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Ribble Rides - Garstang to Beacon Fell

October 26, 2021

As cyclists, there's a great enjoyment to be gained from exploring new roads and trails. This is why we have put together a guide to some of our favourite rides. Ribble Rides - Garstang to Beacon Fell Country Park is a point to point ride of moderate length and difficulty.

Garstang to Beacon Fell Country Park

Distance: 18.7 miles

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Click here to see a map of the ride.

This route is well-signposted as you navigate quiet country lanes from the old market town of Garstang to Beacon Fell Country Park. The park is situated within the Forest of Bowland, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. It also happens to be ideal cycling country, with lanes and trails crisscrossing the landscape for mile after mile.

The Ribble CGR AL was made for multi-terrain rides and excels over varied surfaces.

Garstang to Inglewhite

Start the ride by heading South along High Street and ensuring that you stay left when the road forks at the Royal Oak Hotel. At the mini roundabout take the first exit to head over the River Wyre and out of town. After approximately 2 miles you will reach the A6 Preston/Lancaster Road. Turn left and follow the cycle lane until you reach the petrol station. Turn left here which is signposted for Inglewhite. 

Continue over the motorway and the countryside opens up before you. When the road forks take the right turn to continue following the road as it undulates its way in the direction of Inglewhite. When you reach the T-Junction with a signpost displaying that the road to Longridge/Inglewhite is to your left, take this left turn. Upon entering the village centre you will see the Market Cross which sits at a crossroads. The cross dates back to 1500 when the village was once the site for cattle and sheep fairs. Turn left at the crossroads to follow the signposts for Beacon Fell. You will feel the road starts to climb gently.   

Inglewhite to Beacon Fell

Follow the road all the way to its termination at the junction with Stanalee Lane and Bleasdale Road. Turn right, then take the next right onto Crumblehome Road. Don't be fooled when the road starts to descend, you will soon begin to climb. At 1km in length and with a maximum gradient of 15%, it's a great workout. The worst stretch of the climb comes after a right-hand turn marked by a cluster of houses situated on the corner and ends at the gateposts 50 metres from the top. When you reach the top the hard work isn’t quite over. The road sweeps to the left where you are faced with another ramp of 15%. Upon reaching the summit there is a short descent to Beacon Fell Visitor’s centre and more importantly a great café stop. This is where the ride terminates. 

Beacon Fell Country Park has an abundance of country lanes and trails which are suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.

Extend your ride or head for home?

There are plenty of country lanes and trails around Beacon Fell. So if you feel like extending your ride there's plenty of options. If you're feeling really adventurous there's plenty of good quality trails to choose from. When you are ready to head back, option 1 is to simply return the way that you came. Option B is to take the road out past the visitors centre and descend until you see a left-hand turn signposted for Garstang/Preston.

Turn left and follow the road until it ends at a T-Junction with Oakenclough Road. Turn left again until you reach the next junction with Bleasdale Road. Continue along Bleasdale road until you reach the junction with Stanalee Lane and Button street. Turn left at the junction and you return back to Inglewhite. From here you can roll all the way back to Garstang safe in the knowledge that the hard work has been done.   

A great ride for all the family, Ribble Rides - Fylde Coast traces the Fylde coastline from Lytham to Blackpool.

Or if you fancy something a little more challenging why not try the Longridge Loop? At 22 miles and with 1180 feet of elevation change it is suitable for riders with a reasonable level of experience and fitness.