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Our Real.Bike.People series allows us to showcase Ribble riders and share what drives their passion for cycling. In short, to find out what they ride, where they ride, and why they ride. We share authentic adventures and narratives from the Ribble community. Here we meet Leon, a man who spent lockdown reviving the passion for cycling that had for too long lain dormant.

Lockdown provided a unique challenge – a chance to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing. As aspects of life that are intrinsic to each other. Many sought cycling as an outlet to escape the everyday, to channel their energies into improving both body and mind. It also created a moment in time to embrace the solace of riding through picturesque landscapes. To be in the moment and at peace with nature.

For Leon, it presented him with a unique opportunity to turn back the clock and to fall in love with cycling all over again. After so long away from the bike, it was a journey that began with shorter rides to build up stamina and fitness. But as the distances increased, so did the desire to test himself further. Soon enough, 30-miles became 50 and 50 became a hundred. As each goal was set and achieved, the first question on his lips was always ‘what’s next?’. In the video below Leon how a return to cycling sparked a passion for ultra-endurance riding.

Leon’s bikes

The bike that Leon likes to take for a play in the woods is the HT 725. Manufactured from Best of British Reynolds 725 steel tubing, it’s a serious hardcore hardtail that takes you back to the minimal fuss joy of mountain biking in its purest form. A slack head angle matched to a long top tube and short stem hits the sweet spot for handling. With 150mm of travel up front and the natural compliance of steel to smooth out the bumps, this super capable hardtail is efficient on the climbs and descends like a dream too.

Endurance Ti Disc

With the ultimate ride feel of Titanium, the Endurance Ti is the perfect platform for Leon to explore his newfound passion for ultra-distance endurance riding. The Endurance Ti is handcrafted from the finest grade 3al/2.5v titanium with seamless welds and triple-butted for unmatched strength, performance and longevity. The oversized tube profiles enhance horizontal stiffness for performance and add vertical compliance for the luxurious ride feel you can only experience from titanium.

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