Ribble electric bikes – what do they offer?

Electric bikes have seen a massive increase in popularity in the last couple of years. Ebikes have proven to be exceedingly popular and for good reason.

They appeal to a diverse market, so who is it that buys ebikes?

  • Novice riders or leisure riders who are looking to take up cycling and find that an ebike is an easier way to buildup confidence and gradually gain fitness and stamina.
  • An aid to recovery from serious illness or injury.
  • A means to prolong a love of cycling when the body is less willing or an existing medical condition restricts the rider.
  • The pedal assist system is the most beneficial as it still requires manual input from the rider.

The start of 2019 saw Ribble unveil our first ever electric bike, the Endurance SLe. It has proven to be hugely popular so we knew we had to expand the range to be more rider inclusive. We have now launched 2 additional models and each offers something a little different . All 3 of the models use exactly the same ebikemotion X35 drive system which provides 3 levels of power assist and which cuts out when the rider exceeds 15mph. The system is activated by way of a controller button on the top tube of the frame.

So, if you are in the market for an e-bike which should you choose? This guide highlights the difference between the various models of electric bikes.

Feature comparison

FeaturesEndurance SL eHybrid AL eCGR AL e
Monocoque Carbon FrameYesNoNo
Aluminium FrameNoYesYes
Endurance GeometryYesNoYes
Internally routed cablesYesYesYes
Full Carbon Monocoque ForksYesYesYes
27.2mm Round SeatpostNoYesYes
External Seat ClampNoYesYes
Dropped SeatstaysYesYesYes
Truncated Aerofoil TubingYesNoNo
Truncated Aero Seat PostYesNoNo
Integrated Seat ClampYesNoNo
Integrated Bar / Stem YesNoNo
Di2 CompatibilityYesNoYes

Endurance SLe

Our Endurance SLe Ambassador Sean Yates gets to grips with his new SLe. Due to underlying health issues Sean needed an ebike to continue his passion and love of cycling.

The Endurance SL e is the pure performance road bike of the 3 options. It utilises the same frameset as the Endurance SL series of frames and as such is virtually indistinguishable from its siblings. In keeping with the SL series, the frame is designed to offer as much aerodynamic savings as possible making it very aero efficient. This translates into less effort for more speed.

Another advantage to the design of the frameset is the dropped seatstays. These add more compliance and by this we mean that it absorbs more of the vibrations from rough surfaces than a standard frame.

Due to the minimalist design of the ebikemotion X35 propulsion system, which only weighs in at only 3.5kg builds as little as 11kg are possible. This makes it the one of the lightest range of ebikes available worldwide.

The features of the Endurance SLe are;

  • Toray T800/T1000 Full Carbon Monocoque frame and forks. The slimline battery fits within the downtube and when combined with the internal cable routing gives the bike a very clean look and uncluttered finish.
  • The geometry of the Endurance SLe offers the rider all day in the saddle comfort but can also be optimised to provide a slightly more aggressive position, as per the riders preference.
  • Intended only to be used on paved surfaces it is available with road specific groupsets only. These groupsets all feature double chainrings at the front and the cassette is configurable through the Bike Builder. This customisation allows you to select the best gear range that you feel you require.
  • A wide tyre clearance of up to 32mm without mudguards or 25mm with full mudguards fitted. This provides added comfort and improves the contact patch for better grip/traction.
  • No pannier rack mounts.
  • A choice of flat handlebars for a comfortable upright position or standard road drop handlebars which offer multiple positions.
  • Mudguard mounts enable better wet weather protection.

View the Endurance SLe here.

Hybrid AL e

A hybrid bike, in a nutshell sits somewhere in between a road bike and mountain bike. They take the flat handlebars and riding position of a mountain bike which riders find comfortable and intuitive and combine them with the lighter equipment of a road bike. This allows for greater speed for less effort especially when compared to an out and out MTB. To provide the comfort they have flat handlebars rather than the drop bikes that a true road bike road will be supplied with. The flat handlebars provide better comfort and added confidence which makes them a very popular choice for beginner riders.

Similarly, to an all-rounder the hybrid bike can be fitted with a wide selection of tyres from slicks for tarmac use to semi slick for towpaths and bridleways. With gearing low enough for off-road terrain, yet not detrimental to rides on paved surfaces the hybrid bike is a very capable all-rounder.

The features of the Hybrid AL e are;

  • 6061 T6 Aluminium frame with full carbon forks. The Aluminium frame provides durability and reliability, whilst the forks help absorb ‘road buzz’.
  • Available in 2 build options, both of which are built around the Sram NX single chainring groupset. This single chainring set up has a low gearing range which is a great all-rounder for road and bridleways.
  • Tyre clearance of up to 45mm with 700c road wheels or 40mm with mudguards fitted.
  • Fittings for a rear pannier rack.
  • Flat handlebars provide a comfortable upright riding position.

View the Hybrid AL e here.


An ebike version of our best selling and popular CGR range. The letters CGR stand for Cross/Gravel/Road and as this suggests it is designed to be an extremely versatile all-rounder. Where it differs from the hybrid the most is in the geometry and handlebars. The CGR’s geometry is more akin to a road bike but with a few adjustments to improve control and stability when off-road.

Drop handlebars rather than flat bars offer the rider multiple positions and are recommended for longer duration rides. They allow the rider to switch between the tops for climbing, the hoods for cruising and the drops for descents. There is however limited options for flat bars on the Sram Apex 1x and 105 Double only.

The features of the CGR e are;

  • 6061 T6 Aluminium frame and full carbon forks. The Aluminium frame offers great durability and the carbon forks help to absorb ‘road buzz’
  • The geometry offers stability and poised handling regardless of the terrain. A dropped seatstays design also ensures the frames ability to soak up the lumps and bumps.
  • Available with a wide range of double chainring options from Shimano and Sram. These are mainly designed for road use but the lower geared options can also provide assistance when off the beaten track.
  • Also available with single chainring options in the form of Sram Apex and Rival which offer very low gearing which are best utilised for off-road adventures..
  • Multiple wheel sizes of 700c road wheels or 650b MTB wheels. Having 2 wheels size options opens up a vast array of tyres that are compatible and allows the rider to match the tyres to their chosen terrain.

View the CGR AL e here.

Unsure of what gear sizes you need? Read our gearing explained blog here.

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  1. I have recently tried out a cube agree electric bike which is considerably more expensive than the ribble ,I like the idea of less weight ,when I asked at the shop they bemoaned the rear hub drive ,I really am up in the air about which one to go for ,the cube dealer is accessible for servicing whereas ribble are based in Preston so problems would be an issue ? How much are spare batteries ? Have you any reviews on the ebikes I can look at ? Thanks in advance

  2. I have recently Looked at a rubble Ebike and found this question on your site but no reply, it pretty much sums up my questions. Can you post the response please. tried out a cube agree electric bike which is considerably more expensive than the ribble ,I like the idea of less weight ,when I asked at the shop they bemoaned the rear hub drive ,I really am up in the air about which one to go for ,the cube dealer is accessible for servicing whereas ribble are based in Preston so problems would be an issue ? How much are spare batteries ? Have you any reviews on the ebikes I can look at ? Thanks in advance

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