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The Not-So Great Outdoors?

April 30, 2018

For some time now, scientists have been telling us to spend more time outside.  According to them, short term memory, vision and concentration can all be improved by spending time outdoors – so why then do we spend so much time doing the exact opposite? Thanks to a recent survey by the team here at Ribble Cycles, it can be revealed that Brits spend a meagre 8% of their time outside between Monday and Friday, and an even more depressing figure of 5% on a weekend. Furthermore, women have been named as the more serious offenders, with men spending up to 30 minutes more time outdoors on a weekly basis. Popular outdoor activities for both sexes included taking pets for a walk, walking to and from the car and going for a run. However, what is surprising is that cycling to work remained way down on the list, with only 2% of respondents stating they enjoyed this particular pastime. Obviously, this didn't sit well with us  – especially when you consider the positive effects cycling can have. For starters, for those who choose to cycle to work, a huge amount of money can be saved each year, as things like bus tickets and train fares pale into insignificance. What's more, for anyone who chooses a cycle over taking the car, things like road tax, MOTs and insurance costs don't need to be considered – something that could amount to thousands of pounds in savings. From surfing to hiking, countryside strolls and skateboarding, there are plenty of outdoor activities we could all benefit from occasionally . However, when it comes to kick starting a new lifestyle that'll save you money, improve your health and still get you to work on time, nothing beats a good old fashioned bicycle! Interested in getting yourself outdoors a little more? In addition to cycling, why not try some of these top activities in 2017: . Playing Sunday league football. . Joining a tennis club. . Taking part in a Tough Mudder event. . Running a marathon. . Indulging in a spot of wild water swimming. Alternatively, explore the range here at Ribble Cycles and find your next road, cross or mountain bike and kick start a new riding habit today. Total sample size was 1060 UK adults (aged 18+)




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