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Choose from millions of colour combinations, with CustomColour, available on this bike.
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Choose from millions of colour combinations, with CustomColour, available on this bike. Find the configurator under the 'Customise' button after you have selected your size.


    The performance-tuned, race-bred Ultra Tri Disc has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s triathlete. Meticulously handcrafted from Advanced-grade carbon, every tube shape has been aerodynamically optimised to minimise drag in real-world racing conditions. With built-in adjustability that enables you to achieve your ideal position and the addition of the industry standard of disc brakes, the Ultra Tri Disc offers superior handling and braking control. Making it the perfect choice for the most technically demanding of triathlon courses, where every second counts.


    The difference between a quick bike split and your fastest time ever can be measured in seconds and is defined by your natural enemy - air. With the lowest drag coefficient of any bike that we have ever produced, each surface of the Ultra Tri Disc has been painstakingly sculpted to limit the effects in the never-ending battle of man and machine versus the elements.


    The specific demands of the Triathlete have been evaluated with particular focus on the need to hydrate and fuel effectively without compromising aerodynamic advantage. The Triathlon component package incorporates the hydration, fuel and essential storage required during the race. This pack also offers a significant aerodynamic advantage vs the base model with standard frame mounted hydration and storage systems.

    The Ultra Tri Disc fitted with the Triathlon accessory pack demonstrated up to a 30.1% total bike drag saving vs the base Ultra TT and standard hydration and storage systems.


    The final CFD and real world testing showed a total bike and rider drag saving of up to 2.2% and an average of 1.3% across a -15 to +15 degree YAW sweep versus initial prototype and benchmark.


    Drag saving equates to up to 23 seconds based on our test rider racing a flat 25-mile (40.2km) at 29mph (46.6kph).


    Designed and perfected with aerodynamic efficiency as the priority, the Ultra Tri Disc brings added aero properties to the already race-winning and record-breaking Ultra platform. Through significant refinements to the front fork profile and seat stays the Ultra Tri carves through the air with greater efficiency while providing unmatched speed and stability in mixed wind conditions.


    Removeable Bento storage boxes are a neat solution to the problem of storage without compromising aerodynamics. Providing convenient access to nutrition and tools whilst offering additional aero gains through their streamlined profile and strategic positioning on the bike.


    An integrated hydration system situated conveniently in front of the handlebars allows the rider to hydrate without having to remove their hands from the bars, whilst remaining in an aerodynamic race position.


    The addition of disc brakes offers superior braking power and control over traditional rim brakes as well as additional aerodynamic advantages. A newly redesigned front fork diverts airflow smoothly past the front brake calliper for the essential aesthetics that are the hallmark of a world-class superbike.


    The multi-position design of the seat post allows for extensive fore and aft adjustment of the saddle to create a virtual seat tube angle of 76° to 79°. This enables the geometry of the bike to be fine-tuned to help you find your ideal position.


    Custom Colour


    We create the bike, you decide the design. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

    Just select customise after choosing your size.

    Your Bike. Your Way

    Frequently Asked
    How much does the Ultra Tri Disc weigh?

    The Sport edition weighs in at 10.15kg, Enthusiast - 9.9kg, Pro - 10.1kg and the Hero - 10.2kg.

    What is the warranty on the frame?

    The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.

    Is the Ultre Tri Disc suitable for non-elite triathlon racing?

    Although the frame is race specific and has been designed with elite-level triathlon competition in mind, it allows a wide range of adjustability to suit riders of all abilities. It is perfect for Ironman and long or short course triathlons. Though the Ultra is designed to achieve a low, aero tuck position, those not used to racing in this position can still achieve a less aggressive fit. The Ultra ensures that a rider will maximise their performance and achieve their competitive goals.

    What type of bottom bracket does it take?

    The frame requires a pressfit PF30 68x46 style of bottom bracket.

    Would a bike fit be required?

    If you are serious about racing, then a final position fit with a reputable bike fitter is advised once you have identified the right frame size for you. Getting professionally fitted is beneficial in preventing injury and ensuring that the bike works with you, helping to generate as many watts as possible for those crucial time gains.

    Is the bike compatible with power meters?

    Yes, the Ultra Tri Disc is compatible with all of the popular power meters on the market.

    How many bottle cage mounts are there?

    2, situated on the seat tube and down tube.

    Is it Di2 compatible?

    Yes, all cables are routed internally and include the possibility of fitting Di2 systems.

    Can I fit other brands of handlebars and stems?

    Yes, any 1 1/8" handlebar stem will be compatible and therefore makes other brands of bars and aero extensions more readibly compatible.

    Can the height of the armrests be adjusted?

    Yes, the bike is supplied with multiple stack height options and the arm pads also offer lateral adjustment.

    What capacity are the bento/storage boxes?

    The hydration system holds 500ml of liquid, the top tube box is 150ml and the rear box 500ml.

    What type of brakes fit this frame?

    The frame takes flat mount disc brakes.

    Are the axles quick release or bolt thru?

    The frame requires thru axles of 100/128/M12*P1.5 front and 142/151/M12*P1.5 rear.

    Is the bike supplied with pedals?

    Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes, but you can find a great selection of pedals here.

    LEVEL 3

    Designed to hold your bottle securely, the LEVEL 3 Nylon Fibre bottle cage is available in a wide choice of colours to perfectly complement any bike. Strong yet light, the cage allows convenient access to your bottle and can be used on any terrain, from elite road racing to gravel adventures.

    View Bottle Cage

    An original replacement front derailleur hanger to fit the Ribble Ultra TT series of bikes. Constructed from a strong, sturdy and reliable 6061-T6 alloy for added dependability.

    View Mech Hanger
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