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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Over the past few months, cycling has been a great way for Adrian and son Jackson to escape the familiar 4 walls at home. Helping to reinstate a sense of freedom (and competitiveness!) and just forget the madness 2020 has brought along! In ‘Our CGR Adventures’ Adrian shares their experience in avoiding lockdown fever.

Being at home 24/7, sharing a home office with my son – Jackson, both doing our best to be productive and creative under completely new circumstances has definitely been interesting over the past few months. Fighting over silence for video calls, internet bandwidth hogging and debating whose turn it was to get the good (only) office chair in the house!

No escape!

My escape by bike, however, did not get me far away from Jackson! He too, had just started riding again, on a new and beautiful Ribble CGR 725.

The beautiful CGR 725.

N+1 = Time for another!

We’d go for rides together, but his bike went everywhere – and whilst I have a collection of road bikes, vintage bikes, and a CX, my only choice was to use an old full-suspension mountain bike and it wasn’t standing up to the test. The difference in capability and versatility of the new Ribble CGR stood out.  I needed a new bike – so began to do the N+1 bike-owner maths, to prove it.

But what else was there that could compete with this classic-looking steel bike? A bike which was versatile and responsive, classic-looking but well-equipped. But also came replete with modern features and spec? And like the CGR 725 was equally at home on the roads as it is the tracks and trails.

A thing of beauty.

The answer, in my opinion, was the Ribble CGR Ti. The 725 steel’s bigger and better Titanium brother!! Required features – tick. Classic styling and even better looking than the CGR 725! Not to mention, the proven versatility I needed to join Jackson on and off-road. I bought two wheelsets, 700C for the road and 650B for our off-road trips. Taking an extra pair of wheels is a hell of a lot easier than another bike!

I’ve been riding the CGR Ti for the last six months and besides bringing a whole load of fun, we’ve been able to create some memorable moments. Oh, and of course some epic (Strava) times for me, if not my Son!

Time to shine.

What’s Next?

Bigger adventures are on hold for the moment, but we did manage to get up to Galloway, Scotland (staying in an Eco Bothy on Loch Ken – I’d highly recommend). We also rode the Raiders Road to Otters Pool, alongside the River Dee, before a day’s riding at Kirroughtree, one of the 7Staines trail centres.

It really is the most capable bike I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it loaded it up with everything from light-weight camping gear to racks on for a groceries pitstop. With slightly less camping-weather on the cards, I’m switching it up to go exploring local trails at night. Something which I used to do on my old mountain bike!

One bike to replace them all.

What has surprised me most about the bike, however, is the maths: 

Great value for a stunning frame and spec, but even better,  I have now reduced the size of my bike collection: Despatching bikes to family and friends, so that they too, can escape the madness and explore new roads when the science or maths no longer make sense! Win, win.

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