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When you purchase a Ribble electric bike you are not just purchasing one of the best looking and lightest ebikes on the market. The ebikemotion X35 smart propulsion system that our ebikes utilise is more than just smart tech. Alongside this intelligent system there is also an easy to use ebikemotion for ebikes app that can be downloaded to your smartphone.

This transforms the ebike of choice into a high end GPS computer and much, much more. To help you get the most out of your Ribble ebike we take you through some of the key features that can do nothing but improve your riding experience. The app is compatible with the Ribble Endurance SLe, Hybrid AL e and CGR AL e bikes.

Connecting to the App

When you first open the app this is the page that you see, the settings menu is highlighted

The first step is to download the app from Apple’s App store or Android Play store. When you first pair your Ribble bike please make sure that the app is closed when you power up the bike. (N.B. It will not pair if you have the app open and then power up the bike).

  1. Press the button on the top tube to power up the bike.
  2. Ensure the Bluetooth on your phone is activated.
  3. Open the application on your phone.
  4. Open the menu (tap the 3 lines in the top left corner, as per the image above).
  5. Select the settings menu.
  6. At the top, you will see displayed ‘Bike Conventional’ with a down arrow. Change this to EBM compatible and then press ‘Connect to EBM’ to complete the pairing process. Henceforward, the app will connect automatically if the bike is already powered up and you open the app. Remember to power up the bike before the app.
The settings menu page is used to connect the bike to the app, download maps and much more.

To view the range of compatible ebikes click here

Key Functions

Power Assist Levels Output

Remember to power up the bike BEFORE opening the app! All Ribble e-bikes are fitted with the Iwoc button on the top tube.

There are 3 power assists levels available which offer a set amount of torque per level. However, from the settings menu, you can open up a further option which allows you to tweak the amount of assistance within each level using a simple graph adjustment. The graph displays how much torque is provided and you simply adjust this using a slider.

Why would this be useful? An example would be, you find medium Assist (Level 2) provides just too little assistance but Full Assist (Level 3) slightly too much. You could raise the power provided at Level 2 to provide more assistance or drop the power offered at Full Assist.


One of the key functions of the app is fault diagnosis. This is why we think the app is such an essential tool for any Ribble ebike owner. Should an error occur with the system the app will display an error in the form of a number. Simply contact us, quote the number and we can check our dealer app to see what this error code relates to and we can then work to resolve the issue. Should it be necessary we can also contact ebikemotion and they can log into the bike and assist with resolving the issue.  

Heart Rate Functionality

Image 1. standard screen 2. turn by turn navigation 3. Standard screen when listening to music 4. Range achievable based on battery consumption.

To access the heart rate function, you will first need to link the app to a Bluetooth compatible heart rate transmitter belt. If you need advice on compatible belts please contact us.

  • Open settings menu
  • Select the heart rate option and click on Connect to heart rate

Within this menu there is also a very neat feature available. You can specify a maximum heart rate limit and when you reach this threshold the bike will automatically engage assistance. This is especially handy for riders with underlying health issues and have been warned not to exceed a certain heart rate.

The heart rate and behaviour section enables you to connect a heart rate belt and activate notifications.

GPS Navigation

Turn by turn navigation is available once the relevant maps are downloaded.

The app essentially turns your phone into a hi-tech GPS cycling computer. To specifically access turn by turn navigation you must download the maps. To do so, simply open the settings menu, click on the maps option and download the relevant maps that you require.

When you purchase the bike, you can download up to 3 maps free of charge. Should you require extra maps in the future for specific trips you can also download additional maps for a small fee through the app. Also, like any high-end GPS unit you can enter an address or plan a ride in advance and obtain turn by turn navigation to reach your final destination.

More than just a GPS

Like any GPS unit there is a huge range of information at the touch of your fingertips, the most common of which you can find listed below. These are only the tip of the iceberg however and cannot help but improve your riding experience of your Ribble ebike.

  • Speeds – Average, Maximum, Current
  • Distance – Trip, Total
  • Time – Ride time, Session, Date, Actual time
  • Altitude – Maximum and minimum
  • Degree of slope – ascents and descents
  • Weather – current weather and forecasts throughout the ride in hourly increments. Plus, weather graphics and forecasts for the next few days so you can plan your rides and equip yourself for the weather you can expect appropriately.
  • Fitness Info – Calories burned, Heart Rate Zones, Cadence, Apple Health etc.

Range / Battery Level

Of course, being an e-bike one of the most common questions is how far can I go? On average using full assist and with a full charge we state somewhere in the region of 60-80 miles. There are also some very handy features built into the app to help you plan your rides to account for the battery level.

  • Point of no return – You can input a battery percentage level and when you reach this level you will receive a notification. For example, if you input 55% you know that you have enough juice left to return home if you follow the same route. Of course, the bike can still be ridden even if the battery is completely flat.  
  • Main Speed Screen– The battery charge remaining is displayed as a percentage and also displays the available distance in km/miles.
  • Map Screen – When using the map screen the available battery charge is displayed as a percentage remaining only.
  • Reach or Range Screen – This contains all the information you could ever need to ascertain where to ride to and on what power level. Not only does it display the range available in km/miles but also displays a visual map which represents the area you can reach with the battery power remaining (as per the image above).


Notifications messsages including the novel nutrition and hydration scheduler

In the behaviour section of the settings menu there is an Alerts section. Click on this and some very innovative functions become available. It is worth noting that you can select whether to receive such notifications verbally, as an on-screen notification only or both in tandem.

  • Heart Rate – Set an alert when you reach a certain BPM and you can then either slow down or engage/increase the assistance level.
  • Nutrition – One of the most feared phenomenon’s on the bike is the dreaded ‘bonk’. When your body exhausts all the available food and you hit the wall. This novel function can make this a thing of the past, with the ability to set up a schedule for eating and hydration. Simply select how often you wish to receive an alert and the app notifies you that it is time to eat or hydrate.
  • Motor – When the power level reaches a certain percentage.
  • Distance – Pick a distance and receive a notification when you hit this target. For example, you could set it up to notify you every 10 miles.
  • No return – We strongly recommend that this is activated as it is possibly one of the most helpful alerts.
Each screen contains a wealth of information.

For more information on the app and a downloadable User PDF file click here

  1. Hi, Just bought a bike fitted with your ebikemotion system, and I am very impressed.

    I am trying to download some maps in the app, but when I choose settings / download maps, I have only a darkened map screen but no prompts to request / begin the download.

    Can you help,

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi
    I have the same issue as Gerry (but sometimes get an error message as well). In addition I find the bluetooth connection quite unstable and have to reconnect the bike/app several times during a day. In the Play Store I see that the app is ‘early access’ for development but I have emailed ebikemotion with this feedback (and other comments) twice and have had no reply. When Ribble advertise their eBikes as having all the benefits of this app they might want to check that it actually works!
    Any assistance in getting the app to work fully would be most welcome.

  3. Have bought the CGRe and map download does not work. Spoken to Ribble and they acknowledge there is a problem but have no answer.

  4. Got the same problem. Bought a Ribble CGR-e and can’t even buy the maps, let alone download the 3 free ones promised. Ebikemotion took the payment for the Euromap but everytime l select it , they demand another payment!! Wtf!!!???

  5. I am experiencing difficulty with the app. It doesn’t stay paired and drops off connection. I am disappointed that Ribble sold me a bike costing £4500 with an alleged app to assist my riding and which doesn’t work. Also, the app doesn’t always open on mu phone.

  6. Hi I purchased my Orbea ebike a few weeks ago and have downloaded the Ebikemotion app to go with it I’m having trouble pairing my phone up to my bike I’ve tried everything that the tutorials and what I’ve seen on YouTube are telling me to do.
    Is there anything that you can let me know on what I am doing wrong to get it paired. thank you

  7. Like Martin I’ve tried everything I can think of without being able to connect the app to the bike.
    Even tried other people’s phones ( mine’s a new iPhone se).
    Welcome any comment to get the app working!

  8. Does anyone know how to change the assist level?? I’ve gone into settings but can’t see where I can change the assist levels to give either a greater or lesser assist. I’ve read on a few threads that this is possible.

  9. Hi Sam
    You need to have both the bike and app switched on (bike first)

    Under settings you will see that they are connected to each other.
    Below that is “pair with new EMB bike”

    The next one below is called “engine maps”, click on that one.

    You will see a bar chart with three different shades of blue representing levels 1 2 and 3

    Highlight the level you want to change and using the slider below the chart you can make any adjustments you want.
    I started out with 50, 75 and 100 but have now gone back to all three at 100,
    I really don’t know which is the best for me as I live in hilly Yorkshire!

  10. I have created my own app for the ebikemotion that works alongside Strava or Komoot. Let’s you change your power settings during a ride. Let me know if you want to alpha test it.

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