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    The Gravel Ti is engineered to conquer any terrain, over the most variable of surfaces and in the toughest of conditions. This dirt-loving machine comes into its own when it’s time to discover those unexplored trails. The sleek, highly polished, and timeless lines of the titanium tubing conceal an unmatched strength and ride anywhere ruggedness, daring you to explore beyond. Infinitely versatile, the Gravel Ti features a multitude of luggage and bottle cage mounting points which makes it the perfect platform for embarking on those epic bikepacking expeditions into the wilderness.


    The Gravel Ti is as beautiful to ride as it is to behold. It's unsurpassed combination of strength, durability and the ultimate compliance of titanium can take you anywhere with impeccable style and performance. Whether you wish to explore, race or escape, this pure gravel machine offers an exhilarating mix of speed and agility while excelling both loaded or unloaded.


    A timeless, handcrafted and custom profiled 3Al/2.5V Titanium frame with seamless welds for the timeless looks, unmatched strength and longevity that sets Titanium apart from all other frame materials. The oversized tube profiles enhance torsional stiffness for performance and add vertical compliance for the vibration-absorbing properties and compliant ride quality that you can only experience from Titanium.

    LONG & LOW

    Designed for off-road riding and conquering extreme gravel tracks, a gravel optimised geometry offers a longer and lower frame for a more planted feel over technical terrain. An oversized 44mm headtube combined with a shorter stem and handlebars designed specifically for gravel provide greater confidence and control with the added practicality of barbag clearance. A LEVEL 44 headset in a choice of anodised colours is available to order in BikeBuilder and adds a splash of colour to any build.


    Multiple mounting points offer plenty of luggage carrying capacity for extreme bike packing adventures, big or small. These include 2 sets of water bottle mounts inside the main triangle as well as extra sets underneath the downtube and on the top tube. Carryall mounts on the front fork allow the attachment of oversize cages for items such as dry bags, ground mats and sleeping bags.


    Whether you like your tyres wide and aggressive or narrow and fast you can now have your cake and eat it. There's huge clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres and a wide selection of tyres with multiple tread patterns are available in BikeBuilder and offer the perfect solution for all types of gravel terrain.


    Internal cable routing offers sleek, clean looks and keeps the cables protected from dirt and grime. This extends to the capacity to fit a dropper post which allows you to make the ride as wild as you like and compatibility with Shimano Di2 electronic gear systems.


    Custom Colour


    We create the bike, you decide the design. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

    Just select customise after choosing your size.

    Your Bike. Your Way

    Frequently Asked
    How much does the Gravel Ti weigh?

    the Sport edition weighs 10.45kg, Enthusiast 10.32 and Pro 9.9kg.

    Should I choose the Gravel Ti or CGR Ti?

    If you are torn between the two models and aren't sure which one will fulfil your cycling needs best, why not check out our CGR vs Gravel blog? In which we outline the key differences between the all-road capability of the CGR and off-road optimised Gravel range.

    What is the warranty on the frame?

    The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.

    Are the cables internally routed?

    Yes, all the cables are routed internally, this extends to the capability to fit an internally routed dropper post and Shimano Di2 electronic systems.

    What is the maximum width of tyre that can be fitted to the bike?

    There is clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres.

    Can I fit a pannier rack?

    Yes, the frame has discreet fittings for a rear pannier rack, plus there’s carryall mounts situated on the front forks that allow the attachment of oversize cages to carry items such as ground mats, sleeping bags etc.

    Does it take mudguards?

    Yes, there are eyelets situated on the frame and forks for the fitting of full coverage mudguards.

    How many bottle cage mounts are there?

    Four in total. Two are situated on the seat tube and down tube, plus a further mount underneath the downtube and one on the top tube.

    Is it Di2 compatible?

    Yes, thanks to its fully internal cable routing, the frame is fully compatible with electronic gear systems.

    What is the maximum rider weight?

    We recommend a total rider, luggage and bike weight of 120kgs.

    What headset does the Gravel Ti require?

    It will require a headset that is compatible with 1 1/8" to 1 1.5" tapered forks and a 44mm headtube with external headset cups like the LEVEL 44 headset that we fit as standard. The bearing dimensions are Upper: 41x30.2x6.5mm 35°x45°, Lower: 52x40x8mm 45°x45°.

    What type of bottom bracket does the frame require?

    The Gravel Ti takes a traditional threaded BSA style of bottom bracket.

    What size seat post does this bike require?

    The seat post diameter is 27.2mm, and the seat collar is 31.8mm.

    What type of brakes fit this frame?

    The frame is compatible with flat-mount disc brakes.

    Are the axles quick release or bolt thru?

    The frame requires thru-axles of 100/120/M12*P1.5 front and 172/142/M12*P1.5 rear.

    Is the bike supplied with pedals?

    Due to the many different systems people use, we do not supply pedals with bikes, but you can find a great selection of pedals here.


    The Passport Lug-Kage is a lightweight variation on a front fork carrier. It allows you to “Lug” such extra items as: a sleeping bag, an Airbed, a large tarpaulin roll, or a Thermos flask etc. on your expedition tourer.

    View Lug-Kage
    Frame bag

    The #carryeverything frame bags allow you to easily increase the load you carry for comfortable bike packing and touring.

    View Frame Bag
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