Sportsbalm Muscle Balm 150ml Hot

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    Sports Balm Muscle Balm Medium:? - Medium Muscle Balm is a medium muscle warmer that also protects the skin with a water-resistant layer that leaves the pores open. - The muscle warming and circulation increases the capacity of the energy delivery systems in the body. - Medium Muscle Balm is recommended for cold and wet weather conditions with temperatures from approximately 5?C to 10?C. Hot: - Hot Muscle Balm is a muscle warmer for extreme cold conditions. - The balm also protects parts of the body with poor circulation such as knees and Achilles tendons. - One application of Hot Muscle Balm provides daylong protection and warmth. - Hot Muscle Balm is recommended for temperatures below 5?C. Why Muscle Balm? - Protects the skin against cold and rain - Keeps muscles and tendons warm for a prolonged period allowing them to function optimally - Slows production of lactic acid in the muscles during training and sports - Reduces the risk of injury during training and sports - Keeps the blood vessels supple - Beneficial effect on circulation - For efficient oxygen transport and disposal of waste - Keeps the pores open

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