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Ribble Aero TT Matt Black

Aerodynamic, drag cheating, high performance, stealth machine

The Aero TT is an advanced aerodynamically carbon frame designed to give you every advantage in a triathlon or when time trialling against the clock. It’s uncompromisingly built with speed in mind. Our triathlon and time trial bikes are tested and developed in real race situations – including European Cup triathlons - by our Ribble sponsored riders.

We are all looking to save time whether it is a time trial or a triathlon and the new carbon Aero TT with its aerodynamic tubing profiles and fully internal cable routing is the perfect drag cheating bike.

The ‘fin' shaped bladed fork, tucked in rear wheel, tear drop down tube, top tube and the curved seat tube all create a very fast and responsive ride. A steep seat angle helps you get into the aero position - and ready for the run leg if you’re in a triathlon - and seat post is a tear drop-shaped offering.

The new Aero TT is suitable for all distances: sprints, half Ironman, Ironman, 10mile, 25mile, 50mile or 100mile or more. You can also fully customise the bike in our BikeBuilder to your personal requirements.

Set your bike split bests with an Aero TT.


1. Internal cable routing
Smooth clean lines keep the cables away from harm
2. Tear drop down tube
Helps with air flow when travelling at higher speeds
3. Shark fin front fork
Designed to help slice through the air
4. Curved seat tube
Helps to shorten the wheelbase, creating a much more responsive ride
5. Hidden integrated seat clamp
Further enhancing the aerodynamic credentials
6. Aerodynamic seat post
Any aero TT bike deserves a air slicing seatpost

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble Aero TT Matt Black

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Start Advanced Bike Builder

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Aero TT Matt Black
Size A B D E G H I
S 515 510 100 468 941 385 76
M 535 535 115 483 965 385 76
L 555 555 130 498 987 385 76

Our available frame sizes

S 5' 4" - 5' 9"

In Stock

M 5' 9" - 6' 0"

In Stock

L 6' 0" - 6' 3"

In Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Type of bike is the Aero TT?
A: This is a time trial specific frame designed with speed in mind, it is very aerodynamic in design making it more suited to TT racing and non-drafting triathlons.
Q: Could I race or ride sportives on this bike?
A: No, the Aero geometry of the frame makes it very aggressive in the saddle, it’s certainly speed over comfort with this model.
Q: What type of riding is it best suited for?
A: The TT is designed with race-orientated, aerodynamic geometry suitable for fast TT riding and Triathlon.
Q: Would this bike be suitable for climbing and use as a general road bike?
A: This is an aggressive bike, designed with speed in mind, so would make climbing awkward and hard work. It’s not the most practical bike for general road use and often acts as a race specific bike. Due to its low, aero position, those not used to riding in this position may experience strain on the lower back and neck.
Q: Would a bike fit be required?
A: If you’re serious about racing, then yes. Getting fitted may be beneficial to prevent injury and ensure the bike works with you, helping you to generate as much power as possible when pushing for those extra time gains. Ribble are on hand to advise on the correct size of frame, or if you prefer, you can visit one of our showrooms to size up against the bike.
Q: What is the frame made of and what does it weigh?
A: Aero TT, with seatpin – 1500g
Q: What is the widest tyre that can be fitted?
A: 25mm.
Q: Does the bike come with pedals?
A: No, pedals are a personal choice. We offer a wide range here.
Q: What is the warranty of the frame and what does it cover?
A: The frame has a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Ribble Aero TT Matt Black Customer Reviews

Brilliant, couldn’t say a bad thing. Excellent customer service, really fabulous product and an excellent customer interaction when needed.

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