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  • Introducing, The Ribble Collective - our new athlete support model. As the name suggests, it’s a collective of riders, rather than a traditional cycling team. This new multi-discipline, multi-gender, community of riders sees each member of the Ribble Collective compete as a privateer, albeit within the foundations of a traditional team structure. Each rider gains the support of their fellow cyclists, and the Ribble brand, yet is given complete flexibility to craft their own season.

    This new cross-category format brings together a group of diverse, passionate, like-minded riders, who share the same love for cycling, allowing each rider the complete freedom to construct their preferred race schedule. These individually curated calendars see our 2023 roster of riders compete in new fields, territories and categories, as well as coming together with other Collective members to race the more traditional race-scene as one.

  • For 2023, we had the vision to look at the cycling landscape creatively and introduce this model, allowing us to work in close collaboration with each individual rider and support them to achieve their own riding goals. We are really excited about the future of the Ribble Collective and we feel we have built a strong, diverse and varied roster of riders for the 2023 season.
    Neil Pinkawa – Ribble Head of Brand Marketing
  • With the support of Ribble and the other Collective members, each rider can be sure to focus on their calendar, goals and challenges for the season – allowing them to build their profile, gain exposure and explore entirely new races and events, in collaboration with Ribble and its partners, helping develop their future cycling careers, whilst telling stories and helping develop future products.

    The Collective will be in action on and off-road, across the year, across the globe at many events including UK based races, Unbound in the US, The Rift in Iceland, FNLD GRVL and even Migration in Kenya to name a few...

  • The Class of 23

    • Meet Amira
    • Meet Ben
    • Meet Joe
    • Meet Maddy
    • Meet Mikey
    • Meet Tom
  • The Ribble Collective also incorporates 5 of it’s own competitively riding employees, as a Factory division of the Ribble Collective community;

    James Holloway – TT, Tom Simms – Tri, Kathy Beresford – Endurance & MTB, Daniel Jones – Endurance & CX, Calvin O’Keefe – Endurance.

  • Although not a ‘team’, two things that hold the collective together are the bikes and kit. The Ribble Collective Riders will be proudly riding in their Ribble Collective kit and on their limited-edition RC colourway bikes.

    Featuring, unique signature ‘abstract paint flicker’ metallic teal front fork and bars, the Ribble Collective colourway has been applied across several bike categories, including Ultra SL R, Endurance SL R, Gravel SL and Ultra Tri models. Add to this, a subtle metallic teal to black odyssey fade across the entire bike, with offset teal Ribble decal, plus RC monograms and custom top cap, each rider’s race-ready bike is unique and loaded with attention to detail.

    The Ribble Collective colourway is also now available through the Custom Colour service, and can be applied to any Aero, Endurance SL/SL R, Gravel SL or Tri frame as an additional customisation option.

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