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Gain an aero advantage from the bike raced by Ribble Pro Cycling

The Ribble Aero 883 ‘blew our minds’ at BikesEtc magazine - it won their Aero Bike Challenge group test and won the Gold Award.

On top of that it was half a kilo lighter than the other bikes tested. Its short top tube and head tube mean that the Aero 883 is perfect for both road racing and triathlon and offers a lower aerodynamic front position. The Aero 883 is our most aerodynamic road frame.

“It's got a light, aerodynamic frame, designed to help you cut through the air like a bullet out of a gun, with a cutout at the rear to tuck the wheel right in, cables hidden within its boxy carbon tubes.” T3

“...a solid package that's well priced and capable in the right hands.” BikeRadar

“Punchy, low, stiff, fast. Very fast. The Aero 883 straddles the line between a full-on mountain goat stage race bike and an aero road weapon.” Cyclist Magazine


Make the choice of selecting your ideal bike easier by choosing from one of our pre-selected builds, commonly asked for by our customers at special pricing

Ribble Aero 883 105 Edition
From £54.62 per month
Learn more
A popular choice for those looking for performance and value. The most popular groupset from Shimano offers 11 speed gearing with just a little extra weight compared to Ultegra. Vision Team 35 wheels, with their mid-section profile, offer aerodynamic benefits
  • Groupset
    Shimano 105 5800 Black - 11 Speed
  • Wheelset
    Vision Team 35 with Continental Ultra Sport 2 Rigid Tyres
  • Finishing Kit
    Deda Zero Bars and Stem
Ribble Aero 883 Ultegra – Most Popular Build
From £82.98 per month
Learn more
More of a racer's build with the lightweight Ultegra groupset and Mavic 50mm deep section carbon wheels. With deeper section wheels, the aerodynamics and frame work in perfect harmony for the fastest times possible
  • Groupset
    Shimano Ultegra R8000 - 11 Speed
  • Wheelset
    Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Wheel & Tyre System
  • Finishing Kit
    Deda Zero 2 Bar and Stem
Ribble Aero 883 Pro Team Edition
From £204.94 per month
Learn more
The same bike as used by the Ribble Pro Cycling Team. With a SRAM Red Etap groupset, Zipp 404 wheels and Zipp aero carbon bars this is the bike being ridden by the Number One Cycling Team in the UK. You'll have no excuses for not getting a KOM on this machine!
  • Groupset
    SRAM Red Etap - 11 Speed
  • Wheelset
    Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers with Vittoria Corsa G+ Tyres
  • Finishing Kit
    Zipp SL-70 Carbon Aero Bar & Service Course Stem

The build

Every inch of this bike has been optimised to reduce drag, with a Kamm Tail shaped seat tube and down tube and an integrated seat clamp built into the frame. This not only looks beautiful, but also reduces wind resistance. The frame can also accommodate the latest Direct Fit brake calipers offering excellent stopping power.

Up front, the specially shaped aero head tube features integrated shrouds to direct air flow around its base and the shorter top tube means you can easily fit a pair of tri-bars to give you that lower tri position for aerodynamics.

The rigorously tested aerodynamic tube profiles of the Aero 883 are shaped to minimise drag and the rear wheel is tucked up behind the partially curved seat tube creating a shorter wheelbase.


A special blend of high-end T1000 and T800 unidirectional carbon composites ensures that the frame is both light yet stiff and has precise handling characteristics. The Aero 883’s impressed BikesEtc “the tubing is an object lesson in oversizing, especially at the keys areas for reducing flex and aiding power transfer – namely the chain stays, head tube and frankly massive bottom bracket area.”

Technical development

We are excited to work with a cutting edge design partner with this ground breaking bike. The Aero 883 was developed in association with Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) in Sheffield, a company whose core skills have been developed in the Formula 1 and MotoGP motorsport environments. Performance improvements at elite level are, according to PES, about understanding the ‘sum of all parts’.

“That includes understanding that designs should deliver small repeatable gains in many different areas to deliver an overall winning solution. Performance at this level of sport is measured in 100ths of a second and microns. The team also has to work closely with and understand the athletes and support them so as to deliver the optimum performance package,” say our experts in aerodynamic carbon composite design and testing.

Hours of advanced computer simulations have resulted in a frameset of varying aerodynamic profiles - each optimised according to location to reduce turbulence across a wide range of wind directions (yaw angles).


To bring this fast bike to a halt, you can choose between direct mount disc or direct fit rim brakes as the Ribble Aero 883 Disc has been added to the range. The Aero 883 and Aero 883 Disc are truly cutting edge bikes.


1. Di2 and EPS ready frame
Cutting edge and future-proof frame.
2. Large Kamm-Tail seat tube
Minimises drag and air turbulence.
3. Hidden Seat clamp
Aerodynamic down to the fine details.
4. Press Fit bottom bracket
Increases stiffness and improves power transfer.
5. Aero tubing and internal cables
Class leading aerodynamics.
6. Direct mount brake calipers
Excellent stopping power and aero efficient.

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble Aero 883

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Start Advanced Bike Builder

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Aero 883
Size A B C D E F G H I
S 478 527.2 380 118.2 521 72.1 968 404 74.3
M 502 547.4 388 140.3 543 72.4 981.3 405 73.7
L 522 566 396 156.3 565 72.6 996.7 406 73.3
XL 542 584.6 404 187.5 587 72.8 1011.5 408 72.9

Our available frame sizes

S 5' 5" - 5' 9"

In Stock

M 5' 9" - 6' 0"

In Stock

L 5' 11" - 6' 2"

In Stock

XL 6' 1" - 6' 4"

In Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of bike is the Aero 883?
A: This bike is designed to be as fast as possible. Every tube on the bike has been painstakingly designed to offer the least amount of wind resistance possible. The key feature is speed.
Q: Why are aerodynamics and frame stiffness important?
A: The less aerodynamic drag you encounter, the faster you will go. Having a bike that is as slippery as possible is free speed. The stiffness of a bike influences how responsive the bike feels – a stiff bike will feel faster, more responsive and it is more efficient.
Q: What type of riding is it best suited for?
A: This is the bike for you if your chasing the quickest Strava times, the first place in your local race, or want to win that friendly sprint to the speed limit sign on the Tuesday night club rides.
Q: Can I use the bike for Sportives?
A: Yes, you can use the Aero 883 for Sportives, however if you are looking for a more comfortable ride, we have more suitable models such as the Gran Fondo and Sportive Racing.
Q: Can I use clip-on aero bars with this bike?
A: Yes, if you select handlebars with a round profile it will be possible to fit most clip-on aero bars and make the bike more suitable for triathlons or time trials. We offer a wide range here.
Q: What is the frame made of and what does it weigh?
A: The frame weighs 1190 grams (size small) and is constructed with high quality, industry leading, Toray carbon.
Q: What is the widest tyre that can be fitted?
A: 23mm
Q: What if I prefer to have a bike with disc brakes?
A: The Aero 883 Disc is this model designed and fitted with the latest disc brakes.
Q: Does the bike come with pedals?
A: No, pedals are a personal choice. We offer a wide range here.
Q: What is the warranty of the frame and what does it cover?
A: The frame has a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Ribble Aero 883 Customer Reviews

Bike arrived within a week of purchase well packed and pretty much good to go after a few weeks.
Bike looks and rides amazingly and you can feel the difference the second you start out
I loved the fact that I could pick all the components which enabled me to specify the bike to my budget. Some things where not in stock so they were replaced with something similar. Great service and really happy with the bike.
Mad Hatter

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Ribble Aero 883 Press Reviews

The ride

First impression Punchy, low, stiff and fast. Very fast. The Aero 883 straddles the line between a full-on mountain-goat stage race bike and an aero road weapon. There are two good reasons for this. Considering the number of bikes we’ve tested, it does take a lot to impress us from the off, but that’s exactly what the Ribble does, and then some.


On the road So, back to those two good reasons. Number one is the low weight – it’s broadly half a kilo lighter than the other bikes on test. Combine this already lightweight package with a compact chainset working on an 11-28 cassette, and you’ve a bike that positively devours hills and barely suffers on rolling roads. A false flat becomes simply flat. The low, long(ish) riding position makes every corner exit an excuse for a sprint, and forced us into an almost TT-like position to make the most of the frame’s aero benefits when presented with a long, flat section of deserted tarmac. The 50/34 chainset doesn’t adversely affect acceleration or the ability to hold on to speed – you just find yourself staying closer to the 11-tooth sprocket a lot of the time. And the sensation of connectivity between pedal, rear wheel and road is something experienced more usually on a bike costing twice the price. Yet there’s more than enough comfort on offer from the unassuming carbon seatpost and effective seatstays, while the Selle Italia saddle soaks up the rest.


Handling The shortest wheelbase of our four bikes combines with an almost endurance bike-spec, 72.1° head angle to give steering that remains settled yet direct enough to excite. There’s nothing highly-strung about this bike. Oh yes, reason number two – there’s a very good reason the Aero 883 excels in its handling and that’s the wheelset it’s rolling on. For a 52mm deep-section carbon wheelset to be the lightest on test, and on a £2,200 bike is pretty much the holy grail of hoops. The speed with which the Mavic Cosmic Pros pick up speed, and the ease with which they hold on to it, is a real joy. They enjoy crosswinds as much as any deep-section wheel, but if you can put up with that, they offer consistently high performance, and their alloy braking surface is more than adequately gripped by those direct-mount Shimano Ultegra brakes. The French firm’s Yksion Pro Griplink rubber is a clear winner here, too – although a 25c tyre would offer slightly better comfort, the Mavics supply grip, speed and confidence.


The spec

Frameset The Aero 883’s tubing is an object lesson in oversizing, especially at the key areas for reducing flex and aiding power transfer – namely the chainstays, head tube and frankly massive bottom bracket area. The seat tube uses a sizeable cutaway to bring the wheels as close together as possible while narrow seatstays project from the seat tube low to create as compact a rear triangle as possible. A fairly stout headtube is the most rock-solid on test, and features shrouds at its junction with the down tube to direct airflow around its base. A traditionally bladed carbon fork completes the picture at the front end. Everything about this set-up (with the exception of those naturally vibe-damping seatstays) screams solidity. And that just about sums up the way it rides, too.


Groupset Here’s where the Aero 883 gets even more impressive. It’s equipped with a full Shimano Ultegra groupset – lighter than 105, though similar in its behaviour and operation. Our test bike came with a 50/34, compact chainset, but the beauty of Ribble is that you can spec the bike as you wish. The Ultegra brakes are direct-mount, reckoned to increase strength and be slightly more aero, as they’re closer to the frame. An 11-28 cassette combines with the 50/34 chainset to make this a perfectly tuned climbing bike as well as a pukka aero racer.


Finishing kit Again, this can be altered to your own specification but our test bike was fitted with excellent Deda compact drop bars and a 130mm Deda Zero 2 alloy stem. Selle Italia’s moderately flexy, downward-nosed saddle sits atop an unbranded carbon seatpost.


Wheels The crowning glory of this bike’s build is its 52mm deep-section Mavic Cosmic Pro carbon clinchers. We couldn’t tell you the last time we saw a £760 wheelset on a £2,200 bike. Despite their deep profile, they’re also the lightest wheelset of the four we tested, at 1.22kg for the front, 1.54kg for the rear. An alloy braking surface offers predictable stopping power and Mavic’s Yksion Pro Griplink tyres in 23c are sticky enough for racing.


Overall 9.2/10


Punchy, stiff and very fast, the Aero 883 is also exceptionally good value.


Every so often, a bike blows our minds, and on this occasion it’s the Ribble Aero 883. As an exceptionally high-spec package for the price, not to mention out-performing the other three bikes in its willingness to destroy any road, it’s not only our test winner but also the winner of the BikesEtc Gold award. If you want to race, already race, or just want one of the quickest, best-value bikes on the market, this is a great choice. Even better, while our test ride worked out at £2,186.90, Ribble tell us a bike built to the same spec will be available from July for £1,999.95.



Lancashire price crusaders Ribble have a long established reputation for delivering a range of top value bikes from training machines to triathlon rigs. The 833 Aero is a searingly fast, innovation loaded, aero road weapon complete with electric shifting and big brand aero wheels for a price that’s as aggressive as its’ ride character.

If the all black ‘murdered out’ aesthetics don’t immediately communicate the combative nature of the 883 then closer inspection of the frame will leave no doubt. The short head tube lends itself to an aggressively low and aerodynamic ride position. The angular frame tubes are the only ones on test to use the latest ‘Kammtail’ chopped teardrop style aerodynamic concept, which is designed to produce lower overall drag in variable wind situations. The 883 is also the only bike here to use lighter, more powerful direct mount Shimano brakes with the rear calliper hidden under the chain stays to reduce aerodynamic drag further. The internal down tube cable routing can be configured for either conventional cable routing or the Shimano Di2 electric shifting set up here, which cunningly hides the battery cell up inside the seat post out of the way of weather and wind. Despite the extra cost of the digitally triggered transmission, Ribble still rolls out this special edition bike on £850’s worth of stiff Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS wheels with matching Mavic Yksion Griplink and Prolink tyres. You also get a top quality carbon detailed Selle Italia saddle and even the aerodynamically profiled Deda RHM 02 bar and Zero 2 stem are slightly lighter and more expensive than the 01 spec models on the Sensa and Dolan.

How it rides

High value spec isn’t worth much without ride quality to back it up, but that’s no problem with the Ribble. Immediately you clip in and press the pedals, you can feel the purposeful power delivery of the oversized rear stays and Toray T1000/800 carbon fibre mix surging through to the road and firing you forward. While the added motors and battery of Di2 mean it’s slightly heavier than the other bikes here, it attacks climbs with aggressive ‘stand up’ rather than ‘gear down’ tenacity. Thanks to the aero features the speed carries on building with impressive ease as you whirr up through the gears on the flat. It stays there without too much topping up too and there’s enough accuracy and authority in the quick steering handling to keep the Mavic wheels that have sometimes seemed gusty on other bikes behaving fine on the Ribble. The second generation Mavic Yksion tyres with softer compound ‘Griplink’ front are reassuringly surefooted when you’re exploring the 883’s natural urge to charge into corners hard and hug the tightest line too. They also let you make the most of the outstandingly positive and feedback rich power of the direct mount brakes. While firm wheel and frame feel means you have to be a bit more wary of potholes or pock marked surfaces than a smoothie like the Sensa, the Aero 883 always stayed on the acceptably purposeful rather than punishing side of the comfort coin. It’s certainly forgiving enough to take day rides or even multi day charity epics in it’s stride without leaving you walking like John Wayne and given the top value price you’ll have change spare to sponsor yourself too.


Ribble’s Aero 883 is naturally rapid and aggressive when it comes to accelerating, climbing and cornering without being uncomfortable on multi-day missions. It’s outstanding value for a Di2 equipped bike too.

Score: 9


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