Ribble staff rider stories: Joe Davenport

Thursday, April 9, 2020

In the latest in our new series of blogs, we aim to introduce you to some of the team behind the bikes. The cycling addicts who obtain as much fun from seeing new projects come to fruition as they do getting out and spinning the pedals…well almost! Meet the first victim… sorry member of the team in Ribble staff rider stories: Joe Davenport.

Joe is the product manager here at Ribble and loves spending his days working with the latest high-tech bike components. When out of the office, he loves nothing more than putting those components to the test – mainly in the dirt and mud of local trails.


So, Joe, you have quite a few Ribble bikes – tell us which you are currently riding? 

Ribble CGR Ti, Ribble HT Ti, Ribble Reynolds steel fixed gear (circa 80’s hand-built frame)

What is your general riding like?

An ideal week will see me commute to work once or twice balancing this around school runs. I always try to extend the commute and make it as creative as poss. My dream day out on the bike is riding my mountain bike in the Lake District with mates. Natural stuff or trail/bike parks, always love the banter and pushing our riding. I have also always ridden road mainly for fitness but I do enjoy it too and getting out into the more remote areas of Lancashire like the Trough of Bowland. 

More recently owning the CGR has taken that to the next level because I can mix trail (I mean gravel, c’mon let’s keep it trendy) and road, getting even more creative on the exploration front. I’m looking forward to getting it loaded up this summer for some bike packing trips too. Lockdown dependant of course.

Why on earth did I agree to this photoshoot?

What’s your favourite place to ride? Best place I’ve EVER ridden is Châtel Bike Park in the French Alps, that place is unreal. More locally, the Lake District is amazing for riding.

Any events you plan to do? I would like to take on some of these new-fangled gravel events like Dirty Reiver and some multi-day adventure racing. LEJOG is always on my mind and one day I want to do Megavalanche. 

What are your cycling goals? My goal is to keep it fresh and make sure I enjoy it. Having raced and trained very hard in the past, these days I make sure whatever I’m doing on the bike is fun and engaging. 

I believe I can fly…. On a HT Ti

Who is your favourite pro rider and why? I love following downhill racing and all the mad progressive slopestyle riders at events like Crankworx and darkFEST. Also seeing events like Red Bull Hardline pushing the MTB discipline is awesome. There are so many great riders that inspire me these days. To single one out style and all-out skill-wise, Nico Vink is unbelievable. My advice is to go watch some of his videos on t’internet.

If you could have the skill of any rider who would it be and why? I would probably say Sam Hill, his speed, race-craft and technical ability in Enduro racing are off the scale at the moment. Plus, he’s balancing family life too!

This HT Ti is wheelie good!

What does cycling mean to you? Cycling is a lifestyle for me, work and pleasure. Working in the industry at Ribble is a dream job and for that, I do feel blessed. Being immersed in all the latest tech and developing our industry-leading products is amazing. The physical side of cycling is freedom, adventure and a great way of staying healthy whilst pushing your limits and bettering yourself. What’s not to like? 

You’re an interesting chap, tell us just one interesting fact about yourself? In a previous life I was a ski and water sports instructor working around the world.

You have done some pretty epic stuff over the years, what is your proudest cycling moment? Qualifying and racing at the BMX racing World Champs in 2012. Wearing a GB jersey was a proud moment for sure.

We’ve all had them, now tell us the worst ride? I once thought it would be a good idea to ride a Sportive on a fixed gear bike (no freewheeling). It was over 70 miles and my knees hurt.

Bike trekking across the universe, on the starship…….. never mind!

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