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Friday, May 25, 2018

Team Ribble sponsored triathlete Ailbhe Carroll is about to begin her 2018 tri season in Europe but an Aquathon in Ireland is now quite the warm-up she expected.

Hello again and thanks for coming back : )

This update was originally going to be a race report from France, but my original plans were turned slightly upside down and a new race had to be found! Over in Ireland I found the National Aquathon Champs, so home to the motherland I went.

So, how did the swim-run race from Dublin Bay go? In two words – Raynard’s Syndrome. Do you know what it is?

A mid-May open water swim from Dublin is never going to be super warm and when I get cold… I really do get cold. Result? Loss of circulation to the extremities and obviously not ideal on race day.

With the water at a less than balmy 12 degrees it became apparent that I may struggle. I swam well though and exited with the leaders, but transition was the second order of the day and it was one I wouldn’t have ordered myself from the menu.

Time lost in transition

Thanks to the cold water I couldn’t use my hands as I would have liked. I struggled to open my wetsuit. Eventually got it. Pulled it down to my hips. I struggled to grasp it to pull it over my hips. Eventually got it. I struggled to get it off my feet. Eventually got it. And as for getting my feet into my shoes… that was absolutely not a smooth transition.

I couldn’t feel my feet and I couldn’t get my hands to function… I had a great time in transition watching people come and go as I still struggled.

Anyway out on to the run I went eventually. I did manage to run well to win my first senior National Champs title which was nice, but I crossed the line in third place overall, beaten by two young guns who were fabulous on the day. It’s great to see such young talent being showcased on the Emerald Isle.

Next up… I travel to Poland for a European Cup Triathlon on Saturday May 26th. I’ll be back with another update soon…

Happy pedaling everyone!


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Wayne osborne says:

Hi. I have the same symptoms. I have white finger syndrome. Caused by using engineering equipment which vibrates. The vibration kill the nerves in the finger. You can get white finger syndrome if exposed to any vibrating equipment . I do a lot of cycling. When it’s cold they go white and feel like they have frost bite. Once I warm up, the blood flows back, which results in a “pins and needle” feeling and a throbbing sensation? Unfortunately I have been told there is no cure and to reduce using equipment which vibrates. There is a similar disease called rayniods disease which can be helped with the use of tablets to enhance your blood flow. Doctor proscribed them for me but it did not help. Hope this helps.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

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