Titanium Road Bikes

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Boasting an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, not to mention a durable core that rivals that of steel, our titanium road bikes are perfect for riders looking for a sharper, whippier ride. Although lightweight, Titanium has great longevity and also gives a more forgiving ride than say carbon.

Titanium – or 'wonder metal' – frames can last you a lifetime, so investing in a Ti bike can be a really savvy move. Take your game to the next level and experience the superior benefits for yourself. Prepare to be amazed.

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Titanium Road Bikes

Titanium Road Bikes Designed in Lancashire and tested on the roads, trails and hills of Northern England.

Our highly experienced design team have applied their expert knowledge of advanced road bikes into developing this range of high performance Titanium road bikes.

These Titanium road bikes are the ultimate in versatility. With their 'go anywhere' capability and durability these titanium bikes can conquer any terrain. Sitting within our adventure & touring bikes range they really are the ultimate bike trekkers or versatile road bikes.