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  • After a successful first season, the Collective is back; bigger, better and broader for 2024, now including riders covering Road, Gravel and Triathlon disciplines.

    This cross-category team format is designed to bring together a talented group of diverse, passionate, like-minded riders, who share the same love for cycling, whilst allowing each rider the freedom to construct their preferred race schedule. We hope the Collective allows the riders to gain exposure and explore where their talent can take them, helping develop their future cycling careers, amplifying their stories and successes and providing valuable feedback for future product developments.

    The individually curated calendars see our 2024 roster of riders compete in new fields, territories and categories, as well as coming together with other Collective members to race the more traditional race-scene as one.

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  • Our Race Bikes

    Different disciplines, different bikes. One Collective colourway.

    For 2024, the riders will race on their Ribble Collective edition colourway, with all models featuring the prominent Gala Peacock Teal frame with Teal to Odyssey Black fade forks and the abstract Hot Pink flicker design complimented by the standout Hot Pink Ribble decals.

  • Gravel SL

    A pure, gravel racer, the Gravel SL is optimised for the highest level of performance and to explore without limits. It’s lightweight yet robust construction and aero-optimised profile has been designed to carry speed over the most extreme trails whilst maintaining control and capability on the most technically challenging terrain.

  • Ultra SL R

    Designed with a simple brief – to be the fastest aero road bike in the world. With watt-savings gains achieved across all areas of the Ultra, this is uncompromisingly aero. Optimised by science, proven by real world performance.

  • Ultra Tri Disc

    The performance-tuned, race-bred Ultra Tri Disc has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s triathlete. Meticulously handcrafted from Advanced-grade carbon, every tube shape has been aerodynamically optimised to minimise drag in real-world racing conditions. With built-in adjustability, hydration and storage systems that enable you to achieve and maintain your ideal position whilst managing your nutritional needs, delivering superior handling and braking control.

  • The Key Races

    The Ribble Collective will be in action on and off-road, around the globe, across the year at many events including Traka in Spain, the Paris Olympics, Unbound in the US, The Rift in Iceland, FNLD GRVL and even Migration in Kenya to name a few... For more details on the full calendar, and to follow the riders journeys stay tuned over on our Collective team blog here.

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