Ebikemotion app for e-bikes – The Ribble guide

The ebikemotion app for e-bikes is a must-have for all Ribble e-bike owners. Our range of electric bikes is equipped with the MAHLE Ebikemotion X35+ smart propulsion system. In addition to the powerfully smooth pedal assistance, the X35 is much more than just smart tech. Alongside this intelligent system, there’s also an easy to use Ebikemotion companion app. Read on to find out how to turn your smart device into a dedicated satnav system for your Ribble e-bike.

The Ebikemotion app for e-bikes transforms your mobile phone of choice into a high-end GPS computer and much, much more. To help you get the most out of your Ribble e-bike we take you through some of the key features that will transform your riding experience. The app is compatible with all of the e-bikes in our range. Ribble Endurance SL e, Hybrid AL e, CGR AL e Hybrid AL e Step-Through and CGR AL e Step-Through.

Connecting to the ebikemotion app for e-bikes

When you first open the app this is the page that you see, the settings menu is highlighted

The first step is to download the ebikemotion app for e-bikes from Apple’s App Store or Android Play Store. When you first pair the app and bike, please ensure that the app is closed before powering up the bike. (N.B. It will not pair if you have the app open and then power up the bike).

  1. Press the button on the top tube to power up the bike (handlebar button on the Step Through’s).
  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  3. Open the Ebikemotion app.
  4. Tap the menu option (3 lines in the top left corner, as per the image above).
  5. Select the settings menu.
  6. At the top, you will see ‘Bike Conventional’ with a down arrow. Change this to EBM compatible and then press ‘Connect to EBM’ to complete the pairing process.
  7. Henceforth, the app will connect automatically if the bike is already powered up and you open the app. Remember to power up the bike before opening the app.
The settings menu page is used to connect the bike to the app, download maps and much more.

To view the range of compatible e-bikes click here

Key Functions

Power Assistance Levels

There are 3 levels of power assistance for you to choose from. Each offering a set amount of torque per level. However, within the settings menu, you can also open up a further option which allows you to ‘map’ the amount of assistance offered by each level using a simple graph adjustment (see image below).

Why would this be useful? Well, let’s say, for example, you find that the Medium (level 2) assistance setting is providing slightly too much assistance. You could lower the amount of assistance offered slightly. Each setting offers between 30% and 100% of a set percentage of the total power output. You can’t raise the assistance of each power setting beyond 100% nor should you drop it below 30%. The beauty of this system is that you are fully in control of how much assistance is offered at all times. We fully advise new bike owners to experiment with the settings for each level to find what works for you.


One of the key functions of the ebikemotion app for e-bikes is fault diagnosis. This is another reason why we think this companion app is such an essential tool for any Ribble e-bike owner. Should an error occur with the system, the app will display an error code. Simply contact us, quote the code, and we can check to see what this refers to and how we can resolve the issue. Should it be necessary, we can also contact Ebikemotion who can remotely log into the bike and assist with resolving the issue.  

Heart Rate Functionality

Image 1. standard screen 2. turn by turn navigation 3. Standard screen when listening to music 4. Range achievable based on battery consumption.

To take advantage of the heart rate functionality, you will first need to link the app to a compatible heart rate device. It is worth noting that the app is only compatible with heart rate monitors that have Bluetooth 4.0 protocols. Similarly, any heart rate transmitter chest belts must be Bluetooth (BLE) or dual Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled. Devices that are Ant+ only are NOT supported.

In a similar vein, smartwatches are incompatible with the app if you require heart rate functionality. Apple watches can be connected and will show ride data, but NOT heart rate. If you need advice on compatible belts please contact us.

To activate the heart rate function;

  • Open settings menu
  • Select the heart rate option and click on Connect to heart rate

Within this menu, there is also a very neat feature. You can specify a maximum heart rate limit and when this threshold is reached the system will automatically provide assistance. This is especially handy for riders with underlying health issues who may have been warned not to exceed a certain heart rate.

The heart rate and behaviour section enables you to connect a heart rate belt and activate notifications.

GPS Navigation

Turn by turn navigation is available once the relevant maps are downloaded.

When you purchase the bike, you are entitled to a free subscription that allows you to download 3 maps, completely free of charge! These maps essentially turn your smartphone into a hi-tech GPS computer. Once you have downloaded these maps they are yours to keep. However, should your cycling adventures take you to new and exotic locations, you can download further maps through the app for a nominal fee.

Once the maps are downloaded you have access to all of the features you can expect to find on any top of the range GPS system (more on this later). Enter an address or plan a route in advance and receive turn by turn navigation.

Important Info: It should be noted that it is not possible to download the maps until you have registered a ride of at least 1-2km. The act of carrying out such a ride activates your rider data on the user dashboard. Once you have completed this little test ride, simply open the settings menu, click on the maps option and download the relevant maps that you require.

More than just a GPS

Like any GPS unit, there is a huge range of information available at your fingertips. The most common of these being listed below. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg and cannot help but improve your riding experience aboard your Ribble bike.

  • Speeds – Average, Maximum, Current
  • Distance – Trip, Total
  • Time – Ride time, Session, Date, Actual time
  • Altitude – Maximum and Minimum
  • Degree of slope – Ascents and Descents
  • Weather – Current weather and forecasts throughout the ride in hourly increments. Plus, weather graphics and forecasts for the next few days so you can plan your rides and equip yourself for the weather you can expect appropriately.
  • Fitness Info – Calories burned, Heart Rate Zones, Cadence, Apple Health etc.

Range / Battery Level

This image displays a map with a blue surround highlighting the available range using the current assist level. The 3 on the left represents Level 3 (max assist)

Of course, being an e-bike, one of the most common questions we hear is, how far can I go? The range is extremely difficult to quantify because it is subject to so many different factors Rider weight, fitness, route profile, tyre pressure, assistance level, each plays a part. We state that you should expect up to 60 miles from a single charge. There are also some very handy features built into the app which help you to plan your rides based on the battery level.

  • Point of no return – You can input a battery percentage level and when you reach this level you will receive a verbal and/or visual notification. For example, if you input 55% you can be sure that you have enough juice left to get home if you return by the same route. Of course, the beauty of our bikes is the weight. Even when the battery is fully depleted, Ribble electric bikes are light enough that you can easily ride them without assistance.
  • Main Speed Screen– The battery charge remaining is displayed as a percentage and also displays the available distance in km/miles.
  • Map Screen – When using the map screen the available battery remaining is displayed as a percentage. Plus, it also displays speed, cadence, elapsed time etc.
  • Reach or Range Screen – This contains all the information you could ever need to ascertain where to ride to and on what power level. Not only does it display the range available in km/miles, but it also displays a visual map. This represents the area you can reach with the battery power remaining (as per the image above).


Notifications messsages including the novel nutrition and hydration scheduler

In the behaviour section of the settings menu, you will find the Alerts section. Click on this and some very innovative functions become available. It is worth noting that you can select whether to receive such notifications verbally, via on-screen notification only or both in tandem.

  • Heart Rate – Set an alert when you reach a certain BPM and you can then either slow down or engage/increase the assistance level.
  • Nutrition – One of the most feared faux pas’s to commit on the bike is the dreaded ‘bonk’. When your body exhausts all of the available glucose you hit the wall. You can set reminders through the app and at specified times during the ride it will advise you to eat or drink.
  • Motor – When the power level reaches a certain percentage.
  • Distance – Pick a distance and receive a notification when you hit this target. For example, you could set it up to notify you at 5-mile intervals.
  • No return – We strongly recommend that this is activated as it is possibly one of the most helpful alerts. It will notify you when you get tot eh point where you do not have enough range in the battery to return if you followed the same route.
Each screen contains a wealth of information.

For more information on the ebikemotion app for e-bikes and a downloadable User PDF file click here

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  1. Hi, Just bought a bike fitted with your ebikemotion system, and I am very impressed.

    I am trying to download some maps in the app, but when I choose settings / download maps, I have only a darkened map screen but no prompts to request / begin the download.

    Can you help,

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi
    I have the same issue as Gerry (but sometimes get an error message as well). In addition I find the bluetooth connection quite unstable and have to reconnect the bike/app several times during a day. In the Play Store I see that the app is ‘early access’ for development but I have emailed ebikemotion with this feedback (and other comments) twice and have had no reply. When Ribble advertise their eBikes as having all the benefits of this app they might want to check that it actually works!
    Any assistance in getting the app to work fully would be most welcome.

  3. Have bought the CGRe and map download does not work. Spoken to Ribble and they acknowledge there is a problem but have no answer.

  4. Got the same problem. Bought a Ribble CGR-e and can’t even buy the maps, let alone download the 3 free ones promised. Ebikemotion took the payment for the Euromap but everytime l select it , they demand another payment!! Wtf!!!???

  5. I am experiencing difficulty with the app. It doesn’t stay paired and drops off connection. I am disappointed that Ribble sold me a bike costing £4500 with an alleged app to assist my riding and which doesn’t work. Also, the app doesn’t always open on mu phone.

  6. I had this problem until i switched to EBM setting on the app ok then.

  7. Hi I purchased my Orbea ebike a few weeks ago and have downloaded the Ebikemotion app to go with it I’m having trouble pairing my phone up to my bike I’ve tried everything that the tutorials and what I’ve seen on YouTube are telling me to do.
    Is there anything that you can let me know on what I am doing wrong to get it paired. thank you

  8. Like Martin I’ve tried everything I can think of without being able to connect the app to the bike.
    Even tried other people’s phones ( mine’s a new iPhone se).
    Welcome any comment to get the app working!

  9. Does anyone know how to change the assist level?? I’ve gone into settings but can’t see where I can change the assist levels to give either a greater or lesser assist. I’ve read on a few threads that this is possible.

  10. Hi Sam
    You need to have both the bike and app switched on (bike first)

    Under settings you will see that they are connected to each other.
    Below that is “pair with new EMB bike”

    The next one below is called “engine maps”, click on that one.

    You will see a bar chart with three different shades of blue representing levels 1 2 and 3

    Highlight the level you want to change and using the slider below the chart you can make any adjustments you want.
    I started out with 50, 75 and 100 but have now gone back to all three at 100,
    I really don’t know which is the best for me as I live in hilly Yorkshire!

  11. I have created my own app for the ebikemotion that works alongside Strava or Komoot. Let’s you change your power settings during a ride. Let me know if you want to alpha test it.

  12. Hello,

    I just bought an Wilier Cento 1 HYB and would like to understand the X35 e-bike motion “Map engine” option for the time being in the apps the 3 levels of the “Map engine” are set to 100%.

    If I well understood all level are taking a certain % of the max (100%) i.e level 1  50% of the 100%, level 2  75% of the 100%, level 3  100% is that a correct assumptions ?

    If yes what is the advantage to remap the power of each level ? i.e : Set the level 1 to 30% the level 2 to 60% and the Level 3 to 95% what will be the advantage (and disadvantage) to do that ?

    What are your settings (bike independent as whatever the bike brand they are using the same motor and apps) ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  13. The advantage of changing the power settings is to extend battery life. But I would set them all to the same percentage because the percentage is relative to the default power seeing of each assist level. I.e. if I set them to 80% and I use the assist normally then my battery will last 20% longer. Note, if you set level 1 to 30% it will only use 15% of the max power which is not much.

  14. I have a Bianchi Aria E which I love. Problem is it’s showing an error 24 which has it in flashing pink mode. Been in touch with rep who couldn’t help and winstanley are hopeless. I’m trying to adjust levels to all 100% but it seems to be locked at default. Not much use to me here. Any ideas?

  15. What are the compatible heart rate belts I can use , also would it work with a smart watch that had heart rate monitor

  16. Hi John,
    Thanks for getting in touch, you will require a Bluetooth BLE heart rate belt to connect to the app. We are not 100% sure on the compatibility with smartwatches, to be honest. We shall contact ebikemotion for and see what their response is to this query and let you know what they say. Regards
    [email protected]

  17. As many have said previously this app is not really up to scratch. I have to manually connect to my bike each time and I can’t work how to get the free maps? when I try to download it tries to charge me. I don’t bother using the app anymore. Shame as it could be useful.

  18. Hi,
    Sorry to hear you are having issues when using the app. if you could please send us an email outlining the issues you are encountering plus what phone you connect with, the operating software of the phone IOS, Android etc and your full name, 1st line of your address, postcode and order number we can investigate the matter and if necessary can ask ebikemotion to assist. They can log in to the bike and see if there is any software issue.
    [email protected]

  19. Thanks Ribble, this help sheet is easier to follow than the downloadable pdf which may make more sense in the original Spanish. However, I don’t think you have got the section on adjustment of power at each of the assist levels quite right. As delivered, our bike had increasing levels of assist at green, orange and red indicator settings, but all three levels were showing 100% on the bar graph. It is possible to tone down the power at each level but not to increase it beyond the initial 100%. So the ‘100%’ seems not to be a percentage of the full power avaiable from the motor but rather a percentage of the power avaiable at each of the factory-set assist levels. Attempting to reduce any of the levels below 30% brings up a warning that it is not advised.

  20. Hi I’m trying to download the ribble ebikemotion app but the Apple apps store tells me’ no results’ please advise. Thanks

  21. Hi David,
    Thanks for getting in touch, it is not a Ribble app so if you have searched for this then this may be the reason. Simply type ‘ebikemotion app’ into the search function on the app store and you should find it quite easily. One of my colleagues has just checked on his iPhone and found it straight away. if you have any further difficulty please contact our customer service team by one of the many methods of contact and they can assist you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  22. Hi John,
    Thanks for getting in touch and pointing out the slight discrepancy in the guide. We shall amend according to your feedback, you are correct however when a bike arrives the default factory settings are for each power setting to be set to 100%. As you have correctly surmised this is 100% of the factory assist levels rather than all 3 being set to 250W. So Level 1 will normally be set to 75W, Level 2 125W and Level 3 250W.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  23. Afternoon,
    Trying all day to get the Ebikemotion App to open – response is ‘404 not found’ . Have used the App on previous rides with no issues. Have tried deleting App and re-installing but I get the same message. Any ideas?
    Many thanks,

  24. Hi Mr Davies, thanks for getting in touch.
    We can only apologise for the issues with the companion app. Unfortunately, ebikemotion were experiencing issues with their servers for the entirety of last week which affected connection to the app on both the web and smart devices. They contacted us late on Friday to advise that normal service had been restored. If you have tried over the weekend and are still encountering issues please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you further.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  25. Hi Mr Davies,
    That’s great news and apologies for the issues with the app.
    Best Regards

  26. Hi, Got a Ribble CGRAle, very happy for nearly 2 years but now when range extender mounted on bike and plugged in bike give error code 201, unbalanced. I’ve tried all the remedies I can find online, leaving the charger connected and so on. Bike runs OK with range extender disconnected. Neither extender nor bike exhibit error on their own. Despite error both batteries charge OK.

    Any suggestions?


  27. Hi, thanks for getting in touch,
    Sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your bike. In all instances of an issue with an e-bike the best course of action is always to contact our customer service team who can then assist you with resolving the issue.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  28. Can anyone please tell me how do delete selected activities from the App?

  29. I have a new phone and downloaded ebike motion app but cannot log in to ebike motion app. I am asked to sign in through facebook but am refused each time I am keeping the ebike app on my old phone until I can resolve this issue……… any advice ?

  30. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you are having issues logging in. Something like this is best handled in person. Are you able to contact our customer service team so that they can assist you with resolving the issue? It would be best to contact us by phone, live chat, or send us a private message via one of our social channels and we can get back to you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  31. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for getting in touch. The range extender acts like a power bank and its sole purpose is to charge the main battery. It is the main battery within the frame that is the brains of the operation and it is this that connects to the app. There is no reason to connect the extender to the app nor is it possible to. We hope this helps.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  32. I’m having difficulty logging on to the app. I put in the email and password and the screen stays opaque and won’t respond. Can you assist

  33. Hi John,
    Sorry to hear that you are having issues logging into the app. I have passed your details onto our customer service team and someone will be in touch to help resolve the issue.
    Best Regards
    [email protected] Ribble

  34. Hi

    I’m slowly trying to get to grips with the app and it is fair to say it does have its ‘issues’! I am in particular struggling with the Max HR function. I have set this with a Garmin chest strap which I am told is compatible. However the max HR I set (130) gets ignored but then the power cuts in at Level 3 (full assist) when HR gets to 142/143, rather than (as I was hoping) giving me a gradual feeding in of the power to help keep the HR within range. I’ve tried experimenting with the ‘sensibiity’ function but this doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference. I also get random surges of assistance when my HR is well below max HR limit. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any tips or suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

  35. Hi Steve, Thanks for getting in touch.
    If you have not already consulted the ebikemotion app manual, please do so and in particular page 44 which relates to how power is applied with heart rates. There is a bar slider that allows you to adjust how the power is applied to keep you within the heart rate zone. If the instructions in the manual do not help to resolve the issue, please contact our customer service team for assistance who can put our technical service team in touch with you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  36. Hi Steve,
    By all means, if you struggle to resolve the issue please get in touch and we’ll have the technical team assist you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  37. I have an Ebikemotion powered bike, I’ve downloaded the app and maps. All is fine. I’ve managed to import a .gpx file and the app has added it as an activity (with no distance or any other data -as expected if the app didn’t record the data). However I’d like to be able to follow the imported .gpx as a route. How do I do it?

  38. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for getting in touch, sorry I’ll need some further clarification of the details of your inquiry. As I understand it, you have created a route on a third party application? What app was this? You are then wanting to know if you can upload this ride to the ebikemotion app and follow it as a route? If you can please provide confirmation as to what you intend and we may have to seek clarity of whether this is possible from ebikemotion.
    Best Regards
    [email protected] Team Ribble

  39. I have a CGR AL e on order for delivery in October. I’m looking at updating my bike computer and ideally to one that supports LEV ANT+ connectivity. It’s my understanding that the Ebikemotion X35+ is updated to support ANT+ and from what you say here all Ribble e bikes utilise the 35+ kit.

    Firstly is this the case, do all Ribble CGR AL e come with the 35+ kit?

    Does the Ribble 35+ kit support ANT+ LEV?

    Do you have any experience, for example, with Wahoo devices that have recently been updated to support ANT+ LEV?

  40. Hi there,
    I’ve got an endurance SL e bought December last year – I got the ebikemotion app and downloaded the 3 maps, bit now when I go into the app it tells me “No offline maps found” and wants me to pay to download ….. Any ideas? Thanks, Neil Turner

  41. Hi Stu,
    Thanks for getting in touch and for ordering your new Ribble e-bike. To be honest I only think we fitted the X35 system for a very short period of time before Ebikemotion upgraded it to the X35+ version with Ant+ connectivity. Stocks of the old X35 ran out a long time ago and the X35+ has been installed on all new e-bikes ever since. The X35+ does have full Ant + connectivity and is compatible with Garmin devices, however, we have no direct experience of connecting any of our e-bikes with Wahoo devices. If you are on Facebook we would definitely recommend joining the Ribble Owners group on there. They provide valuable information on all things to do with our bikes, such as what computers they use and what functionality they provide when connected as well as lots more.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  42. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for getting in touch, We’ll need to know more details to try and ascertain what the issue may be. Have you at any time changed your smart device or uninstalled the ebikemotion app? If the answer is no to both then we will need to know what sort of device you have the app downloaded to and what operating system it currently uses. Once you confirm this information we can then look into what the issue may be.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  43. I may be asking the impossible here, but is there anyway of working out want level of assist might work to negate the extra weight of the bike, to be comparable with let’s say 8kg carbon frame? I have a small frame size and I weigh about 64kg. Like I say, I might be asking the impossible…

  44. Hi Lou,
    Many thanks for getting in touch, theoretically it should be possible. The problem is going to be the numerous variables that affect this theoretical figure. There are so many things that can affect such a test rider weight, rider fitness, route profile to such influences as climate, wind resistance, tyre width/tread etc. Sadly at this time, we are not in a position where we would be able to conduct such extensive testing to achieve this figure.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  45. Hi Alan Gray,
    in reply to your question – no to both. App is installed on a Google Pixel 3 on Android 11. app version is version code 3883

  46. Hi Neil, thanks for confirming,
    I have forwarded your details to our aftersales team who will create a ticket for the issue you have reported and will then assist you with resolving the issue.
    Best Regards
    [email protected]

  47. Graham: Yes, pleaaase! I would love to alpha test the app! I have been nerding around ant+ lev profiles and Bluetooth characteristics and sniffing devices for days.

  48. Have recently got CGR ale and am very happy with it including the ebkemotion battery. However the app is totally worthless in my opinion.
    Map is so small it is almost impossible to set a route unless staying on main roads. Altitude and gradients not working-acknowledged by Mahle- and impossible to delete activities from my phone. Also elevation data in charts is way out I was 4593ft-above Ben Nevis summit! Info in E&S section looks robust but does not marry up with chart. Also maxcadence of 250rpm!
    Manual says swipe to delete but this only brings up more details of ride. Phone is android Galaxy A5. Need the app for battery control but even this has less use than desired if route not installed.However, still need to use my Garmin as well which makes my handlebars cluttered..
    Am tempted to delete app and reinstall but if I do this will lose the free maps that I have downloaded

  49. Hi William,
    Thanks for getting in touch, I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with the app. I’ve sent you an email asking if you could expand upon the issues outlined and we can then get MAHLE involved and see how we resolve the problem for you.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

  50. Hi there, I have a CGR ALe and I’ve just bought the Pulsarone display/controller because I really don’t like the iWoc single button controller on the top tube. My problem is that it doesn’t work very reliably and changing power levels is a bit hit and miss. It would seem that I might need to upgrade the firmware of the x35 system, how does one find out which firmware is installed and how do I update it?

  51. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for getting in touch. Such technical information is, I’m afraid, beyond my area of expertise and is something that is best directed to our customer service team. Therefore, I shall forward your message to customer service who will assist you with obtaining the information that you require.
    Best Regards
    Team Ribble

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