Ribble Xmas Gift Guide – 25 Cycling Gifts under £25

What do you buy the cyclist in your life who seems to have everything? Are you struggling for inspiration for what to get them this Christmas? Here is a handy guide to the items that we would like to see in our stocking on Christmas Day morning. Indeed, most of the staff here either use these currently or have used them recently. Here is the Ribble Cycles Xmas Gift guide 25 cycling gifts under £25, gifts that will not break the bank!

Cycling gifts under £25

Cinelli Mike Giant Bar Tape – £24.99

This stylish bar tape is the result of a collaboration with the artist Mike Giant and his interpretation of San Franciscan vintage tattoo symbols. It certainly adds a welcome touch of ‘bling’ to any bike.

View the Cinelli Mike Giant tape here.

Knog Oi Classic Bell – from £7.60 – RRP £16.99

Sleek and sexy, this unobtrusive bell sounds like an angel playing the glockenspiel! Available in 2 sizes to fit a variety of handlebars, the Knog Oi is proof that bells don’t have to be big and ugly.

View the Knog Oi Classic Bell here.

Ribble Gift Vouchers – Available in denominations from £10 – £100

If all else fails and they seem to have everything you can think of, fall back on the old classic, tried and tested emergency option.

View gift vouchers here.

Clug Bike Holders – From £14.99

Tired of bikes cluttering up the place? Clug’s unique storage solution helps keep any bikes from getting underfoot, compatible options are available to fit all types of bikes and mount in minutes.

View the Clug range here.

Ribble Lightset – £18.99 – RRP £44.99

Keep your loved ones safe when out riding in the dark with this Ribble rechargeable lightset. With a 300 Lumen front and 25 Lumen rear, a burn time of up to 8 hours and with multiple light modes these are an ideal stocking filler.

View the Ribble light range here.

Evoc Chain Cover – £14.99 – RRP R19.99

A great solution to the problem of oil getting everywhere during bike transportation. The Evoc cover prevents a dirty drivetrain from oiling everything it comes into contact with.

View the Evoc chain cover here.

Cinelli Cycle Caps – £16.99

Every discerning cyclist has a cap made by Cinelli or needs one. Retro chic or kaleidoscopic, you decide.

View Cinelli caps here.


Topeak Aero Wedge – From £11.89

Ideal for carrying spare tubes and the essential tools when out and about. Leaving the pockets free for energy fuel and snacks.

View Topeak bags here.

Muc Off Premium Brush Kit – from £19.99

Help your loved one keep their bike in tip-top shape with this excellent brush kit from bicycle maintenance specialists Muc Off. With 3 different types of brush for cleaning the drivetrain and frameset.

View Muc Off brush sets here.

Level CNC Coloured Bar End Plugs – £7.99

We cyclists love to colour match our bikes and kit, what could be a more perfect finishing touch than a pair of laser-etched, anodized, alloy bar end caps?

View the Level bar plugs here.

Park Bottle Opener – £4.49 – RRP £7.99

Cyclists love beer, especially a cheeky little Belgian number. The tool manufacturers ergonomically designed, heavy-duty bottle opener in stainless steel and the world-famous Park Blue vinyl finish.

View the Park Bottle Opener here.

Ribble Team Water Bottle – £5.99

You can never have too many water bottles! Manufactured for us by Elite, this premium quality bidon features a race-proven high flow teat for better hydration, ideal for when out on the bike, on the turbo or down the gym.

View the Ribble bottle here.

Level 3 Nylon Fibre Bottle Cage – £4.99

Available in a variety of colours to match any bike, this lightweight and sturdy cage holds the bottle securely over any terrain.

View Level bottle cages here.

Muc Off Foam Fresh– £7.00 – RRP £7.99

Tired of dirty, sweaty cycle clothing? This lovely citrus scented foam will freshen up everything from helmets to clothing and body armour. Everyone in the household benefits from this!

View the Muc Off Foam Fresh here.

Restrap Musette – £19.99

Handmade in Yorkshire and constructed from 100% waterproof Cordura and Nylon, this bag is a stylish addition to any urban commute, whether on or off the bike. An adjustable shoulder strap allows the bag to be tailored to suit any user and popper fasteners help to keep the contents secure.

View the Restrap Musette here.

Restrap Camping Mug – £10

Restrap are a Yorkshire based manufacturer, all their materials are sustainable and everything is handmade by their resident outdoor enthusiasts. For anyone who loves the great outdoors, this durable and easy to clean in the wild, enamel ‘carryeverything’ camping mug is ideal for those bike trekking epics.

View the Restrap camping mug here.

Ribble D-Lock with Cable R-D500 – From £14.99

A terrific value duo bike lock combo, the D-Lock locks the frame to a static object and the cable lock can be utilized to secure the front wheel to the frame. This Sold Secure Silver rated lock offers peace of mind that the bike is secure.

View the Ribble lockset here.

Assos Chamois Cream – £12.49

Chamois cream prevents chafing in the tender areas! Assos has been a tried and tested go-to product formula for pro and amateur riders for decades.

View the Assos chamois cream here.

Mint Bike Wash – From £6.99

This multi-purpose bio-degradable bike wash can be used on a variety of surfaces, engine casings, metalwork, wheels and forks. A quick-drying formula and leaves any surface bright and sparkly.

View the Mint range of products here.

Cinelli Volee/Tennis Bar Tape – £15.00 – RRP £19.99

A tennis racquet style of bar tape that has a tacky texture for better hand security and is well padded to provide great shock absorption.

View the Cinelli Volee tape here.

Level CNC Coloured Top Cap – £9.99

Every bike needs one so why not give it a little more ‘bling’. This laser-etched alloy top cap assembly is available in a variety of colours, bringing a little more colour to any bike.

View the level top caps here.

Ribble Alloy Bike Pump P140 – £8.99 RRP £19.99

A must-have for any cyclist out on the road or trail, this lightweight compact alloy bike pump will soon have the bike back on the road in the event of a puncture. This stylish and easy to use lightweight alloy pump can be affixed to the frame using the supplied bracket mounting system. Arms like Popeye optional!

View the Ribble Alloy pump here.

Ribble Storage Wall Hanger – £4.99 – RRP £24.99

A neat solution to the problem of bike storage, it mounts in minutes thanks to the easy to fit 2 bolt bracket (supplied). Holds 1 bike and when not in use it can be folded up out of the way.

View the Ribble Storage Wall Hanger here.

Ribble Cable Cutters – £5.99 – RRP £13.99

Cable cutters are essential to preventing frayed cables whilst cutting them down to size. This is the ideal cable cutting tool for any home mechanic. Featuring a spring-loaded opening for ease of use, and rubber-coated handles for extra comfort, they will perform the task with ease. A handy ‘safety-lock’ ensures that they can be stored safely when not in use.

View the Ribble Cable Cutters here.

Kryptonite R2 Retractor Combo Cable Lock – £14.99

A compact bike lock that can be carried in any jersey pocket or saddlebag. At 90cms in length and consisting of a vinyl coated steel cable it provides a visual deterrent for when the bike is parked up outside that welcome cafe stop for the all-important ride essentials, coffee, and cake!

View the Kryptonite R2 lock here.

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