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Ribble Buying Guide - Cyclocross & All-Road Bikes

If riding on a mixture of different terrain then Cyclocross bikes and all-road bikes are a fantastic option.  Very similar at first glance to a road bike thanks to their dropped handlebars and large wheels.  Closer inspection however, shows these bikes have much wider tyres with tread and plenty of room to allow for mud to pass through.  There a few few different variations, so it’s worth considering your intended use.


Cyclocross racing is becoming increasingly popular.  Raced during the winter months, cyclocross is a one hour long flat our mass start race run off road.  Obstacle such as sand traps, stairs and hurdles add to the excitement.  If this is your thing, then you want to have a look at a pure cyclocross bike.

Due to their intended use off road, cyclocross bikes have slightly different geometry to road bikes.  Typically higher to provide better ground clearance, they are also ‘slacker’ to provide more stability.


Cyclocross bikes due to their wide tyres, strong wheels and plenty of mudguard clearance make for ideal commuter bikes.  Cyclocross bikes can be made more efficient for off road riding by fitting slick or semi-slick tyres.  Bikes such as the 7005 CR1 offer mudguard eyelets and fitting for pannier racks making these a doddle to set up for fast, reliable commuting.


Due to their versatile nature, these bikes are perfect options for a bike that will tick more than one box.  Commuters during the week, these bikes are perfect for leisurely rides in the country, taking in lanes and canal tow paths with friends and family.