As a general rule of thumb, the higher the cost of a wheelset, the better the quality of materials. High-end wheelsets will usually include high-grade stainless steel bearings. Towards the top end of the spectrum, ceramic bearings may also be employed for their ability to reduce friction and improve longevity. The better the quality of the bearings, the less maintenance is required to keep them in tip-top condition.


LEVEL is a brand that we have designed, developed and tested in-house to complement our range of performance bikes. Each model listed below is an available upgrade in Bike Builder. These wheels have been subjected to extensive wind tunnel testing as well as being ridden in real-world conditions by our team of testers and developers. To simplify identification, rim brake compatible wheelsets carry the designation ‘RB’ and disc brake wheels ‘DB’.

Most models within the LEVEL wheelset range are available in a Sport or PRO variant.

Sport Carbon

LEVEL Sport wheels are built using traditional j-bend spokes and include sealed cartridge bearings which deliver outstanding year-round reliability and durability.

PRO Carbon

All PRO carbon wheels are equipped with the finest quality sealed Japanese Stainless Steel bearings which offer an unparalleled level of performance and durability. Similarly to the sport version, they are designed to deliver a ride smoothing quality, no matter the season and in the very worst of conditions. Upgrading to straight-pull spokes results in a wheel that offers more structural rigidity. The stiffer the wheel, the more advantageous they are for those out of the saddle efforts when sprinting or climbing.


Available for disc brakes only, the shallow 40mm rim profile results in our lightest LEVEL carbon wheelset available in Bike Builder. A generous internal rim diameter has been aerodynamically optimised for 25mm tyres and offer seamless integration with tubeless tyre systems. Providing access to the many advantages of a tubeless system. This includes improved aerodynamic efficiency, a reduction in rolling resistance, better cornering grip, extra shock absorption and enhanced puncture protection.

The semi-aero profile of the rim offers a significant improvement in drag reduction when compared to standard rim profiles. It also provides additional stability in mixed wind conditions. Thanks to their lightweight construction and reduced rim profile, the LEVEL40 wheelset is the perfect option for aspiring climbers.

  • Rim Material: HI-TG UD Carbon, UD Finish.
  • Rim Profile: 40mm depth, 26.5mm external, 17.5mm internal.
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes.
  • Spokes: Straight pull, Pillar PSR 1423 Aero.
  • Spoke Count: 24H Front/24H Rear.
  • Weight: 1610g pair – Front 750g/860g Rear.


Available in a rim brake or disc brake variant, LEVEL 56 wheels represent the next step up in aerodynamic optimisation. They should appeal to road racers and mixed terrain riders seeking that extra performance advantage. With a deeper rim depth providing further aero gains, the DB/RB 56 wheels carve through the air with incredible efficiency. Super-stable in mixed wind conditions and on technical descents, LEVEL 56 wheels will help you climb, sprint and accelerate for less effort. The wheelset of choice for riders from the Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling team.

  • Rim Material: HI-TG UD Carbon Fibre. UD Finish.
  • Rim Profile: 56mm, 26.5mm external, 17.5mm internal.
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes.
  • Spokes: Straight pull, Pillar PSR 1423 Aero Blade.
  • Spoke Count: 24H Front/24H Rear (Disc) – 20H Front/24H Rear (Rim).
  • Weight: RB40 1580g, Front 720g/Rear 860g (Rim) – DB56 1660g, Front 770g/Rear 890g.


LEVEL DB/RB86 wheels (rim brake version pictured) are the most aerodynamically advanced carbon road racing wheelset that we have ever produced. An 86mm rim profile in combination with a super-wide 26.5mm external rim profile has proven to be the fastest in a straight line and at a 10° YAW angle. The 17.5mm internal rim diameter provides optimal aerodynamic integration with a 25mm tyre offering improved comfort, grip, and rolling resistance, without sacrificing speed.

Triathletes, time triallists and road racers will appreciate the pure speed and aerodynamic advantages offered by this advanced wheelset. Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling team riders will compete with either 86mm or 56mm profile wheels. Dependant upon their personal preference and prevailing weather conditions.

  • Rim Material: HI-TG UD Carbon, UD Finish. 3K heat-resistance braking surface (rim brake)
  • Rim Profile: 88mm, 26.5mm external, 17.5mm internal.
  • Tubeless Ready: No.
  • Spokes: Pillar PSR 1423 Aero Blade.
  • Spoke Count: Rim Brake 20H Front/24H Rear – Disc 24H Front/24H Rear.
  • Weight: RB88 1930g – Front 900g/1030g Rear – DB88 2010g – Front 950g/1060g Rear

LEVEL DB88/DB56 PRO carbon

The LEVEL 88/56 mm wheelset has been developed for triathletes looking for the ultimate performance advantage when racing against the clock. As such, it is only currently available as an upgrade option on the Ultra Tri Disc. Precision engineered, with disc brake compatible technology, the LEVEL 56/88 wheelset is the perfect choice for non-UCI time trials and triathlons, where every second counts. The dissimilar rim profiles of a 56mm front and 88mm rear carbon wheelset greatly improves airflow making this our highest performing wheelset when it comes to aero efficiency and crosswind stability.  

Ultralight hubs with Japanese steel internals, laced into a Hi-TG carbon rim creates a wheelset with exceptional structural rigidity and strength. The rims 26.mm external and 17.5mm internal diameters are optimised for wider tyres run at lower air pressures. Allowing you to take advantage of the improved aerodynamic efficiency, rolling resistance, and cornering grip, that this setup offers. Please note that the rear wheels extreme depth makes it currently incompatible with tubeless tyre systems. Valve stems simply aren’t long enough to provide enough purchase to attach a pump to inflate the tyre.

  • Rim Material: Hi-TG carbon fibre. UD Finish.
  • Rim Profile: 88mm/56mm Depth. 25.5mm External. 17.5mm Internal.
  • Tubeless Ready: Front: Yes. Rear: No.
  • Spokes: Straight Pull, Pillar PSR 1423 Aero.
  • Spoke Count: 24H/24H.
  • Weight: Total 1860g, Front 790g/1060g Rear.

LEVEL DB Pro Carbon Tri-Spoke/Disc

Currently available as an upgrade on the Ultra Tri Disc only is this ultra-fast Tri-Spoke/Disc combo. The culmination of extensive research and development has resulted in this, our fastest wheelset ever. Lightweight and durable, with high lateral rigidity, in the race against the clock this wheelset has no equal.  At the rear, is a LEVEL DB Pro Carbon Disc wheel and upfront a DB Pro Carbon Tri Spoke. This combination offers class-leading aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and ride quality. Ensuring optimal drag reduction for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Take your triathlon or time trialling performance to the next level.

  • Material: Hi-Tg carbon fibre, 3K finish
  • Rim Profile: 50mm depth (tri-spoke), 24mm external diameter (both)
  • Tubeless Ready: No
  • Weight: Disc 1220g, Tri-Spoke 880g

LEVEL DB40 Sport Carbon

Light, strong, and versatile DB40 Sport wheels are perfect for crits, cross, climbing, and more. They combine innovative disc brake compatible technology with stable rim profiles and smooth-rolling hubs to provide a fast-rolling ride, wherever your travels may take.

  • Rim Material: Hi-TG carbon fibre
  • Rim Profile: 40mm depth, 26.5mm external, 17.5mm internal diameter
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes
  • Spokes: J-bend, Pillar PSR 1432 Aero
  • Spoke Count: 24h/24h
  • Weight: Total 1620g, Front 750g/870g Rear

LEVEL DB/RB56 Sport Carbon

Offering an optimised blend of aero efficiency, weight, and durability, the DB/RB56 sport carbon wheels are as strong they are versatile. A proven rim shape offers superior handling characteristics and crosswind stability, making it a sure-fire choice for a multitude of terrains and surfaces.

  • Rim Material: Hi-Tg carbon fibre with UD finish, 3K braking surface (RB56 only)
  • Rim Profile: 56mm depth, 26.5mm external, 17.5mm internal
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes
  • Spokes: J-bend, Pillar PSR 1432 Aero
  • Spoke Count: 24h/24h
  • Weight: RB56 1580g, Front 720g/860g Rear – DB56 Total 1710g , Front 790g/920g Rear

LEVEL Gravel DB Sport Carbon 650B

Designed to enhance the all-terrain attributes of any gravel machine, LEVEL’s Gravel DB Sport Carbon wheelset is built for the most extreme of gravel adventures. The wide rim profile is ideal for gravel, mud, or bikepacking adventures into the unknown and offers seamless integration with tubeless tyre systems. Opening up all of the advantages of tubeless tyres; reduced rolling resistance for more speed plus enhanced shock absorption to increase comfort and improve traction over the most extreme terrains.

Building the wheels around Hi-TG carbon fibre rims with sealed steel internals creates a heavy-duty wheelset that weighs just 1530g! Find undiscovered routes, seek out new adventures or simply have a blast in the knowledge that you have a set of wheels that won’t let you down.

  • Rim Material: Hi-TG Carbon Fibre. UD Finish.
  • Rim Profile: 23.5mm Depth, 32mm External Diameter, 24mm Internal.
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes.
  • Spokes: J Bend. Pillar PSR 1432 Aero.
  • Spoke Count: 28H/28H.
  • Weight: Total 1530g – Front 710g/820g Rear.

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  1. Are 36 spoke wheels available from Ribble?
    I’m looking at your CGR725 and for a gravel bike I would have thought that maxing out on the spoke count that matches my current road bike would be essential.

  2. @ Paul Brookwell :- Extract below form the recent E-Mail shot.

    Our range of Level carbon wheels have been comprehensively wind tunnel tested to ensure that they offer a proven performance advantage across a variety of wind conditions. You can select them as an upgrade in BikeBuilder, with prices starting at £700. Read our latest blog for more information on what each individual wheel upgrade option offers.

  3. Are the level 56DBs compatible with the Aero 883? Do you have any forecast as to when you will have stock again?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi James,
    Thanks for getting in touch, if you have a product inquiry I would definitely recommend contacting our customer service team via live chat, product questions facility or use one of the social channels, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we will come back to you ASAP. The blog comments are not monitored as closely and responses may be slower. These are disc brake wheels so will be compatible with the Aero 883 disc and further stocks of the wheel are scheduled to arrive approximately mid-December. I hope this helps. Best Regards [email protected] Ribble

  5. Hi, I recent purchased the SL with the Mavic Ksyrium Elite rims. Is it possible to purchase a set of carbon wheels from you or can you only do this when you purchase a bike?
    Many thanks,

    Kevin Smith

  6. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately, our deal with Mavic precludes us from being able to retail their wheels separately. We are only permitted to sell their wheels as part of a bike build. The only carbon wheels that are available to purchase from us is our own range of LEVEL wheels but these are in high demand and short supply at the moment due to worldwide shortages in materials caused by the 2020 bike boom. Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  7. Hello
    Your TI endurance is definitely on my potential shopping list, but I need a dynamo set-up, and see no reference to them on the site. Can you supply a
    dynamo built wheel ? Thanks – Alistair

  8. Hi Alistair,
    Many thanks for getting in touch, regrettably we don’t offer any dynamo options as a build option on any of our bikes builds.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  9. Hello
    Can you buy these wheels on their own or only through the bike builder ?

  10. Hi Oliver,
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    With the demand for bikes being as high as it is currently, most of our stock is pre-allocated to customer bike builds. We do have a limited stock of wheels available for sale through the website. Further stock will be added as and when they become available.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  11. Hi Alan, not at the moment but in the future I will be looking at upgrading my CGR ALe Wheels. I presume because of the Mahle motor I can only upgrade the rims and spokes. Could you recommend a manufactures rim I should be looking at

  12. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts on the Ribble Owners Facebook group. It was especially interesting to see the 3 Ribble’s hung up on the train to bonny Scotland! Not a sight you see too often! In terms of upgrading the wheels, it matters not what rims they are to be totally honest. They just need to be the same number of spoke holes, Mavic has always been renowned for their wheel rims and the Open Pro 21 Disc are a good option or for something a little heavier duty and better able to cope with multiple surfaces, the A1022. DT Swiss also produce some excellent rims but again we would recommend something slightly heavier duty like the R500 22mm. I hope this helps, [email protected]

  13. Hi
    Am I able to purchase the Level Rb56 Pro wheel set from you to upgrade my current set?

  14. Hi Darren,
    Thanks for getting in touch, The wheels are unfortunately out of stock at the moment and due to the many disruptions with the supply chain particularly at the factories, we may not have sufficient stock for sale until towards the end of the year. All of the stock is assigned to bike builds first and foremost before it will be available for sale on the website.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  15. Hi Alan,
    I’m interested in 3spoke-disc wheelset. Price (incl shopping and taxes) and lead time? I’m from Italy
    Thanks a lot

  16. Hi Davide,
    Thanks for getting in touch, currently the wheels are only available as an upgrade on our range of bikes. I have however spoken to the Head of Sales and he has stated that they will shortly be made available for sale separately. The cost including delivery to Italy will be approximately €1665.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  17. Hi. I have a bike on order with DB56 Pro wheels. I notice that their internal rim width is 17.5mm, which is rather small by today’s standards – especially since 28 seem to be the new standard. Are there any plans to upgrade them to a wider internal rim width? Also I notice that their external rim width is 26.5mm, which means that each rim is 4.5mm thick, which seems unnecessarily excessive. Are these dimensions correct? Thanks. Mike

  18. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for getting in touch, the internal rim width of the wheels is actually 18.2mm which is optimised for 28mm tyres. There are no immediate plans to redesign the range of LEVEL wheels currently. When quoting the internal and external rim diameters it is important to note that there is a hook that overlaps the inside of the rim slightly and needs to be factored into the difference between the dimensions. This is much easier to explain with an image, check out the image at the top of this page. https://www.sheldonbrown.com/rim-sizing.html
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

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