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How to choose the correct Derailleur Hanger - Part Two

May 10, 2023
  • Whether it's to replace a bent or broken hanger or to carry a spare (just in case), identifying which one you need can be problematic, which is why we've put together this guide. In 'How to choose the correct derailleur hanger - part 2', we list every gear hanger required to fit any Ribble frame produced from 2018 to the present.

    What is a derailleur hanger? Derailleur hangers are a cheap and effective way to prevent a frame from suffering potentially catastrophic damage in the event that the rear derailleur is subjected to a significant crash or impact. As a sacrificial part, the hanger is designed to absorb the shock of any sudden impact. It does this by bending or even breaking completely. In doing so, it hopefully restricts damage to the hanger alone, or in worst case scenarios, the hanger and rear derailleur. But crucially, NOT the frame. Saving you £s and a whole of of heartache into the bargain.

    To identify the derailleur hanger you need, we've put together the following guide - How to choose the correct derailluer hanger - part 2. This guide covers all of the framesets in the current Ribble lineup. If yours is an older model of bike, you should find the hanger you need in part one of the guide - Derailleur hangers - Part 1.

  • 1. Carbon Disc Frames

  • As the name suggests, this model of hanger is compatible with the majority of our carbon disc framesets with thru-axles. Compatible models are:

    • Ultra SL R
    • Ultra SL
    • Endurance SL Disc
    • Endurance SL R Disc
    • CX SL (cyclocross)
    • CGR SL
    • Gravel SL

    If the hanger below is out of stock, you can source a replacement here. or here**

  • 2. CGR Ti - Adventure Ti

  • This mech hanger offers compatibility with the CGR Ti and Adventure Ti framesets only.

  • 3. Alloy e-bikes

  • Designed to fit certain aluminium models within our award-winning alloy e-bike range. Compatible with the following framesets only:

    • Endurance AL e
    • CGR AL e
    • Hybrid AL e
    • Hybrid AL e Step Through
    • Hybrid AL e Trail
    • Gravel AL e
    • Urban AL e

    ** If the hanger below is out of stock, an alternative can be sourced here.**

  • 4. Endurance SL e

  • This hanger is exclusive to our ultralight stealth e-road bike - the Endurance SL e. At launch, it was available in the white colour scheme pictured above, but has since received an update to a fetching anthracite colourway.

  • 5. R872 Disc

  • This hanger is exclusive to the R872 Disc frameset. See section 6 below for the rim brake version.

  • 6. R872 Caliper (rim brake)

  • This hanger is only compatible with the current iteration of the R872, which launched in 2018. If you own the previous 'stealth' version of this bike, please refer to part one of our derailleur hanger guide for compatible hangers.

    If the hanger below is out of stock, you can source an alternative here.

  • 7. Ultra TT/ TRI/ TTR

  • The Ultra frameset platform includes three models of bikes, which all share the same hanger. Please note, this hanger does not include bolts, which are available to purchase separately here.

  • 8. Endurance SL R/ SL (rim brake)

  • The hanger is exclusive to Endurance SL R and Endurance SL framesets equipped with rim brakes and quick release axles.

    If the hanger below is out of stock, an alternative can be sourced here.

  • 9. Alloy Disc Frames with a 162mm Thru-Axle

  • To ascertain whether this is the hanger you require, you will first need to remove the rear thru-axle and ensure it is the 162mm version (see example image above). If your rear axle is the 157 version, please refer to section 10 of this article. The 162mm mech hanger is only compatible with the following framesets:

    • CGR AL (2021 onwards)
    • Endurance AL Disc
    • CX AL (cyclocross)
    • Hybrid AL
    • Gravel AL
  • 10. CGR AL with 157mm Thru-Axle

  • In 2021, the CGR AL underwent a slight redesign. This resulted in a slight change to thru-axle length, which now differs to earlier models. Please remove your rear thru-axle to ensure it is the 157mm version before ordering this mech hanger. However, if you have the 162mm axle, please refer to section 9 of this guide.

  • 11. Endurance 725 (rim brake)

  • This model of hanger is compatible with the Endurance 725 equipped with traditional rim brakes and quick release axles only.

  • 12. HT 725 / Gravel 725

  • The pictured hanger is exclusive to the HT 725 hardcore hardtail and Gravel 725 steel gravel bike.

  • 13. HT Ti / Endurance Ti / Gravel Ti

  • Compatible with specific framesets from our titanium lineup (listed below). Please refer to section 2 of the guide for the CGR Ti and Adventure Ti hanger.

    • Endurance Ti Disc
    • Gravel Ti
    • HT Ti (hardcore hardtail)
  • 14. Hybrid AL Trail

  • This hanger is exclusive to the Hybrid Trail, an alloy hybrid bike fitted with front suspension.

  • 15. HT AL / HT Trail AL 29

  • This hanger is exclusive to the HT AL and HT Trail AL 29 mountain bikes.

    If the hanger below is out of stock, a replacement can be sourced here.

  • 16. CGR 725 / Endurance 725 Disc

  • These models have adopted the traditional method of having the mech hanger incorporated into the frame. And thanks to durability of steel, there's little chance of the hanger sustaining significant damage in the event of a crash. Owing to its springy nature, steel is extremely malleable. So, eveen if the hanger does become misaligned, its a simple task to cold set it back into position. If you don't recognise the term 'cold setting', it is simpky industry parlance for forcing steel back into a desired position!

  • If you own a Ribble bike of an older design, manufactured pre-2018, you should find the hanger you need in Part 1 of our derailleur hanger guide.

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